viral diversity in hot springs of pozzuoli, italy, and characterization of a unique archaeal virus, acidianus bottle-shaped virus, from a new family, the ampullaviridae.virus-like particles with five different morphotypes were observed in an enriched environmental sample from a hot, acidic spring (87 to 93 degrees c, ph 1.5) in pozzuoli, italy. the morphotypes included rigid rods, flexible filaments, and novel, exceptional forms. particles of each type were isolated, and they were shown to represent viable virions of five novel viruses which infect members of the hyperthermophilic archaeal genus acidianus. one of these, named the acidianus bottle-shaped virus, ...200516014951
genome of the acidianus bottle-shaped virus and insights into the replication and packaging mechanisms.the acidianus bottle-shaped virus, abv, infects strains of the hyperthermophilic archaeal genus acidianus and is morphologically distinct from all other known viruses. its genome consists of linear double-stranded dna, containing 23,814 bp with a g+c content of 35%, and it exhibits a 590-bp inverted terminal repeat. of the 57 predicted orfs, only three produced significant matches in public sequence databases with genes encoding a glycosyltransferase, a thymidylate kinase and a protein-primed dn ...200717412384
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