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isolation and characterization of endophytic plant growth-promoting (pgpb) or stress homeostasis-regulating (pshb) bacteria associated to the halophyte prosopis strombulifera.this study was designed to isolate and characterize endophytic bacteria from halophyte prosopis strombulifera grown under extreme salinity and to evaluate in vitro the bacterial mechanisms related to plant growth promotion or stress homeostasis regulation. isolates obtained from p. strombulifera were compared genotypically by box-polymerase chain reaction, grouped according to similarity, and identified by amplification and partial sequences of 16s dnar. isolates were grown until exponential gro ...200919655138
involvement of the l-arginine-nitric oxide pathway in the antinociception caused by fruits of prosopis strombulifera (lam.) benth.ethnopharmacological relevance: prosopis strombulifera (lam.) benth. is a rhizomatous shrub that grows in the north and central zone of argentina. in folk medicine, the fruits of this plant have been used as an astringent, anti-inflammatory and odontalgic agent and anti-diarrheic. aim of the study: to investigate the antinociceptive effect of ethanol (ee), chloroform (ce) and ethyl acetate (etoace) extracts of prosopis strombulifera fruits and the involvement of the l-arginine-nitric oxide pathw ...201222230471
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