effects of aspiculuris tetraptera dn syphacia obvelata on exploratory behavior of an inbred mouse strain.sixty c57bl/6 male mice were treated with an anthelmintic for 2 weeks to free them of pinworms. they were then divided into six groups. two groups were infected with aspiculuris tetraptera, two groups with syphacia obvelata, and two groups were left uninfected as controls. at intervals of 2 and 4 weeks after infection, the mice were tested for exploratory activity in a barriered field apparatus. following the second test, each mouse was necropsied to determine presence of nematodes and to estima ...1977557704
control of oxyurids in mice using thiabendazole.mice with a natural infection of syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera were continuously medicated with 0.1% thiabendazole in the diet. no oxyurids were found in test animals after 24 days of treatment though control animals remained infected. growth rates in treated animals increased. 2 generations of mice were studied and, although overall production fell by 1.45%, the use of this drug in total eradication of the worms is suggested.1978569226
the influence of filter top caging on the transmission of pinworm infections in mice.the effectiveness of filter top cages in preventing infection of mice with pinworms, aspiculuris tetraptera and syphacia obvelata, was investigated by introducing mice from a pathogen-free colony into a colony in which both types of pinworms were enzootic. half of the pathogen-free mice were maintained in filter top cages, while the remainder were held in similar cages without filters. all mice thus introduced were killed and examined after 3-8 week exposure periods. no pinworm were recovered fr ...1976988434
anthelmintic activity of berberine hydrochloride against syphacia obvelata in mice. 19761033150
continuous feed medication with thiabendazole for the removal of hymenolepis nana, syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera in naturally infected mice. 19751237513
a new piperazinobiguanide series effective against syphacia obvelata in mice. 19751237699
novel phosphate anthelmintics. 3. alkyl and aryl 1-methyleneallyl phosphates, phosphonates, and phosphinates.a series of new highly chlorinated 1-methyleneallyl ("butadienyl") dialkyl phosphates and related phosphonates and phosphinates has been synthesized and assessed for anthelmintic activity in mice against the tapeworm hymenolepis nana and the pinworm syphacia obvelata. highest activity was observed with diethyl 2,3,3-trichloro-1-dichloromethyleneallyl ("perchlorobutadienyl") phosphate (14), while replacement of both ethoxy groups by methoxy and larger alkoxy or phenyl groups gave less efficacious ...19751238570
eradication of pinworms (syphacia obvelata) from syrian hamsters in quarantine. 19921434506
efficacy of the ivermectin against syphacia obvelata. 19902153860
effect of chronic ivermectin treatment on gaba receptor function in ethanol withdrawal-seizure prone and resistant mice.ivermectin, a potent, effective anthelmintic, is easy to administer, has a broad spectrum of action and a wide safety margin. however, no testing has been done in hosts genetically selected for seizure susceptibility which may be more sensitive to the effects of ivermectin than other animals. this was done in the present experiments with seizure prone and seizure resistant mice infested with syphacia obvelata (pinworm). these subjects were treated daily with oral ivermectin in their drinking wat ...19902153865
effects of pyrvinium pamoate in the ration or drinking water of mice against pinworms syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera. 19684233364
control of mouse pinworms, syphacia obvelata, utilizing dichlorvos. 19704244721
the ultrastructure of the cuticle of the nematode syphacia obvelata (rudolphi, 1802). i. the body cuticle of larvae, males, and females, and observations on its development. 19734694945
the ultrastructure of the cuticle of the nematode syphacia obvelata (rudolphi, 1802). ii. modifications of the cuticle in the head end. 19734694946
the ultrastructure of the cuticle of the nematode syphacia obvelata (rudolphi, 1802). iv. the cuticle associated with the female excretory pore, vulva, and vagina vera. 19744817544
studies on host-parasite relationships. syphacia obvelata in the mouse. 19695764049
methyl 5(6)-4-2-pyridyl piperazino carbamoyl benzimidazole-2-carbamate--a new broad spectrum anthelmintic.methyl 5(6)-4-2-pyridyl piperazino carbamoyl benzimidazole-2-carbamate (cdri comp. 81-470) was tested against various nematode and cestode infections in different experimental and domestic animals. the compound showed 100% effectivity against adult of ancylostoma ceylanicum (hookworm) in hamsters (6.25 mg/kg p.o. x 1), nippostrongylus brasiliensis (trichostrongylid) in rats (100 mg/kg p.o. x 3), hymenolepis nana (cestode) in rats (25 mg/kg p.o. x 1) and syphacia obvelata (oxyurid) in mice (12.5 ...19846150623
3, 5-dibromo-2'-chloro-4'-isothiocyanatosalicylanilide, a potent anthelmintic.the compound, 3, 5-dibromo-2'-chloro-4'-isothiocyanatosalicylanilide, has been tested against various nematode and cestode parasites in experimental and domestic animals. it shoved 100% activity against ancylostoma ceylanicum, a tubaeformis, syphacia obvelata, ascaridia galli, toxocara spp., toxascaris sp., gnathostoma spinigerum, hymenolepis nana, raillietina spp. and taenia spp. in doses 25-70 mg/kg given in single or multiple administrations.19827084406
