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response of chickpea genotypes to agrobacterium-mediated delivery of chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus (cpcdv) genome and identification of resistance source.chickpea stunt disease caused by chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus (cpcdv) (genus mastrevirus, family geminiviridae) is the most important biotic stress affecting chickpea crops worldwide. a survey conducted on the incidence of stunt disease clearly revealed high incidence of the disease with severe symptom expression in both indigenous and imported genotypes. to manage the disease in a sustainable way, resistant genotypes need to be bred by adopting objective and precise assessment of the disease ...201323955474
a distinct strain of chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus (genus mastrevirus, family geminiviridae) identified in cotton plants affected by leaf curl part of a study to determine the diversity of whitefly-transmitted viruses (genus begomovirus, family geminiviridae) associated with cotton leaf curl disease in pakistan, leaf samples from cotton plants showing typical leaf curl disease symptoms were collected in various locations of punjab province. sequence analysis of full-length virus clones (~2.7 kb) showed plants to be infected with the begomovirus cotton leaf curl burewala virus, the only virus identified in cotton in the punjab since ...201424212888
molecular diversity of chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus in sudan: high rates of intra-species recombination - a driving force in the emergence of new sudan chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus (cpcdv, genus mastrevirus, family geminiviridae) is an important pathogen of pulses that are grown both for local consumption, and for export. although a few studies have characterised cpcdv genomes from countries in the middle east, africa and the indian subcontinent, little is known about cpcdv diversity in any of the major chickpea production areas in these regions. here we analyse the diversity of 146 cpcdv isolates characterised from pulses collected ...201525444941
identification of an australian-like dicot-infecting mastrevirus in pakistan.although members of five distinct viral species in the genus mastrevirus (family geminiviridae) infect dicotyledonous plants in australia, in the remainder of the world, only a single dicot-infecting mastrevirus, chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus (cpcdv) has ever been identified. this virus has been found infecting leguminous hosts in africa, the middle east and the indian subcontinent. to further explore the diversity of cpcdv in pakistan, ten full mastrevirus genome sequences from chickpea and le ...201525537086
first genome analysis and molecular characterization of chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus egyptian isolate infecting squash.this study aims to identifying and characterizing some molecular properties of geminiviruses co-infection in squash field crop cultivated in egypt. squash crops observed to be heavily infected with several insect vectors, also severe chlorosis and stunting was observed. electron microscopic analysis has revealed geminate capsid particles which indicate the infection of geminiviruses, especially sqlcv which represent an economic problem to squash filed crop in egypt. we have investigated possible ...201526436119
new strains of chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus discovered on diseased papaya and tomato plants in burkina faso.this is the first description of full genome sequences of chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus (cpcdv; genus mastrevirus; family geminiviridae) identified in papaya and tomato plants sampled in burkina faso. the cpcdv full genome sequences from papaya and tomato share the highest pairwise sequence identity (84% and 93.5%) with sudanese isolates of the cpcdv-k and cpcdv-m strains, respectively. based on the strain demarcation threshold (>94% identity) for mastreviruses, we propose two new strains, cpcd ...201728229228
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