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new acyclic secondary metabolites from the biologically active fraction of albizia lebbeck flowers.the total extract of albizia lebbeck flowers was examined in vivo for its possible hepatoprotective activity in comparison with the standard drug silymarin at two doses. the higher dose expressed promising activity especially in reducing the levels of ast, alt and bilirubin. fractionation via liquid-liquid partition and reexamination of the fractions revealed that the n-butanol fraction was the best in improving liver biochemical parameters followed by the n-hexane fraction. however, serum lipid ...201728223871
descriptive study of plant resources in the context of the ethnomedicinal relevance of indigenous flora: a case study from toli peer national park, azad jammu and kashmir, pakistan.this paper presents the first quantitative ethnobotanical study of the flora in toli peer national park of azad jammu and kashmir, pakistan. being a remote area, there is a strong dependence by local people on ethnobotanical practices. thus, we attempted to record the folk uses of the native plants of the area with a view to acknowledging and documenting the ethnobotanical knowledge. the aims of the study were to compile an inventory of the medicinal plants in the study area and to record the me ...201728192466
antihyperglycemic activity of albizzia lebbeck bark extract in streptozotocin-nicotinamide induced type ii diabetes mellitus rats.albizzia lebbeck (l.) benth. (family - leguminosae) extract is a proven mast cell stabilizing agent. mast cells are involved in the inflammatory processes leading to the diabetes mellitus.201727313423
albizia lebbeck seed methanolic extract as a complementary therapy to manage local toxicity of echis carinatus venom in a murine model.viperid venom-induced chronic local-toxicity continues even after anti-snake venom treatment. therefore, traditional antidote albizia lebbeck l. (fabaceae) seed extract was tested against echis carinatus s. (viperidae) venom (ecv)-induced local toxicity to evaluate its complementary remedy.201627211855
restoration of degraded soil in the nanmangalam reserve forest with native tree species: effect of indigenous plant growth-promoting bacteria.restoration of a highly degraded forest, which had lost its natural capacity for regeneration, was attempted in the nanmangalam reserve forest in eastern ghats of india. in field experiment, 12 native tree species were planted. the restoration included inoculation with a consortium of 5 native plant growth-promoting bacteria (pgpb), with the addition of small amounts of compost and a chemical fertilizer (npk). the experimental fields were maintained for 1080 days. the growth and biomass varied d ...201627195310
evaluation of the anti-inflammatory activity of the aqueous and ethanolic extracts of the leaves of albizzia lebbeck in rats.albizzia lebbeck benth. (mimosaceae) is a medicinal tree used to treat several inflammatory ailments in the indian traditional ayurvedic system of medicine. the aim of the present study was to evaluate the possible anti-inflammatory activity of the aqueous (ae) and ethanolic (ee) extracts of the leaves of a. lebbeck to support the ethnopharmacological claims. the study was carried out using wistar rats (100-150 g). the ae and ee were prepared using the soxhlet extraction process. the anti-inflam ...201627114941
albizia lebbeck seed coat proteins bind to chitin and act as a defense against cowpea weevil callosobruchus maculatus.the seed coat is an external tissue that participates in defense against insects. in some nonhost seeds, including albizia lebbeck, the insect callosobruchus maculatus dies during seed coat penetration. we investigated the toxicity of a. lebbeck seed coat proteins to c. maculatus. a chitin-binding protein fraction was isolated from seed coat, and mass spectrometry showed similarity to a c1 cysteine protease. by elm program an n-glycosylation interaction motif was identified in this protein, and ...201627078512
evaluation of phenolic content variability along with antioxidant, antimicrobial, and cytotoxic potential of selected traditional medicinal plants from india.plants have been used since ancient times as an important source of biologically active substances. the aim of the present study was to investigate the phytochemical constituents (flavonoids and phenolics), antioxidant potential, cytotoxicity against hepg2 (human hepato carcinoma) cancer cell lines, and the antimicrobial activity of the methanol extract of selected traditional medicinal plants collected from mizoram, india. a number of phenolic compounds were detected using hplc-dad-esi-tof-ms, ...201627066046
antimalarial efficacy of albizia lebbeck (leguminosae) against plasmodium falciparum in vitro & p. berghei in vivo.albizia lebbeck benth. (leguminosae) has long been used in indian traditional medicine. the current study was designed to test antimalarial activity of ethanolic bark extract of a. lebbeck (ebeal).201526905234