studies in potential filaricides. 18. synthesis of 2,2'-disubstituted 5,5'-dibenzimidazolyl ketones and related compounds as potential anthelmintics.a series of 2,2'-disubstituted 5,5'-dibenzimidazolyl ketones and related compounds have been synthesized of which 2,2'-bis(carbomethoxyamino)-5,5'-dibenzimidazolyl ketone exhibited a broad spectrum of anthelmintic activity in experimental animals. at doses of 10-50 mg/kg given intraperitoneally, 5 killed 100% of the adult worms of litomosoides carinii, dipetalonema viteae, and brugia malayi. by the oral route the macrofilaricidal efficacy of 5 was 97-100% at 100-200 mg/kg x 5 days. the treated a ...19863543360
the interaction between entamoeba histolytica and syphacia obvelata infection in mice.mice naturally infected with syphacia obvelata were challenged intracaecally with entamoeba histolytica trophozoites. they showed a higher level of amoebic infection than mice without worms. mice with the heaviest syphacia infection were the most susceptible to amoebic infection. it appears that a concomitant infection with helminthic parasites residing in the caecum alters the outcome of an amoebic infection.1978216325
[a comparative study of the efficacy of medamine, albendazole and embovin in models of syphaciasis and aspiculariasis].the study covers the study of three antinematodal agents: the original national drug medamine with albendazole and embovin (pyrathel pamoate), which have been reproduced at the e. i. martsinovskiÄ­ institute of medical parasitology and tropical medicine, with murine syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera infection models. the quantitative parameters of the anthelmintic action of medamine, albendazole and embivin were comparatively defined for the first time.19947715558
eradication of the pinworm syphacia obvelata from an animal unit by anthelmintic therapy.thiabendazole incorporated in the diet at a rate of 0.1%, fed to all animals over a period of 3 months, successfully eliminated the parasite from the colony. samples taken 12 months after treatment were still negative for the parasite. during the period between the discovery of the organism and the preparation of the diet a course of piperazine citrate was administered at a rate of 2 g/litre in the drinking water in order to limit the spread of the infection.1979158107
[studies on the influence of ph on the development of eggs and hatching of syphacia obvelata seurat, 1916 larvae and aspiculuris tetraptera schultz, 1924 larvae (author's transl)]. 197945378
induction of lymphoma in athymic mice: a model for study of the human disease.a murine lymphoma, designated l1, was produced in immunologically deficient nude mice after chronic antigenic stimulation by infection with the pinworms aspiculuris tetraptera and syphacia obvelata. in vivo, l1 involves primarily the spleen and lymph nodes, with infiltration of liver, kidney, and bone marrow also observed. it is characterized by large clusters of b cells and null cells, and by rare t cells. the lymphoma cells express murine leukemia virus antigens (gp70 and p30) on the surface. ...19806254048
the prevalence and intensity of infection with helminth parasites in mus spretus from the setubal peninsula of portugal.the results of a 5 year study of helminth parasites of mus spretus, are reported. six nematode and 5 cestode species were identified but no helminth showed 100% prevalence in m. spretus, the most commonly encountered nematode and cestode species being syphacia obvelata (46.6%) and taenia taeniaeformis (22.4%). among the more unusual helminth species identified was eucoleus bacillatus, a capillariid nematode inhabiting the stomach musculature. this species was identified in 3 of the 5 years of th ...19938354856
syphacia obvelata in the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus): natural occurrence and experimental adult from a research colony and a litter of 5-week-old mongolian gerbils (meriones unguiculatus) from a pet store were found to have pinworms identified as syphacia obvelata. the infected gerbils were allowed to cohabitate with uninfected gerbils. similarly, infected gerbils were caged with uninfected mice and infected mice with uninfected gerbils. results of these studies showed that syphacia obvelata can be transmitted from gerbil to gerbil, gerbil to mouse, and mouse to gerbil.1978564989
antibody production in syphacia obvelata infected mice.antibody response to syphacia obvelata infection was observed in akr/j mice by elisa. experimental infection with the pinworm eggs showed the presence of specific igg against s. obvelata somatic antigens at 12 days postinfection, and that it increased steadily thereafter. sera of s. obvelata-infected mice showed cross-reactivity with somatic antigens of other syphacia species such as s. mesocriceti and s. muris, but not with aspiculuris asiatica. western blotting of s. obvelata antigen with sera ...19957623197
anthelmintic efficacy of amoscanate (c 9333-go/cgp 4540) against various infections in rodents, dogs and monkeys.the anthelmintic activity of amoscanate (c 9333-go/cgp 4540) has been studied in experimental infections with the human hookworm, necator americanus, in hamsters; nematospiroides dubius, hymenolepsis nana and natural infections with syphacia obvelata in mice; ancylostoma caninum, a. ceylanicum in mongrel dogs; oesophagostomum apiostumum and strongyloides fuelleborni in rhesus monkeys. single oral doses of 30-60 mg/kg eliminated 94 to 99% of the total necator parasites in 37-day-old non-patent in ...19817283017
