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argas (argas) monachus, new species (ixodoidea: argasidae), from nests of the monk parakeet, myiopsitta monachus, in argentina. 19734760629
distribution and 16s rdna sequences of argas monachus (acari: argasidae), a soft tick parasite of myiopsitta monachus (aves: psittacidae).specimens of argas monachus keirans et al. were collected from myiopsitta monachus nests in 42 localities in argentina and paraguay from 2006 to 2010. a list of localities where this tick has been found is presented. 16s rdna sequences of specimens of a. monachus from different localities were compared to confirm whether they belong to the same specific taxon. argas monachus is present in the phytogeographic provinces of chaco, espinal, and monte, but not in the pampa (all from de chaco domain) ...201121739257
the recent evolution of a maternally-inherited endosymbiont of ticks led to the emergence of the q fever pathogen, coxiella burnetii.q fever is a highly infectious disease with a worldwide distribution. its causative agent, the intracellular bacterium coxiella burnetii, infects a variety of vertebrate species, including humans. its evolutionary origin remains almost entirely unknown and uncertainty persists regarding the identity and lifestyle of its ancestors. a few tick species were recently found to harbor maternally-inherited coxiella-like organisms engaged in symbiotic interactions, but their relationships to the q fever ...201525978383
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