fatty acid composition and lipid profile of diospyros mespiliformis, albizia lebbeck, and caesalpinia pulcherrima seed oils from nigeria.the screening of lesser-known underutilized seeds as source of food has been a way of finding solution to food insecurity in developing nations. in this regard, oil as a class of food was extracted from the seeds of diospyros mespiliformis  (4.72 ± 0.2%), albizia lebbeck  (6.40 ± 0.60%), and caesalpinia pulcherrima  (7.2 ± 0.30%). the oils were finally analyzed for their fatty acid composition, lipid classes, fatty acid distribution in the lipid fractions, and molecular speciation of the triacyl ...201426904625
purification and characterization of a highly active chromate reductase from endophytic bacillus sp. dgv19 of albizzia lebbeck (l.) benth. actively involved in phytoremediation of tannery effluent-contaminated sites.phytoremediation using timber-yielding tree species is considered to be the most efficient method for chromium/tannery effluent-contaminated sites. in this study, we have chosen albizzia lebbeck, a chromium hyperaccumulator plant, and studied one of its chromium detoxification processes operated by its endophytic bacterial assemblage. out of the four different groups of endophytic bacteria comprising pseudomonas, rhizobium, bacillus, and salinicoccus identified from a. lebbeck employed in phytor ...201626444299
phytoremediation potential of chromium-containing tannery effluent-contaminated soil by native indian timber-yielding tree species.twenty-six native indian tree species that are used for the enhanced tree cover program of the forest department (government of tamilnadu, india) were screened for phytoremediation of tannery effluent-contaminated soil containing high chromium content. out of 26 tree species tested, 10 timber-yielding tree species were selected for further phytoremediation monitoring. after a series of treatments with tannery effluent sludge, the chromium content was measured in the plant parts. the saplings of ...201626177918
the contribution of endophytic bacteria to albizia lebbeck-mediated phytoremediation of tannery effluent contaminated soil.toxicity of chromium often impairs the remediation capacity of plants used in phytoremediation of polluted soils. in this study, we have identified albizia lebbeck as a prospective chromium hyperaccumulator and examined cultivable diversity of endophytes present in chromium-treated and control saplings. high numbers (22-100%) of endophytic bacteria, isolated from root, stem, and leaf tissues, could tolerate elevated (1-3 mm) concentrations of k2cro7. 16s rrna gene sequence-based phylogenetic ana ...201626147743
ethnoveterinary plants for the treatment of camels in shiwalik regions of kathua district of jammu & kashmir, india.camel is an important mode of transportation in the hot and hilly tracts of shiwaliks of kathua districts. the camel owners of the region lack the modern veterinary facilities and therefore depend heavily upon local treatments for the animal. this ethnoveterinary knowledge of plants is acquired by them from their forefathers and generally moves from one generation to another orally. the oral mode of transferring this valuable knowledge is vulnerable to erosion with the passage of time and genera ...201525917839
descriptions of deladenus albizicus n. sp. and d. processus n. sp. (nematoda: hexatylina) from haryana, india.two different nematodes were isolated from the bark of albizia lebbeck trees; one from insect infested and another from noninfested, healthy tree. based on the biological, morphological, and molecular evidences, the nematodes are described as deladenus albizicus n. sp. and d. processus n. sp. (nematoda: hexatylina). deladenus albizicus n. sp., isolated from insect-infested tree, multiplied on the fungus nigrospora oryzae. myceliophagous females of this nematode reproduced by parthenogenesis and ...201525861116
central analgesic activity of the aqueous and ethanolic extracts of the leaves of albizia lebbeck: role of the gabaergic and serotonergic pathways.albizia lebbeck benth. is extensively used in indian traditional medicine for treating several painful and inflammatory disorders. the possible central analgesic activity and the underlying mechanism of action of the aqueous (ae) and ethanolic extracts (ee) of the leaves of a. lebbeck were investigated in wistar rats using eddy's hot plate and the tail flick tests. in order to investigate the underlying mechanism of action, rats were pretreated with naloxone, bicuculline or methysergide and then ...201525854769