long-term population dynamics of pinworms (syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera) in mice.the population dynamics of concurrent infections of syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera (nematoda) in laboratory mice were investigated under conditions of constant re-exposure over periods of 56 and 115 days. the results indicate that a. tetraptera burdens equilibrate at a higher level than s. obvelata burdens and that both parasites become aggregated in the mouse population. parasite burdens were higher following short-term (7 day) exposure of uninfected tracer mice to both parasites ...19863806316
[oxyurid infestation of small laboratory animals and its control with ivermectin].investigations on parasitic infestations in laboratory animal stocks under different keeping conditions were carried out by fecal sample examination. only barrier-kept mice and rats proved to be free of infections. under semi-open or conventionally keeping conditions mice were infected with aspiculuris tetraptera and syphacia obvelata (max. 94.7 + 69.7%), rats with a. tetraptera and s. muris (48.6 + 94.9%), and hamsters and mongolian jirds with s. obvelata (26.6 and 16%, respectively). ivermecti ...19873590171
anthelmintic 1-cinnamamido-2,4-imidazolidinediones.a series of 1-(substituted cinnamamido)-2,4-imidazolidinediones has been prepared from the corresponding cinnamoyl chlorides and 1-amino-2,4-imidazolidinedione hydrochloride in pyridine. these compounds possess a significant degree of anthelmintic activity against the mouse pinworm syphacia obvelata. the most active compounds are those substituted with halogen or cyano groups.1976943002
rodents, their seasonal activity, ecto- and blood-parasites in saint catherine area, south sinai governorate, egypt.rodents are on the top of animal reservoirs of zoonotic parasites. five species of wild rodents were trapped on monthly base from saint catherine area. the highest trap index was 0.5 in may and the lowest was zero in december, january and february. the dominant rodents were acomys c. dimidiatus followed by dipodillus d. dasyurus and then a. r. russatus. sporadic numbers of sekeetamys c. calurus (3) and eliomys. qu. melanurus (2) were collected. the ectoparasites in a descending order of abundanc ...19989914704
anthelmintic activity of the latex of ficus species.the latex of some species of ficus (moraceae) has been traditionally used as vermifuge in central and south america. it has been accepted that anthelmintic activity is due to a proteolytic fraction called ficin. in the present study, the anthelmintic activity of the latex of ficus insipida willd. and ficus carica l. has been investigated in nih mice naturally infected with syphacia obvelata, aspiculuris tetraptera and vampirolepis nana. the latex of f. insipida, administered by intragastric rout ...199910363841
schistosoma japonicum in the black rat, rattus rattus mindanensis, from leyte, philippines in relation to oncomelania snail colonies with reference to other endoparasites.this study examined the prevalence of schistosoma japonicum infections in field rats, rattus rattus mindanensis, according to different trapping locations. between october 1995 and january 1996, traps were set in the municipality of palo, leyte, philippines to determine the correlation of rats infected with schistosomiasis to the proximity of the intermediate snail host, oncomelania hupensis quadrasi, colonies. of the 22 rats that were caught within a snail colony, 21 (95.5%) were positive for s ...199910774707
helminths from introduced small mammals on kerguelen, crozet, and amsterdam islands (southern indian ocean).four monoxenous nematodes and 1 heteroxenous cestode were found in 4 species of introduced small mammals on isolated sub-antarctic islands of the indian ocean. in the kerguelen archipelago, syphacia obvelata, passalurus ambiguus (nematoda: oxyuridae), and rodentolepis straminea (cestoda: cyclophyllidae) were respectively found in the house mouse mus musculus, the rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus, and the black rat rattus rattus. one accidental nematode, trichostrongylus sp. (nematoda: trichostrongyl ...200111695402
the structure and formation of the egg-shell of syphacia obvelata rudolphi (nematoda: oxyurida).the egg of syphacia obvelata is a flattened elipsoid. the egg-shell consists of 5 layers: external uterine layer, internal uterine layer, vitelline layer, chitinous layer and lipid layer. an operculum is present at one pole of the egg. the opercular groove consists of a break in the uterine layers and the modification of the chitinous layer by the deposition of lipoprotein material. on the curved side of the egg the uterine layers are modified to form alternate ridges and depressions. discrete s ...1979575561
anthelmintic control of concurrent hymenolepis nana and syphacia obvelata infections in the mouse with uredofos.tests were made to determine the efficacy of uredofos in either the diet or drinking water for controlling induced hymenolepis nana and naturally acquired syphacia obvelata infections in the mouse. four levels of administration (50, 75, 100, and 125 parts per million) were used in a 6-day drugdiet assay. consistent removal of hymenolepis nana occurred only at 125 parts per million, whereas removal syphacia obvelata was complete at all levels. the disodium salt of uredofos was given in the drinki ...1978567262
treatment of syphacia obvelata in the syrian hamster (mesocricetus auratus) with piperazine citrate.the effective dose for eradication of syphacia obvelata infestation in syrian hamsters (mesocricetus auratus) was determined and a colony of 2,278 hamsters housed in 751 cages were treated. two treatment courses with 10 mg of piperazine citrate/ml of drinking water for 7 days, separated by 5 days without treatment, achieved eradication of parasites previously demonstrated by perianal fecal smears containing ova.19807194008
