aulonastus similis n. sp., a new quill mite species (syringophilidae) parasitising passeriform birds (tyrannidae and cardinalidae) in mexico.a new quill mite species, aulonastus similis n. sp. (acariformes: syringophilidae), parasitising myiozetetes similis (spix) (tyrannidae) and habia fuscicauda (cabanis) (cardinalidae) in mexico is described and dna barcode sequences of the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit i (cox1) and d1-d3 region of the nuclear 28s rrna gene are provided. morphologically, females of a. similis are close to a. euphagus skoracki, hendricks & spicer, 2010 but differ from this species in the length ratios ...201627522369
the frugivory network properties of a simplified ecosystem: birds and plants in a neotropical periurban park.frugivory networks exhibit a set of properties characterized by a number of network theory-derived metrics. their structures often form deterministic patterns that can be explained by the functional roles of interacting species. although we know lots about how these networks are organized when ecosystems are in a complete, functional condition, we know much less about how incomplete and simplified networks (such as those found in urban and periurban parks) are organized, which features are maint ...202032884642
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