prevalence of intestinal parasites in hiv-positive patients on the island of bioko, equatorial guinea: its relation to sanitary conditions and socioeconomic factors.the prevalence of intestinal parasitic diseases and their associated factors has been investigated in hiv populations from the island of bioko, equatorial guinea. the feces of 310 participants from the island of bioko (260 hiv-positive and 50 hiv-negative) were analyzed by microscopic observation. immunochromatography was also used to diagnose giardia, entamoeba histolytica and cryptosporidium spp. in addition, patients were asked for sociodemographic, economic and academic status, and cd4+ t ce ...201222771815
cryptosporidium infection in children with cancer undergoing chemotherapy: how important is the prevention of opportunistic parasitic infections in patients with malignancies?cryptosporidiosis is a relatively uncommon disease in healthy individuals but could be potentially worrisome in immunocompromised patients. this study aimed to evaluate cryptosporidium infection in children with cancer undergoing chemotherapy. a case-control study was conducted in 132 children with cancer undergoing chemotherapy and 132 non-cancer controls. the modified ziehl-neelsen (mzn) staining and polymerase chain reaction methods were used for the detection of cryptosporidium parasite. all ...201728730516
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