schizogonic stages of haemoproteus from wenyon's baghdad sparrows are also found in passer domesticus biblicus in israel.schizont bodies reminiscent of those described by wenyon from baghdad sparrows were found in the liver and lungs of an israeli house sparrow ( passer domesticus biblicushartert 1904) infected with haemoproteus passeris kruse, 1890. all observed schizonts were composed of packed assemblages of walled compartments, each holding a differentiating schizogonic body. the schizogonic bodies in the various compartments demonstrated sequential stages in the differentiation process from a compact multinuc ...200314530965
haemoproteid parasites of passer spp.the taxonomic status of the haemoproteid parasites hitherto described from the avian genus passer is reviewed. it is concluded that 1 species only is valid haemoproteus passeris kruse (1890), all other species being designated as synonyms. from material obtained from passer domesticus a re-description is given of h. passeris which has shown to exhibit a wide range of morphological forms. the reasons for this are discussed. schizogonic stages are described for the first time for this species, and ...1976827730
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