molecular evidence that zucchini yellow fleck virus is a distinct and variable potyvirus related to papaya ringspot virus and moroccan watermelon mosaic virus.zucchini yellow fleck virus (zyfv, genus potyvirus) infects cultivated or wild cucurbits in the mediterranean basin and occasionally causes severe damage in crops. biological and serological data tend to indicate that zyfv is related to other cucurbit-infecting potyviruses, mainly papaya ringspot virus (prsv) and moroccan watermelon mosaic virus (mwmv). in order to establish unambiguously the taxonomic status of zyfv, the sequence of the 3' part of the genome - encompassing the cp coding region ...200716969629
occurrence and distribution of ten viruses infecting cucurbit plants in guilan province, iran.during the 2006 and 2007 growing seasons, a systematic survey was conducted in open-field of melon (cucumis melo l.), cucumber (c. sativus l.), squash (cucurbita sp.), and watermelon (citrulus lanatus l.) crops in 16 major cucurbit-growing areas of guilan province in iran. symptomatic leaf samples were collected and screened by double-antibody sandwich elisa (das-elisa) or rt-pcr to detect zucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv), watermelon mosaic virus (wmv), cucurbit aphid-borne yellows virus (cab ...200818564898
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