a novel β-lactam derivative, albactam from the flowers of albizia lebbeck with platelets anti-aggregatory activity in vitro.a novel β-lactam derivative, albactam, was isolated from the alcoholic extract of the flowers of albizia lebbeck. it showed a significant anti-aggregatory activity against adenosine diphosphate and arachidonic acid induced guinea-pigs' platelets aggregation in vitro. six more known compounds were also isolated and fully characterized by measuring 1d and 2d nmr, two of them are the triterpenes β-amyrin and 11α, 12α-oxidotaraxerol, two ceramide derivatives and two flavonoids, kampferol 3-o-rutinos ...201525796149
ovicidal and adulticidal potential of leaf and seed extract of albizia lebbeck (l.) benth. (family: fabaceae) against culex quinquefasciatus, aedes aegypti, and anopheles stephensi (diptera: culicidae).several diseases are associated to the mosquito-human interaction. mosquitoes are the carriers of severe and well-known illnesses such as malaria, arboviral encephalitis, dengue fever, chikungunya fever, west nile virus, and yellow fever. these diseases produce significant morbidity and mortality in humans and livestock around the world. in the present study, hexane, benzene, chloroform, ethyl acetate, and methanol extracts of leaf and seed of albizia lebbeck were assayed for their toxicity agai ...201525681143
triterpenoid saponins from albizia lebbeck (l.) benth and their inhibitory effect on the survival of high grade human brain tumor part of our search of new bioactive triterpenoid saponins from cameroonian mimosaceae plants, phytochemical investigation of the roots of albizia lebbeck led to the isolation of two new oleanane-type saponins, named lebbeckosides a-b (1-2). their structures were established on the basis of extensive 1d and 2d nmr ((1)h, (13)c nmr, dept, cosy, tocsy, roesy, hsqc, and hmbc) and hresims studies, and by chemical evidence. compounds 1-2 were evaluated for their inhibitory effect on the metabolism ...201525662738
role of anaerobic fungi in wheat straw degradation and effects of plant feed additives on rumen fermentation parameters in the present study, rumen microbial groups, i.e. total rumen microbes (trm), total anaerobic fungi (taf), avicel enriched bacteria (aeb) and neutral detergent fibre enriched bacteria (neb) were evaluated for wheat straw (ws) degradability and different fermentation parameters in vitro. highest ws degradation was shown for trm, followed by taf, neb and least by aeb. similar patterns were observed with total gas production and short chain fatty acid profiles. overall, taf emerged as the most pot ...201525391347
lectin, hemolysin and protease inhibitors in seed fractions with ovicidal activity against haemonchus contortus.bioactive molecules of plant species are promising alternatives for the chemical control of gastrointestinal nematodes in ruminants. extracts of native and exotic seed species from brazil's semi-arid region were tested in vitro in an egg hatch assay and the bioactivity of their proteins was investigated. each seed species was subjected to three extractions with three types of solvents. all the seeds showed ovicidal activity, which varied according to the solvents. higher ovicidal activity was fo ...201425054490
antidiabetic, renal/hepatic/pancreas/cardiac protective and antioxidant potential of methanol/dichloromethane extract of albizzia lebbeck benth. stem bark (alex) on streptozotocin induced diabetic rats.hypoglycemic and/or anti-hyperglycemic activities have been recorded with numerous plants, many of which are used as traditional herbal treatments of diabetes. albizzia lebbeck benth. stem bark have been used in traditional medicine along with some preliminary reports on its hypoglycemic action. the aim of present investigation was to evaluate the antidiabetic and antioxidant activities of methanolic extract of stem bark of albizzia lebbeck benth. in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats.201425026962
comparative study on growth performance of two shade trees in tea agroforestry attempt was made to study the stem growth of two native dominant shade tree species in terms of annual girth increment in three dominant girth size categories for two years in tea agroforestry system of barak valley, assam. fifty two sampling plots of 0.1 ha size were established and all trees exceeding 10 cm girth over bark at breast height (1.37 m) were uniquely identified, tagged, and annually measured for girth increment, using metal tape during december 2010-12. albizia lebbeck and a. od ...201425004755
influence of albizia lebbeck saponin and its fractions on in vitro gas production kinetics, rumen methanogenesis, and rumen fermentation characteristics.the present study was undertaken to investigate the effect of crude seed powder (csp) and gross saponins extract (gse) of seeds of albizia lebbeck on antimicrobial activity by taking two gram-positive (staphylococcus aureus and bacillus cereus), two gram-negative (escherichia coli and salmonella typhi) bacteria, and two fungi species (aspergillus niger and candida butyric) were taken at 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500 µg levels using agar well diffusion method. zone of inhibition was increased with in ...201424977047
