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identification of novel porcine and bovine parvoviruses closely related to human parvovirus 4.human parvovirus 4 (parv4), a recently discovered parvovirus found exclusively in human plasma and liver tissue, was considered phylogenetically distinct from other parvoviruses. here, we report the discovery of two novel parvoviruses closely related to parv4, porcine hokovirus (phov) and bovine hokovirus (bhov), from porcine and bovine samples in hong kong. their nearly full-length sequences were also analysed. parv4-like viruses were detected by pcr among 44.4 % (148/333) of porcine samples (i ...200818632954
high prevalence of porcine hokovirus in german wild boar populations.porcine hokovirus (phov) was recently discovered in hong kong. this new parvovirus of pigs is closely related to the human parvoviruses 4 and 5 (parv4/5) and bovine hokovirus (bhov). so far, nothing is known about the presence and prevalence of phov in regions of the world other than hong kong. a study was initiated to investigate phov in german wild boars from five different geographical regions, using a newly established quantitative real-time pcr assay. analysis of collected liver and serum s ...201020653980
discovery and genomic characterization of a novel ovine partetravirus and a new genotype of bovine partetravirus.partetravirus is a recently described group of animal parvoviruses which include the human partetravirus, bovine partetravirus and porcine partetravirus (previously known as human parvovirus 4, bovine hokovirus and porcine hokovirus respectively). in this report, we describe the discovery and genomic characterization of partetraviruses in bovine and ovine samples from china. these partetraviruses were detected by pcr in 1.8% of bovine liver samples, 66.7% of ovine liver samples and 71.4% of ovin ...201121980506
development of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for the detection of porcine hokovirus.hokoviruses have recently been detected as pathogens belonging to the family parvoviridae, which comprises porcine hokovirus (phov) and bovine hokovirus (bhov). in this study, we developed a loop-mediated isothermal amplification (lamp) assay for the rapid, specific and sensitive detection of phov. a set of four primers specific for six regions within the phov vp1/2 genes was designed using online software. the reaction temperature and time were optimized at 65°c and 60 min, respectively. lamp p ...201323850717
evaluation of cells and biological reagents for adventitious agents using degenerate primer pcr and massively parallel sequencing.we employed a massively parallel sequencing (mps)-based approach to test reagents and model cell substrates including chinese hamster ovary (cho), madin-darby canine kidney (mdck), african green monkey kidney (vero), and high five insect cell lines for adventitious agents. rna and dna were extracted either directly from the samples or from viral capsid-enriched preparations, and then subjected to mps-based non-specific virus detection with degenerate oligonucleotide primer (dop) pcr. mps by 454, ...201425454874
a novel astrovirus species in the gut of yaks with diarrhoea in the qinghai–tibetan plateau, 2013.the yak (bos grunniens) is an iconic symbol in the high-altitude region of the qinghai–tibetan plateau. diarrhoea is a common disease in yaks, resulting in major economic losses. to investigate the diversity of viral species, we reported the metagenomics-derived virome in a pooled faecal sample of 20 diarrhoeic yaks. the nine viruses found in the pooled diarrhoeic samples, in order of abundance of nucleic acid sequence, were influenza a virus, bovine viral diarrhoea virus (bvdv), rotavirus, ungu ...201526419604
phylogenetic characterization of the first ungulate tetraparvovirus 2 detected in pigs in brazil.ungulate tetraparvovirus 2 (utv2), formerly known as porcine hokovirus due to its discovery in hong kong, is closely related to a primate tetraparvovirus (human parv-4) and ungulate tetraparvovirus 1 (bovine hokovirus). until now, utv2 was detected in european, asian and north american countries, but its occurrence in latin america is still unknown. this study describes the first report of utv2 in brazil, as well as its phylogenetic characterization. tissue samples (lymph node, lung, liver, sple ...201626991274
first detection of ungulate tetraparvovirus 1 (bovine hokovirus 1) in domestic yaks in northwestern china.we describe the discovery and phylogenetic analysis of ungulate tetraparvovirus 1 (also referred to as bovine hokovirus 1, b-parv4, or partetravirus) in domestic yaks (bos grunniens) in northwestern china. the yak b-parv4 genome was detected in yak blood samples by pcr, using b-parv4 primers corresponding to conserved regions. twenty-two of 370 samples were positive for a b-parv4-related genome sequence, indicating an overall prevalence of 5.95 %. the prevalence in qinghai province (13/195, 6.67 ...201626483281
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