the component helminth community in six sympatric species of ardeidae.we studied the helminth communities in 6 sympatric species of ardeidae (ixobrychus minutus (linnaeus, 1766), nycticorax nycticorax (linnaeus, 1758), bubulcus ibis (linnaeus, 1758), egretta garzetta (linnaeus, 1766), ardea cinerea (linnaeus, 1758), and ardea purpurea (linnaeus, 1766)) from "la albufera de valencia," spain. the survey revealed 13 species of helminth parasites: 5 digeneans, 2 cestodes, and 6 nematodes. the component helminth communities of the ardeidae examined are depauperate and ...200517089743
trombiculidae larvae (neotrombicula autumnalis) infestation in a little bittern (ixobrychus minutus) in turkey.with this case report, we describe trombiculidae larvae (neotrombicula autumnalis) infestation in a little bittern (ixobrychus minutus) which was brought to our clinics by the directorship of environmental and forestry authorities of samsun, turkey in april, 2007. the male little bittern (i. minutus), with a black back and crown, and black wings with a large white patch on each wing, had thick trombiculidae larvae infestation both on its legs. there were neither dermatological nor general condit ...200818266010
composition, structure and pattern of helminth assemblages associated with central european herons (ardeidae).helminths parasitizing the ardeid birds are poorly understood, and the majority of studies are limited to checklists and records of novel host-parasite interactions. here we analyzed the prevalence, intensity and diversity of the helminth component communities associated with an extensive cohort of the five most common czech herons (ardea cinerea, ardea alba, nycticorax nycticorax, botaurus stellaris and ixobrychus minutus) collected in the years 1962-2013. comparison with ukrainian datasets sup ...201525449288
visceral urate deposition in a little bittern (ixobrychus minutus).visceral urate deposition (visceral gout) is a common finding during post-mortem examination of poultry. rare cases of visceral gout may occur in wild birds. a rare case of visceral urate deposition in a little bittern (ixobrychus minutus) is reported here. in may 2013, carcass of a little bittern was submitted for necropsy to the clinic of poultry diseases (faculty of veterinary medicine, razi university) by local authorities of iran department of environment. at necropsy, white chalky deposits ...201526261716
helminth communities of herons (aves: ardeidae) in southern italy.the helminth communities of nine species of herons from southern italy were studied and compared. of 24 taxa found including seven digeneans, seven nematodes, six cestodes and four acanthocephalans, only five taxa were found in more than one heron species, and five of the 21 taxa that could be identified to species level were classified as 'heron specialists'. the total number of helminth species per heron species ranged from 1 in botaurus stellaris to 9 in ixobrychus minutus with infection leve ...201627091547
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