target guided isolation, in-vitro antidiabetic, antioxidant activity and molecular docking studies of some flavonoids from albizzia lebbeck benth. bark.albizzia lebbeck benth. is traditionally important plant and is reported to possess a variety of pharmacological actions. the present research exertion was undertaken to isolate and characterized the flavonoids from the extract of stem bark of albizzia lebbeck benth. and to evaluate the efficacy of the isolated flavonoids on in-vitro models of type-ii diabetes. furthermore, the results of in-vitro experimentation inveterate by the molecular docking studies of the isolated flavonoids on α-glucosi ...201424886138
salt tolerances of some mainland tree species select as through nursery screening.a study of salt tolerance was carried out on germination, survival and height growth performance of important mesophytic species such as acacia auriculiformis, acacia hybrid, artocarpus heterophyllus, albizia procera, albizia lebbeck, acacia nilotica, achras sapota, casuarina equisetifolaia, emblica officinalis, leucaena leucocephala, samania saman, swetenia macrophylla, terminalia arjuna, tamarindus indica, terminalia bellirica and thespesia populnea in nursery stage using fresh water and salt ...201324502152
negative effect of litter of invasive weed lantana camara on structure and composition of vegetation in the lower siwalik hills, northern india.lantana camara, an aromatic shrub, native to tropical america, was introduced into india for ornamental hedging, but later escaped and became a serious invasive weed. this study assessed the quantitative and qualitative status of plant community richness and diversity in areas invaded by l. camara in the siwalik hills (himachal pradesh, india), and explored allelopathy as a possible mechanism of interference. we measured species diversity, richness and evenness of the vegetation in areas invaded ...201424477614
production of haploid plantlets in anther cultures of albizzia lebbeck l.anthers of albizzia lebbeck on b5 medium (bm) supplemented with kinetin (2 mg/l) and 2, 4-d (0.5 mg/l) showed callus initiation from microspores. differentiation of embryoids and shoots was obtained on bm + bap (1 mg/l) + iaa (0.5 mg/l) and of roots on bm. root tip squashes of the regenerated plantlets showed the haploid chromosome number (n=13), confirming the microspore origin of the regenerants.198324258192
soil biological attributes in arsenic-contaminated gold mining sites after revegetation.recovery of arsenic contaminated areas is a challenge society faces throughout the world. revegetation associated with microbial activity can play an essential role in this process. this work investigated biological attributes in a gold mining area with different arsenic contents at different sites under two types of extant revegetation associated with cover layers of the soil: bs, brachiaria sp. and stizolobium sp., and legs, acacia crassicarpa, a. holosericea, a. mangium, sesbania virgata, alb ...201324114185
wound-healing potential of the root extract of albizzia lebbeck.the present investigation is an attempt to scientifically validate the traditional use of the roots of the plant albizzia lebbeck in ayurvedic system of medicine for curing wounds. the study included phytochemical standardization of the ethanol root extract of a. lebbeck, which was further subjected to oral acute toxicity study. wound-healing activity of the ethanol root extract was evaluated using incision and excision wound models. biochemical parameters such as hydroxyproline, hexuronic acid, ...201323677526
clinical efficacy of two different samples of shirishavaleha in tamaka shwasa (bronchial asthma).incidences of bronchial asthma have been raised in recent decades due to increased industrialization and pollution. this miserable condition can be compared with tamaka shwasa in ayurveda. modern synthetic drugs will provide instant relief in these cases, but are tend to develop a number of adverse drug reactions. knowing this, the current suffering population is looking towards few remedies from other systems of medicines, that are comparatively safe and provide better relief. shirisha [albizzi ...201223559799
total phenolics and total flavonoids in selected indian medicinal plants.plant phenolics and flavonoids have a powerful biological activity, which outlines the necessity of their determination. the phenolics and flavonoids content of 20 medicinal plants were determined in the present investigation. the phenolic content was determined by using folin-ciocalteu assay. the total flavonoids were measured spectrophotometrically by using the aluminium chloride colorimetric assay. the results showed that the family mimosaceae is the richest source of phenolics, (acacia nilot ...201223439764
