genetic diversity in the trypanorhynch cestode tentacularia coryphaenae bosc, 1797: evidence for a cosmopolitan distribution and low host specificity in the teleost intermediate host.partial large subunit (28s) rrna gene (lsu) sequences were studied from tentacularia coryphaenae (cestoda: trypanorhyncha) plerocercoids from the southern java coast, indonesia, collected from two different localities and five different host species. the teleost hosts belonged to four fish families with an overlapping depth range of 0-885 m. the lsu sequences were identical, demonstrating that all specimens belonged to the same species. they also corresponded to a sequence of t. coryphaenae from ...200717216487
spermatological characteristics of the trypanorhyncha inferred from new ultrastructural data on species of tentaculariidae, eutetrarhynchidae, and progrillotiidae.the present study focuses on the ultrastructural characteristics of both spermiogenesis and the spermatozoon in the order trypanorhyncha. new ultrastructural data are presented for two species of the unexplored superfamily tentacularioidea, nybelinia queenslandensis, and kotorella pronosoma. the present study also provides supplementary data on the superfamily eutetrarhynchoidea, with the analysis of spermiogenesis and spermatozoon of two progrillotiids, progrillotia dasyatidis and pro. pastinac ...201323608175
first identification of four trypanorhynchid cestodes: callitetrarhynchus speciouses, pseudogrillotia sp. (lacistorhynchidae), kotorella pronosoma and nybelinia bisulcata (tentaculariidae) from sparidae and mullidae fish.four previously unrecognized trypanorhynchids are described based on fish specimens from sparidae and mullidae host fish of the red sea. from september 2010 to june 2011, 66 specimens of the sea bream pagrus pagrus (f: sparidae) and 43 of the red mullet mullus barbatus (f: mullidae) were purchased from markets in the suez and hurghada cities of the red sea. the fishes were measured, and their organs investigated for helminth infections. forty-one (37.6 %) out of the 109 fish specimens investigat ...201323624547
new records of trypanorhynch cestodes from the gulf of mexico, including kotorella pronosoma (stossich, 1901) and heteronybelinia palliata (linton, 1924) comb. n.four trypanorhynchs, kotorella pronosoma (stossich, 1901), nybelinia cf. bisulcata (linton, 1889), nybelinia scoliodoni (vijayalakshmi, vijayalakshmi et gangadharam, 1996), and dasyrhynchus pacificus robinson, 1965 are reported for the first time from the gulf, which is now known to harbour at least 34 different species. in addition to the range extension for the trypanorhynchs listed above, 21 new host records are reported involving 13 cestode species. characters of the genus kotorella euzet et ...200011151954
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