induction of t- and b-lymphocyte responses in antigenically stimulated athymic mice.antigenic stimulation of athymic mice on the balb/c background by infection with the pinworms aspiculuris tetraptera and syphacia obvelata or by xenografts of human tumors induced a proliferation of t- and b-lymphocytes in spleen and lymph nodes and occasional germinal center formation. the proliferating t-lymphocytes showed greater fluorescence per cell than the thy 1-positive cells from unstimulated athymic mice when examined by cytofluorography using anti-thy 1 antiserum. the proliferating t- ...19816972250
experimental transmission of syphacia obvelata among mice, rats, hamsters, and gerbils. 19826890603
efficacy of ivermectin against syphacia obvelata (nematoda) in mice.ivermectin was evaluated against natural and artificial pinworm (syphacia) infections in mice. ivermectin given in the diet for 6 days at 0.0005% was 99% effective against both immature and adult worms. a diet level of 0.0004% reduced immature and mature pinworm by 99 and 75%, respectively but 0.0001% was inactive. one oral dose of 2.0 mg/kg was 100 and 97% effective against gravid females and immature worms, respectively. a dose of 1.0 mg/kg was 96 and 66% effective against the same parasitic s ...19853840821
efficacy of a substituted methyl benzimidazole carbamate against developing and adult helminth parasites.the efficacy of a substituted methyl benzimidazole carbamate, methyl 5(6)-[4-n-(2-pyridyl)] piperazino carbamoyl benzimidazole-2-carbamate, was assessed against larval and adult forms of ancylostoma ceylanicum (hookworm), nippostrongylus brasiliensis (trichostrongylid), hymenolepis nana (tapeworm) and brugia malayi (filariid) in experimentally-infected animals. the compound was found to have high efficacy against the developing stages (l3, l4, l5) of a. ceylanicum in hamsters at a single dose of ...19873564348
a study of the activity of chemotherapeutic agents on infections of syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera. 195413142014
the efficacy of piperazine compounds against syphacia obvelata, a pinworm of mice. 195413158772
a technique for staining and counting syphacia obvelata in the faces and ingesta of mice. 195713475756
gastrointestinal helminths from the endangered hualapai vole, microtus mogollonensis hualpaiensis (rodentia: cricetidae).the hualapai vole (microtus mogollonensis haulpaiensis) is an endangered rodent occurring in northwestern arizona. helmiths were examined from 47 voles collected from 9 localities in northwestern arizona. a toal of 375 helminths was collected, including 2 species of cestodes anoplocephaloides troeschi and paranoplocephala macrocephala, and 1 cecal nematode syphacia obvelata. pinworms were the most common helminth, but prevalence and abundance varied among localities. comparison of the pinworms w ...19957623211
the distribution of syphacia obvelata in the intestine of mice during their migratory period. 195813539724
the susceptibility of two strains of white mice to syphacia obvelata infections. 195813564364
a new dihydrotriazine effective against syphacia obvelata in mice. 196013689222
intestinal parasites of conventionally maintained balb/c mice and mastomys coucha and the effects of a concomitant schistosome infection.a longitudinal study was carried out to identify the spectrum of intestinal parasites present in conventionally maintained balb/c mice and mastomys coucha and to determine the effects of concomitant schistosome infections on their parasite status. six parasites were observed during the course of the study, namely the nematodes aspiculuris tetraptera and syphacia obvelata, entamoeba muris and the flagellates trichomonas muris, spironucleus muris and chilomastix spp. although the 2 rodents shared ...19902118582
stilbazium iodide as an anthelmintic. i. against syphacia obvelata in mice. 196214017190
stilbazium iodide in the mass treatment of mice infected with syphacia obvelata. 196314084181
syphacia obvelata as an anthelmintic test organism. 195914419142
effect of an arsenoso compound in the natural infestation of white mice with syphacia obvelata. 195214930075
life cycle studies on the nematode syphacia obvelata. 195214933386
chemotherapeutic studies on syphacia obvelata infection in mice. 195214933387
anthelmintic activity of some 3-substituted phenyl-1-alkyl or phenyl propenones and a search for new anthelmintic compounds, a,beta-unsaturated ketones and amides were synthetized. their anthelmintic activity was tested against two gastrointestinal worms, a nematode syphacia obvelata and a cestode hymenolepis nana. structure-activity relationships are discussed.19911799387
in vitro embryonation of syphacia obvelata eggs.mouse infections with the pinworm, syphacia obvelata, were evaluated as a potential model of human enterobiasis. eggs of s. obvelata were found to be much less resistant to adverse environmental factors than those of enterobius vermicularis, perishing rapidly when exposed to desiccation or to water. the average number of eggs produced by a female worm was 317 +/- 29 s.d. (range: 266-347), which is about 2-3% of the fecundity of e. vermicularis. eggs expressed from gravid s. obvelata were incubat ...19938496008
studies on the life cycle of syphacia obvelata, a common nematode parasite of rats. 195015399614
