water-related environments: a multistep procedure to assess the diversity and enzymatic properties of cultivable bacteria.studying the culturable portion of environmental bacterial populations is valuable for understanding the ecology, for discovering taxonomically interesting isolates and for exploiting their enzymatic abilities. in this study, diverse water-related samples, iced water (3 °c) from river, the sediment (29 °c) and water (55 °c) of a hot-spring, were investigated by two cultivation strategies, dry and novel wet approach. the isolates were clustered by fluorescent internal transcribed spacer pcr and i ...201626873553
emended description of the genus pantoea, description of four species from human clinical samples, pantoea septica sp. nov., pantoea eucrina sp. nov., pantoea brenneri sp. nov. and pantoea conspicua sp. nov., and transfer of pectobacterium cypripedii (hori 1911) brenner et al. 1973 emend. hauben et al. 1998 to the genus as pantoea cypripedii comb. nov.bacterial strains belonging to dna hybridization groups (hg) ii, iv and v, in the erwinia herbicola-enterobacter agglomerans complex, of brenner et al. [int j syst bacteriol 34 (1984), 45-55] were suggested previously to belong to the genus pantoea, but have never been formally described and classified. additionally, it has been shown in several studies that pectobacterium cypripedii is more closely related to species of pantoea than to those of pectobacterium. in this study, the phylogenetic po ...201019946052
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