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[origin and differentiation of domestic goose breeds in china, inferred from mitochondrial dna polymorphism].mitochondrial dnas (mtdnas) of 138 samples from 11 domestic goose breeds in china were investigated by digesting, with 19 restriction endonucleases. of 19 enzymes used, seven (bcl i, dra i, eco rv, hae ii, hinc ii, kpn i, sac i) detected polymorphic patterns. by combining 27 restriction morphs, 138 individuals were classified into 6 mtdna haplotypes. phylogenetic tree was constructed by using upgma. there was no shared haplotype between yili breed and the other 10 breeds. genetic distance and up ...199810465896
hepatic myelolipoma with systemic amyloidosis in a goose (anser cygnoides domesticus).we report here a case of hepatic myelolipoma with systemic amyloidosis in a goose (anser cygnoides domesticus), which died suddenly following the short history of weakness and greenish diarrhea. at necropsy, multiple yellowish-white foci were observed on the surface of the prominently enlarged liver. histologically, there were multiple foci of adipose tissue admixed with myeloid elements in various proportions in the liver as well as amyloid deposition in several organs including the liver, inte ...201020526044
malignant sertoli cell tumor in a goose (anser cygnoides domesticus).this paper describes the pathologic features of a malignant sertoli cell tumor found in an adult goose (anser cygnoides domesticus). at necropsy, in addition to one large tumor mass (15 cm in diameter), multiple small tumor masses were observed over the peritoneum and mesenterium in the coelomic cavity. the large tumor mass was composed of sheets, lobules, and small islands of tumor cells, and elongated tumor cells lying perpendicular to fibrous connective tissue were characteristic. such histop ...201223397858
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