helminth parasites of conventionally maintained laboratory mice.the spectrum of intestinal parasites present in the swiss webster, c57b1/6 and dba/2 mice strains from different animal houses was identified and prevalences compared. three parasites were observed during the course of this study, namely the cestode vampirolepis nana (siebold, 1852) spasskii, 1954 (= hymenolepis nana) and the nematodes aspiculuris tetraptera (nitzsch, 1821) schultz, 1924 and syphacia obvelata (rudolphi, 1802) seurat, 1916. the scope of this investigation has been widened to also ...19947823817
helminth parasites of conventionally maintained laboratory mice--ii. inbred strains with an adaptation of the anal swab technique.worm burdens recovered from inbred mice strains, namely c57bl/6, c57bl/10, cba, balb/c, dba/2 and c3h/he, conventionally maintained in two institutional animal houses in the state of rio de janeiro, rj, brazil, were analyzed and compared, regarding their prevalences and mean intensities. three parasite species were observed: the nematodes aspiculuris tetraptera, syphacia obvelata and the cestode vampirolepis nana. a modification of the anal swab technique is also proposed for the first time as a ...19989698855
role of major histocompatibility complex class ii in resistance of mice to naturally acquired infection with syphacia obvelata.genetics plays a substantial role in host resistance in many host-parasite interactions. we examined the prevalence of naturally acquired infection with syphacia obvelata in a number of mouse strains housed in a non-barrier facility. these mice, which included cross-bred and congenic, inbred strains on various genetic backgrounds, differ in the loci for the immune function genes--major histocompatibility complex class ii (mhcii), toll-like receptor 4 (tlr4), and solute carrier family 11, member ...200312625509
[the activity of syphacia obvelata antigens in the developing of immune response of mice balsb/c]. 200516838629
prevalence of viral antibodies and helminths in field populations of house mice (mus domesticus) in southeastern australia.a 13-month study of wild mice (mus domesticus) in wheatlands in southeastern australia contrasted changes in the seroprevalence of antibody to 13 viruses and the occurrence of helminths with changes in their population dynamics. mice were seropositive for mouse hepatitis virus (mhv), rotavirus, minute virus of mice (mvm), mouse adenovirus (madv), reovirus (reo 3), and murine cytomegalovirus (mcmv). the seroprevalences of all but rotavirus varied significantly with time and increased with host de ...19938472782
antihelminthic activity of some newly synthesized 5(6)-(un)substituted-1h-benzimidazol-2-ylthioacetylpiperazine derivatives.piperazine derivatives of 5(6)-substituted-(1h-benzimidazol-2-ylthio)acetic acids were synthesized by using two methods and studied for antihelminthic activity. the antiparasitic screening showed that compounds 18-24 exhibited higher activity against trichinella spiralis in vitro in comparison to methyl 5-(propylthio)-1h-benzimidazol-2-yl-carbamate (albendazole). most active were compounds 2-({2-[4-(4-chlorophenyl)piperazin-1-yl]-2-oxoethyl}thio)-1h-benzimidazole 21 and 2-{[2-oxo-2-(4-benzhydryl ...200616996654
helminth parasites of laboratory mice and rats.rodents, as mice and rats are the most common laboratory animals used in research and testing. they are seldom investigated for autochthonous ecto- and endoparasites prior their utilization in the experiments. helminth parasites can alter the interpretation of final results. pinworms commonly infecting laboratory rodents include mainly the mice pinworms syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera, and in rats syphacia muris. the fact that many laboratory rodent colonies were found to be parasit ...200617120990
[helminth fauna of rodents (arvicolidae and muridae) from the kampinos national park].the aim of the study was to examine the parasite fauna of rodents living in natural environment, but in close contact with human seats (small village at the area of the natural big forest).200617120995
effective eradication of pinworms (syphaciamuris, syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera) from a rodent breeding colony by oral anthelmintic oral combination of piperazine and ivermectin was used over a 6-week period for treating three different colonies of mice or rats infested with syphacia obvelata, syphacia muris or aspiculuris tetraptera. no acute toxic effect was found in transgenic lines of mice or rats with these products in a preliminary trial. the colonies were treated with piperazine, 2.1 mg/ml in tap water for 2 weeks, then with ivermectin, 0.007 mg/ml, in tap water for the third and fourth weeks, and finally with pipe ...19989718483
use of random amplified polymorphic dna (rapd) for generating specific dna probes for oxyuroid species (nematoda).random amplified dna markers (rapd; williams et al., 1990) were used to obtained specific rapd fragments characterising different species of oxyuroids. we tested six species of worms parasitizing vertebrates or invertebrates: passalurus ambiguus rudolphi, 1819, parasite of leporids; syphacia obvelata (rudolphi, 1802) seurat, 1916, a parasite of rodents; blatticola blattae (graeffe, 1860) chitwood, 1932 parasite of the cockroach blattella germanica; hammerschmidtiella diesingi (hammerschmidt, 183 ...19989754296
the relation of piperazine mono-quaternary salt structure to activity against syphacia obvelata, a mouse pinworm. 195713481856
syphacia obvelata in the brain of a golden hamster. 196113742720
treatment of syphacia obvelata in mice using ivermectin. 19892811294
