studies on a paramyxovirus isolated from japanese sparrow-hawks (accipiter virgatus gularis). ii. serology and pathogenesis in chickens. 1978723102
truncated structural variants of lipoarabinomannan in ethambutol drug-resistant strains of mycobacterium smegmatis. inhibition of arabinan biosynthesis by ethambutol.the anti-tuberculosis drug, ethambutol (emb), was previously shown to inhibit the synthesis of arabinans of both the cell wall arabinogalactan (ag) and lipoarabinomannan (lam) of mycobacterium tuberculosis and other mycobacteria. however, an emb-resistant mutant, isolated by consecutive passage of the mycobacterium smegmatis parent strain in media containing increasing concentrations of emb, while synthesizing a normal version of ag, produced truncated forms of lam when maintained on 10 microg/m ...19968910503
biosynthesis of the galactan component of the mycobacterial cell wall.the structural core of the cell walls of mycobacterium spp. consists of peptidoglycan bound by a linker unit (-alpha-l-rhap-(1-->3)-d-glcnac-p-) to a galactofuran, which in turn is attached to arabinofuran and mycolic acids. the sequence of reactions leading to the biogenesis of this complex starts with the formation of the linker unit on a polyprenyl-p to produce polyprenyl-p-p-glcnac-rha (mikusová, k., mikus, m., besra, g. s., hancock, i., and brennan, p. j. (1996) j. biol. chem. 271, 7820-782 ...200010934214
the antituberculosis drug ethionamide is activated by a flavoprotein monooxygenase.ethionamide (eta), a prodrug that must undergo metabolic activation to exert its cytotoxic effects, is a second line drug against tuberculosis, a disease that infects more than a third of the world's population. it has been proposed, on the basis of genetic experiments, that eta is activated in mycobacterium tuberculosis by the protein encoded by the gene rv3854c (debarber, a. e., mdluli, k., bosman, m., bekker, l.-g., and barry, c. e., iii (2000) proc. natl. acad. sci. u. s. a. 97, 9677-9682; b ...200211823459
characterization of a putative alpha-mannosyltransferase involved in phosphatidylinositol trimannoside biosynthesis in mycobacterium tuberculosis.phosphatidyl-myo-inositol mannosides (pims), lipomannan (lm) and lipoarabinomannan (lam) are an important class of bacterial factors termed modulins that are found in tuberculosis and leprosy. although their structures are well established, little is known with respect to the molecular aspects of the biosynthetic machinery involved in the synthesis of these glycolipids. on the basis of sequence similarity to other glycosyltransferases and our previous studies defining an alpha-mannosyltransferas ...200211964144
insights into mechanisms of induction and ligands recognition in the transcriptional repressor ethr from mycobacterium tuberculosis.mycobacterium tuberculosis ethr is a repressor of etha, a gene encoding a mono-oxygenase required for the activation of the prodrug ethionamide. two ethr crystal structures have been reported recently, either in a ligand-bound (frenois f, engohang-ndong j, locht c, baulard ar, villeret v. mol cell 2004; 16: 301-7) or in a presumed apo conformation (dover lg, corsino pe, daniels ir, cocklin sl, tatituri v, besra gs, futterer k. j mol biol 2004; 340: 1095-105). in order to infer the ethr induction ...200616243584
validation of spilornis cheela hoya taqman probes for potential gender identification of many accipitridae species.the objective of this study was to test the hypothesis that genders of accipitridae species, with the same or similar sequences to our previously proposed spilornis cheela hoya (s. c. hoya) chromo-helicase-dna binding protein (chd)-w-specific and chd-zw-common taqman probes, can be successfully determined. eight species of accipitridae with known genders were collected. after pcr, ta cloning, sequencing, and alignment analyses, sequence length differences of griffiths p2/p8 pcr amplicons between ...201019959218
comparative genomics sheds light on the predatory lifestyle of accipitrids and owls.raptors are carnivorous birds including accipitrids (accipitridae, accipitriformes) and owls (strigiformes), which are diurnal and nocturnal, respectively. to examine the evolutionary basis of adaptations to different light cycles and hunting behavior between accipitrids and owls, we de novo assembled besra (accipiter virgatus, accipitridae, accipitriformes) and oriental scops owl (otus sunia, strigidae, strigiformes) draft genomes. comparative genomics demonstrated four psgs (positively selecte ...201930783131
suicide risk assessments: which suicide risk factors psychiatric residents consider significant?patients visiting the emergency department (ed) after a suicide attempt are generally assessed for suicide risk by psychiatric residents. psychiatric residents' competence in evaluating the risk posed by the patients who attempted suicide is critical to preventing suicide.201526207124
characterization of the in vitro synthesized arabinan of mycobacterial cell walls.previous studies have shown that polymerized [14c]arabinan can be synthesized from polyprenylphosphate-[14c]arabinose by the particulate enzymes of mycobacterium smegmatis [r.e. lee, k. mikusová, p.j. brennan and g.s besra (1995) j. am. chem. soc. 117, 11829-11832]. in the present investigation, the [14c]arabinan product was biochemically characterized. sizing chromatography revealed a molecular weight consistent with that expected from mature arabinan. digestion of the [14c]arabinan with a mixt ...19979202184
studies on a paramyxovirus isolated from japanese sparrow-hawks (accipiter virgatus gularis). i. isolation and characterization of the virus. 1978671932
studies on a paramyxovirus isolated from japanese sparrow-hawks (accipiter virgatus gularis). iv. hemagglutinating activity of two clones of the virus. 19827109408
some species of centrorhynchus lühe, 1911 (acanthocephala: centrorhynchidae) from the collection of the natural history museum, species of centrorhynchus lühe, 1911 are present in the parasitic worms collection of the natural history museum, london: c. aluconis (müller, 1780) lühe, 1911 from strix aluco linnaeus in great britain; c. buteonis (schrank, 1788) kostylev, 1914 from accipiter virgatus (temminck) (new host record) in sri lanka (new geographical record); c. clitorideus (meyer, 1931) golvan, 1956 from athene brama (temminck) (new host record) in india; c. crotophagicola schmidt and neiland, 1966 (encysted j ...200516167121
the length of lipids bound to human cd1d molecules modulates the affinity of nkt cell tcr and the threshold of nkt cell activation.cd1d-restricted lymphocytes recognize a broad lipid range. however, how cd1d-restricted lymphocytes translate t cell receptor (tcr) recognition of lipids with similar group heads into distinct biological responses remains unclear. using a soluble invariant nkt (inkt) tcr and a newly engineered antibody specific for alpha-galactosylceramide (alpha-galcer)-human cd1d (hcd1d) complexes, we measured the affinity of binding of inkt tcr to hcd1d molecules loaded with a panel of alpha-galcer analogues ...200717485514
studies on a paramyxovirus isolated from japanese sparrow-hawks (accipiter virgatus gularis). iii. neuraminidase activity of the virus. 19817295044
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