study of the in vitro antiplasmodial, antileishmanial and antitrypanosomal activities of medicinal plants from saudi arabia.the present study investigated the in vitro antiprotozoal activity of sixteen selected medicinal plants. plant materials were extracted with methanol and screened in vitro against erythrocytic schizonts of plasmodium falciparum, intracellular amastigotes of leishmania infantum and trypanosoma cruzi and free trypomastigotes of t. brucei. cytotoxic activity was determined against mrc-5 cells to assess selectivity. the criterion for activity was an ic₅₀ < 10 μg/ml (<5 μg/ml for t. brucei) and a sel ...201223011279
standardization of shirishavaleha with reference to physico-chemical characteristics.ten batches of shirishavaleha were prepared by using twak (bark) and sara (heartwood) of shirisha [albizzia lebbeck benth]. the adopted formulation was based on shirisharishta of bhaishajya ratnavali. though shirisharishta has significant therapeutic effect in cases of tamaka swasa, etc.; it has few difficulties during the pharmaceutical procedure like consuming long time, climatic influences etc. considering these inconveniencies, the formulation composition has been converted in to shirishaval ...201122661855
assessment of air pollution stress on some commonly grown tree species in industrial zone of durgapur, west bengal, india.the present study deals with the biochemical responses of some selected tree species with respect to increased air pollution in durgapur industrial city in india. areas in vicinity to industries possess very high concentrations of suspended particulate matter (571 microg/m3), sox (132 microg/m3) and nox (97 microg/m3) which shows significant correlations (p < 0.05) with the biochemical constituents of stressed plants. plants growing in industrial zone exhibit a considerable decline in total chlo ...201122324147
identification of albizia lebbeck seed coat chitin-binding vicilins (7s globulins) with high toxicity to the larvae of the bruchid callosobruchus maculatus.seed coat is a specialized maternal tissue that interfaces the embryo and the external environment during embryogenesis, dormancy and germination. in addition, it is the first defensive barrier against penetration by pathogens and herbivores. here we show that albizia lebbeck seed coat dramatically compromises the oviposition, eclosion and development of the bruchid callosobruchus maculatus. dietary supplementation of bruchid larvae with a. lebbeck seed coat flour causes severe weight loss and r ...201222267002
evaluation of immunomodulatory activity of "shirishavaleha"-an ayurvedic compound formulation in albino rats.the immunomodulatory activity of shirishavaleha prepared from two different parts of shirisha (albizia lebbeck benth), i.e., twak (bark) and sara (heartwood) as main ingredients was evaluated for humoral antibody formation and cell-mediated immunity in established experimental models. the study used wistar rats of either sex weighing 200 ± 40 g, while the test drug was administered orally at a dose of 1.8 g/kg. hemagglutination titer and body weight were recorded to assess effects on humoral imm ...201122253509
feeding of tropical trees and shrub foliages as a strategy to reduce ruminal methanogenesis: studies conducted in cuba.the aim of this paper was to present the main results obtained in cuba on the effects of feeding tropical trees and shrubs on rumen methanogenesis in animals fed with low quality fibrous diets. more than 20 tree and shrub foliages were screened for phytochemicals and analyzed for chemical constituents. from these samples, seven promising plants (samanea saman, albizia lebbeck, tithonia diversifolia, leucaena leucocephala, trichantera gigantea, sapindus saponaria, and morus alba) were evaluated f ...201122205224
Antimicrobial activities of three species of family mimosaceae.The antimicrobial activities of crude methanolic extract of leaves of Acacia nilotica L., Albizia lebbeck L. and Mimosa himalayana Gamble belonging to family mimosaceae were investigated in this research work. Antibacterial activity was studied by agar well diffusion method against one gram-positive Bacillus subtilis and three gram-negative Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumonia. Crude extract of all plants showed best activity against gram-negative bacterial strains w ...201222186331
drought induced changes in growth, leaf gas exchange and biomass production in albizia lebbeck and cassia siamea seedlings.diurnal trends in net photosynthesis rate (p(n)), stomatal conductance (g(s)), water use efficiency (wue) and biomass were compared in six-month-old seedlings of albizia lebbeck and cassia siamea, under different levels of drought stress. the potted plants were subjected to four varying drought treatment by withholding watering for 7 (d1), 14(d2) and 25 (d3) days. the fourth group (c) was watered daily and treated as unstressed (control). species differed significantly (p < 0.001) in their physi ...201121882651
