severe isospora (cystoisospora) belli diarrhea preceding the diagnosis of human t-cell-leukemia-virus-1-associated t-cell lymphoma.isospora (cystoisospora) belli diarrhea can sometimes be fulminant in immunocompromised patients. it is endemic in tropical and subtropical areas, and sporadic episodes have been reported in nonendemic areas in nursing homes, day-care centers, and psychiatric institutions. we describe isosporiasis in an hiv-negative sudanese-american female who presented with a debilitating diarrheal illness and profound weight loss. isospora belli was detected in her stool by modified acid-fast staining. serolo ...201222953083
failure to eradicate isospora belli diarrhoea despite immune reconstitution in adults with hiv--a case series.isospora belli causes diarrhoea in patients with aids. most respond to targeted therapy and recommendations are that secondary prophylaxis can be stopped following immune reconstitution with art. we report eight cases of chronic isosporiasis that persisted despite standard antimicrobial therapy, secondary prophylaxis, and good immunological and virological response to art. median cd4 nadir was 175.5 cells/mm(3) and median highest cd4 while symptomatic was 373 cells/mm(3). overall 34% of stool sa ...201222880120
cystoisospora spp. from dogs in china and phylogenetic analysis of its 18s and its1 gene.cystoisospora spp. oocysts isolated from dog feces in changchun, china were morphologically similar to those of cystoisospora ohioensis and cystoisospora sp. 1-mm recently isolated from dogs in japanese. sequencing results of the 18s subunit rna gene from isolates in the present study were compared to other cystoisospora spp. and the results suggested that cystoisospora spp. from dogs in changchun was homologous to c. ohioensis and cystoisospora sp. 1-mm. phylogenetic analysis of the 18s rrna se ...201222726385
detection of dientamoeba fragilis in patients with hiv/aids by using a simplified iron hematoxylin technique.studies strongly indicate dientamoeba fragilis as one of the causes of diarrhea in human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) patients.201322534983
isosporiasis in hiv/aids patients in edo state, nigeria.the role of opportunistic infections in accelerating disease progression in hiv-positive individuals, leading to quick death, is still receiving serious attention. the objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of isospora belli infections in hiv-positive patients in edo state, nigeria between august 2007 and march 2008.200922589664
intestinal parasitic infections and its association with undernutrition and cd4 t cell levels among hiv/aids patients on haart in butajira, ethiopia.intestinal parasitic infections and hiv/aids have been the major public health problems and remain a vital cause of morbidity and mortality in developing countries. both problems are linked in a vicious cycle. the magnitude of intestinal parasites was prevalent among people living with hiv/aids even in the haart era. however, the pertinent risk factors associated with intestinal parasites among hiv/aids patients were not well investigated in ethiopia particularly at butajira town. therefore, the ...201728506307
coccidian intestinal parasites among immunocompetent children presenting with diarrhea: are we missing them?diarrhoea is an important cause of both morbidity and mortality among children in india. coccidian parasitic infections are an important cause of diarrhea in immunocompromised patients, but their investigations are rarely sought by the treating physicians in seemingly immunocompetent children. this study was aimed to find the incidence rate of coccidian parasites in all children presented with diarrhoea, irrespective of their immune status.201728459013
isospora belli. 201728712665
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