tick-borne infections in human and animal population worldwide.the abundance and activity of ectoparasites and its hosts are affected by various abiotic factors, such as climate and other organisms (predators, pathogens and competitors) presenting thus multiples forms of association (obligate to facultative, permanent to intermittent and superficial to subcutaneous) developed during long co-evolving processes. ticks are ectoparasites widespread globally and its eco epidemiology are closely related to the environmental conditions. they are obligatory hematop ...201527047089
new reports of antricola guglielmonei and antricola delacruzi in brazil, and a description of a new argasid species (acari).adults of 3 tick species (acari: argasidae) identified as antricola guglielmonei, antricola delacruzi, and carios rondoniensis n. sp. were collected on bat guano in a cave in the state of rondônia, western amazon, brazil. adults of c. rondoniensis possess a unique combination of characters that distinguish them from all described adults in the argasidae, i.e., a large spiracular plate densely filled with small goblets, a well-developed flap covering the female genital opening, and palpi containi ...200818576796
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