anthelmintic profile of methyl 5(6)-(4-methylpiperidin-1-yl) carbonylbenzimidazole-2-carbamate in experimental helminthiases.biological evaluation of methyl 5(6)-(4-methylpiperidin-1-yl) carbonylbenzimidazole-2-carbamate against ancylostoma ceylanicum, nippostrongylus brasiliensis, syphacia obvelata, hymenolepis nana, h. diminuta and cysticercus fasciolaris in experimental animals is reported. the compound (mg/kg) causes 100% elimination of a. ceylanicum (25 x 1), n. brasiliensis (100 x 1), s. obvelata (50 x 1), h. nana (250 x 3) and c. fasciolaris (50 x 10). it was also effective against the developing larvae (l3, l4 ...19902401522
phenotypic differences on the outcome of the host-parasite relationship: behavior of mice of the cbi stock in natural and experimental infections.investigation of defined animal models may help to elucidate the role of the host genetic background in the development and establishment of a parasitic infection. four lines of mice obtained by disruptive selection for body conformation (cbi+, cbi-, cbi/c and cbi/l) and the unselected control line cbi were examined in their response to different parasites to assess whether these distinct genotypes showed differences in their resistance to natural and experimental parasitosis. protozoans (tricho ...200818304738
studies in enteric anthelmintics: activity profile of prodrug of a bisbenzimidazole [1].the comparative anthelmintic activity of a possible prodrug, 2,2'-dicarbomethoxyamino-5,5'-dibenzimidazolyl methanol (2) with its parent compound 2,2'-dicarbomethoxyamino-5,5'-dibenzimidazolyl ketone (1) and the reference drug mebendazole (3a) is reported. at a dose of 25 mg/kg, compound 2 was 100% effective against ancylostoma ceylanicum in hamsters. compound 2 also exhibited a similar order of activity against syphacia obvelata, hymenolepis nana and h. diminuta at a dose of 100 mg/kg. the drug ...19911776998
experimental eradication of pinworms (syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera) from mice colonies using ivermectin.a spray administration of ivermectin was evaluated for the treatment of pinworm infection in mice. in this study, a spray of 0.1% ivermectin injectable solution over the entire cage once a week, for three consecutive weeks (one cycle treatment), was effective in eradicating both syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera from mice under experimental conditions. in addition, no acute toxicity was observed in 105 mothers or 687 neonates treated with ivermectin, indicating that ivermectin does no ...200212221930
eradication of pinworms (syphacia obvelata) from a large mouse breeding colony by combination oral anthelmintic therapy. 19947844964
sensitivity of perianal tape impressions to diagnose pinworm (syphacia spp.) infections in rats (rattus norvegicus) and mice (mus musculus).we determined the sensitivity of perianal tape impressions to detect syphacia spp. in rats and mice. we evaluated 300 rat and 200 mouse perianal impressions over 9 wk. pinworm-positive perianal tape impressions from animals with worm burdens at necropsy were considered as true positives. conversely, pinworm-negative perianal tape impressions from animals with worm burdens were considered false negatives. the sensitivity of perianal tape impressions for detecting syphacia muris infections in rats ...200919653945
use of topical ivermectin treatment for syphacia obvelata in mice. 19938277745
an oral ivermectin regimen that eradicates pinworms (syphacia spp.) in laboratory rats and mice.pinworm infection, a common problem in laboratory rodent colonies, is difficult to control because anthelmintics like ivermectin eliminate adult worms but have no effect on ova, which can survive ex vivo for prolonged periods. on the premise that repeated treatments with ivermectin would keep rodents parasite-free until all ova matured into ivermectin-susceptible worms in vivo or died in vivo or ex vivo, 80 rats and 25 mice heavily infected with pinworms (syphacia obvelata and s. muris) were ran ...19968799934
syphacia obvelata infections and reproduction of male domestic mice mus musculus domesticus on a sub-antarctic island.the reproductive activity of feral male mice on an island of the sub-antarctic kerguelen archipelago was influenced by biological factors depending on periods within the breeding season. after having controlled host reproductive activity indices for body size, i.e. age, and body condition effects, syphacia obvelata prevalence did not vary with host reproductive status or age either during the beginning or the middle-end of the reproductive season. considering the beginning of the breeding season ...200312895284
syntheses and anthelmintic activity of alkyl 5(6)-(substituted-carbamoyl)- and 5(6)-(disubstituted-carbamoyl)benzimidazole-2-carbamates and related compounds.a number of alkyl 5(6)-(substituted-carbamoyl)- and 5(6)-(disubstituted-carbamoyl)benzimidazole-2-carbamates and related compounds have been synthesized, and their anthelmintic activity against various intestinal helminths of experimental animals have been evaluated. a large percentage of the compounds synthesized showed noteworthy activity against ancylostoma ceylanicum and at higher doses against hymenolepsis nana infections. compared to the alkyl 5(6)-(substituted-carbamoyl)benzimidazole-2-ca ...19846540312
