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resurgence of canine parvovirus 2a strain in the domestic dog population from argentina.ninety-three rectal swab samples were taken, from dogs suspected of canine parvovirus (cpv) infection and analyzed by pcr. a fragment of the vp2 gene, was amplified in 41 (44%) of them, resulting cpv positive samples. sequencing analysis of these pcr products showed that 37 samples (90.2%) belonged to the cpv2c type, whereas four samples (9.8%) were identified as cpv2a, which has not been found since 2008. it was also found that 24 out of 37 cpv2c samples (65%), carried the mutation thr440ala, w ...201526115608
first isolation of new canine parvovirus 2a from tibetan mastiff and global analysis of the full-length vp2 gene of canine parvoviruses 2 in china.canine parvovirus 2 (cpv-2) was first identified in 1978, and is responsible for classic parvoviral enteritis. despite the widespread vaccination of domestic carnivores, cpvs have remained important pathogens of domestic and wild carnivores. in this study, we isolated cpv-2 from tibetan mastiffs and performed a global analysis of the complete vp2 gene sequences of cpv-2 strains in china. six isolates were typed as new cpv-2a, according to key amino acid positions. on a phylogenetic tree, these s ...201425007818
Genetic diversity of parvovirus isolates from dogs and wild animals in China.We isolated three new parvovirus variants in China. The isolate from a blue fox was related to feline parvovirus, but possessed a mutation of VP2 residue A300P. Isolates from a raccoon dog and a masked civet were antigenically similar to canine parvovirus-2a but had a substitution of VP2 residue G300S.201122102680
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