microbiological survey of mice (mus musculus) purchased from commercial pet shops in kanagawa and tokyo, japan.information regarding the prevalence of infectious agents in mice in pet shops in japan is scarce. this information is particularly useful for minimizing the risk of potential transmission of infections to laboratory mice. therefore, we surveyed infectious agents in mice from pet shops in kanagawa and tokyo, japan. the survey was conducted in 28 mice from 5 pet shops to screen for 47 items (17 viruses, 22 bacteria and fungi, 10 parasites) using culture tests, serology, pcr, and microscopy. the m ...201425502736
studies on the parasitic helminths of korea: iii. nematodes and cestodes of rodents.a survey for nematode and cestode parasites of rodents in korea has been carried out at the areas of chulwon, kumwha, pochon, paju and chungpyong, kyunggi-do. a total of 300 rodents of seven species was examined, comprising of 219 a. agrarius, 33 r. norvegicus, 8 r. alexandrinus, 14 mus musculus yamashinai, microtus fortis pellceus, 21 crocidura russula and a cricetulus trition nester. the following fifteen species belonging to thirteen genera were identified. nematoda: heterakis spumosa, syphac ...196812913546
aspiculuris tetraptera in wild mus musculus. the prevalence of infection in male and female mice.a survey was carried out of the levels of infection with aspiculuris tetraptera and syphacia obvelata in a wild house mouse population living in the charles clore small mammals pavilion at the london zoo in regent's park. the extent of infection with a. tetraptera is analysed according to the sex of the host. it is shown that the prevalence of infection was greater in male than in female mice and frequency distribution studies suggest that this is not only because fewer female mice become infect ...19751171137
epizootiology of syphacia obvelata from a domestic mouse population on the subantarctic kerguelen archipelago.the effects of abundance, age, and sex of feral domestic mice mus musculus domesticus on infections with the nematode parasite syphacia obvelata were analyzed during a long-term study of the mouse population on guillou island (1.45 km2), a part of the subantarctic kerguelen archipelago. the population dynamics of the nematode did not follow the variation in host abundance. however, depending on the year, differences in pinworm abundance were found between the age classes and sex. such patterns s ...200212197108
patterns of infection with the nematodes syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera in conventionally maintained laboratory on the frequency, distribution and mean intensity of the helminth fauna recovered from outbred and inbred mice conventionally maintained in brazilian animal houses, are reported. the oxyurid nematodes syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera presented overall frequencies of 91.5% and 8.5%, respectively. the frequency of s. obvelata in animals of three groups out of the four investigated ranged from 9% to 74% and a. tetraptera from 17% to 83%, since animals of one of the groups were nega ...200212386708
a survey study on gastrointestinal parasites of stray cats in azarshahr, (east azerbaijan province, iran).gastrointestinal parasites are among the most common parasitic infections found in stray cats, which might act potential helminthic parasites to domestic cats. the objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in stray cats in the city of azarshahr, which is located in east azerbaijan province, iran. a cross-sectional study was conducted on 50 necropsied stray cats, trapped and collected from different geographic regions of azarshahr. from a total 50 stray ...201627876926
population distribution and zoonotic potential of gastrointestinal helminths of wild rats rattus rattus and r. norvegicus from jamaica.the population distribution and zoonotic potential of gastrointestinal helminths in a naturally infected population of wild rats (rattus rattus and rattus norvegicus) in jamaica are described. one hundred and thirty (29.7%) of 437 rats captured in the study were infected: 104 (35%) of 297 r. rattus compared with 26 (18.6%) of 140 r. norvegicus. nine species of gastrointestinal helminths were recovered: raillietina sp. (0.2%), trichuris sp. (0.2%), rictularia sp. (0.7%), syphacia obvelata (1.1%), ...200617152943
a survey of zoonotic pathogens carried by non-indigenous rodents at the interface of the wet tropics of north queensland, 1964, brucella was isolated from rodents trapped in wooroonooran national park (wnp), in northern queensland, australia. genotyping of bacterial isolates in 2008 determined that they were a novel brucella species. this study attempted to reisolate this species of brucella from rodents living in the boundary area adjacent to wnp and to establish which endo- and ecto-parasites and bacterial agents were being carried by non-indigenous rodents at this interface. seventy non-indigenous rodents wer ...201725906923
detection and clearance of syphacia obvelata infection in swiss webster and athymic nude mice.our routine health-surveillance program is based on use of the swiss webster mouse, with sentinels submitted for testing every 7 weeks. athymic nude (nu/nu) mice are used as an adjunct method to detect pinworm infections. the premise for the use of the nude mouse was based on research that revealed the thymus as necessary to confer resistance to pinworm infections. in light of this finding, it was inferred that an athymic mouse would be more susceptible to pinworm infections than a euthymic mous ...200415174810
infection with pinworms (syphacia obvelata) does not affect the plasma corticosterone concentration in male, nonpregnant female, and pregnant female rats.pinworm infections are common in rodent colonies, but the effect of pinworms on the host hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (hpa) axis had not been investigated. other parasites stimulate, inhibit, or have no effect on the hpa axis of their hosts. we studied the effect of syphacia obvelata infection on plasma corticosterone concentrations in sprague-dawley rats. blood samples were taken from male, female, and pregnant rats during an active infection, when all 21 rats examined harbored worms, and aft ...200415174818
efficacy of selamectin against mites (myobia musculi, mycoptes musculinus and radfordia ensifera) and nematodes (aspiculuris tetraptera and syphacia obvelata) in mice.the effects of selamectin were studied in mice naturally infected with the mites myobia musculi, myoceptes musculinus and radfordia ensifera and with the oxyurid nematodes aspiculuris tetraptera and syphacia obvelata. the mice were divided into three treated and three control groups (n=9). selamectin in the range 10-12.4 mg/kg was applied topically to the skin in a single spot at the base of the neck in front of the scapulae. the mice of treated and control groups were necropsied on the 4th, 7th ...200616600081
infection with syphacia obvelata (pinworm) induces protective th2 immune responses and influences ovalbumin-induced allergic reactions.infections with pinworms are common in rodent animal facilities. in this study, we show the consequence of an outbreak in a transgenic barrier facility of infection by syphacia obvelata, a murine pinworm gastrointestinal nematode. immune responses were defined in experimental infection studies with balb/c mice. infection with s. obvelata induced a transient th2-type immune response with elevated interleukin 4 (il-4), il-5, and il-13 cytokine production and parasite-specific immunoglobulin g1 (ig ...200616988272
evaluation of coinfection with pinworms (aspiculuris tetraptera, dentostomella translucida, and syphacia obvelata) in gerbils and mice.mongolian gerbils (meriones unguiculatus) naturally infected with the nematode dentostomella translucida and mice (mus musculus) that were either pinworm-free or harboring either or both aspiculuris tetraptera and syphacia abvelata were crossinfected experimentally with these nematode species. gerbils were susceptible to infections by s. obvelata and a. tetraptera from mice, whereas mice were resistant to infection by d. translucida from gerbils. the data presented are the first regarding coinfe ...200312906402
a survey on helminthic infection in mice (mus musculus) and rats (rattus norvegicus and rattus rattus) in kermanshah, iran.parasitic infections of rodents can compromise scientific research as well as the health of the animals and humans. based on previous studies, infection rate of parasitic helminths is different in various regions of iran. the current survey was aimed to determine endoparasitic helminths infection in 138 trapped rodents of kermanshah county, iran. mice and rats were trapped using metal snares from january to october 2011 and euthanized. rodents included 110 mus musculus (79.00%), 23 rattus norveg ...201325653780
[helminths detected in some laboratory animals by fecal examinations.]fecal specimens obtained from 505 rats, 317 mice, 128 rabbits and 52 guinea pigs were examined for helminth infections. in general, 38.02% of rats and 83.59% of mice were infected with one or more helminth species. the percentage of syphacia muris and syphacia obvelata were 32.48% and 12.67%, respectively, in rats, and the percentage of aspiculuris tetraptera, s. obvelata and hymenolepis nana were 79.18%, 10.72% and 15.45%, respectively, in mice. passalurus ambiguus was found only in one rabbit ...200517160840
sequence variability in internal transcribed spacers of nuclear ribosomal dna among isolates of the oxyurid nematodes syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera from mice reared in laboratories in china.this study examined sequence variability in internal transcribed spacers (its) of nuclear ribosomal dna among syphacia obvelata and aspiculuris tetraptera isolates from laboratory mice from different geographical locations in china. its1, 5.8s and its2 rdna were amplified separately from adult s. obvelata and a. tetraptera individuals by polymerase chain reaction (pcr), and the amplicons were subjected to sequencing from both directions. the lengths of the sequences of its1, 5.8s and its2 rdna f ...201626693888
parasitic nematodes of the genus syphacia seurat, 1916 infecting muridae in the british isles, and the peculiar case of syphacia frederici.syphacia stroma (von linstow, 1884) morgan, 1932 and syphacia frederici roman, 1945 are oxyurid nematodes that parasitize two murid rodents, apodemus sylvaticus and apodemus flavicollis, on the european mainland. only s. stroma has been recorded previously in apodemus spp. from the british isles. despite the paucity of earlier reports, we identified s. frederici in four disparate british sites, two in nottinghamshire, one each in berkshire and anglesey, wales. identification was based on their s ...201728831960
total ige as a serodiagnostic marker to aid murine fur mite detection.mites of 3 genera-myobia, myocoptes, and radfordia -continue to plague laboratory mouse facilities, even with use of stringent biosecurity measures. mites often spread before diagnosis, predominantly because of detection difficulty. current detection methods have suboptimal sensitivity, are time-consuming, and are costly. a sensitive serodiagnostic technique would facilitate detection and ease workload. we evaluated whether total ige increases could serve as a serodiagnostic marker to identify m ...201222776120
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