albizialebbeck suppresses histamine signaling by the inhibition of histamine h(1) receptor and histidine decarboxylase gene transcriptions.histamine plays major roles in allergic diseases and its action is mediated mainly by histamine h(1) receptor (h1r). we have demonstrated that histamine signaling-related h1r and histidine decarboxylase (hdc) genes are allergic diseases sensitive genes and their expression level affects severity of the allergic symptoms. therefore, compounds that suppress histamine signaling should be promising candidates as anti-allergic drugs. here, we investigated the effect of the extract from the bark of al ...201121782040
anti-inflammatory activity of shirishavaleha: an ayurvedic compound formulation.the purpose of the present study was to evaluate the anti-inflammatory activity of shirishavaleha prepared from two different parts of shirisha (albizia lebbeck benth.), viz. the bark (twak) and the heartwood (sara). the activity was screened in the carrageenan-induced rat paw edema model in albino rats. the raw materials were collected and authenticated in the university and the trial formulations were prepared by following standard classical guidelines. randomly selected animals were divided i ...201021455445
immunomodulatory effect of albizzia lebbeck.the immunomodulatory effect of the bark of albizzia lebbeck (sirisha) was evaluated by studying humoral and cell mediated immune responses. the hot aqueous extract and its butanolic fraction were administered once daily for one week in mice, immunised previously with sheep red blood cells (srbc). at the dose levels tested (6.25, 12.5 and 25 mg/kg, p.o.), a. lebbeck treated mice developed higher serum antibody titres compared to the vehicle treated group and the effect was comparable to the stand ...200021214455
first report of an anti-tumor, anti-fungal, anti-yeast and anti-bacterial hemolysin from albizia lebbeck seeds.a monomeric 5.5-kda protein with hemolytic activity toward rabbit erythrocytes was isolated from seeds of albizia lebbeck by using a protocol that involved ion-exchange chromatography on q-sepharose and sp-sepharose, hydrophobic interaction chromatography on phenyl-sepharose, and gel filtration on superdex 75. it was unadsorbed on both q-sepharose and sp-sepharose, but adsorbed on phenyl-sepharose. its hemolytic activity was fully preserved in the ph range 0-14 and in the temperature range 0-100 ...201120850957
anti-allergic activity of standardized extract of albizia lebbeck with reference to catechin as a phytomarker.the major groups of phytonutrients found in plants include polyphenols, flavonoids, terpenes, amines, etc., all of which are observed to have potential anti-allergic activity. in this study, we evaluated the anti-allergic activity of the standardized extract of albizia lebbeck with respect to the catechin, a polyphenolic phytomarker.201020109037
safety of a novel botanical extract formula for ameliorating allergic rhinitis.allergic rhinitis (also known as hay fever) is the most commonly occurring immunological disorder, and it affects 40 million men, women, and children in the united states. symptomatically, it is an inflammation and irritation of the mucous membranes that line the nose. allergy is defined as a state of hypersensitivity or hyperimmunity caused by exposure to a particular antigen (allergen) that results in increased reactivity upon subsequent exposure. a novel botanical formulation, aller-7/nr-a2, ...200320021150
safety of a novel botanical extract formula for ameliorating allergic rhinitis. part ii.abstract each year more than 50 million americans suffer from allergic rhinitis, which is a state of hypersensitivity or hyperimmunity. basically, allergic rhinitis is symptomatically recognized as the inflammation and irritation of the nasal mucosal membranes; sneezing; stuffy/runny nose; nasal congestion; and itchy; watery, and swollen eyes; and defined as a state of hypersensitivity/ hyperimmunity caused by exposure to a particular allergen (antigen) that results in increased reactivity upon ...200520021083
anti-inflammatory activity of albizia lebbeck benth., an ethnomedicinal plant, in acute and chronic animal models of inflammation.albizia lebbeck benth. is used both in indian traditional system and folk medicine to treat several inflammatory pathologies such as asthma, arthritis and burns. the aim of the present study was to evaluate the scientific basis of anti-inflammatory activity of different organic solvent extracts of albizia lebbeck.200919643557
the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of the extract of albizia lebbeck in animal model.the extract of the bark of albizia lebbeck benth. obtained by cold extraction of mixture of equal proportions of petroleum ether, ethyl acetate and methanol was chosen for pharmacological screening. in rat paw edema model induced by carrageenan, the extract at the 400 mg/kg dose level showed 36.68% (p<0.001) inhibition of edema volume at the end of 4h. in the acetic acid-induced writhing test, the extract at the 200 and 400 mg/kg dose level showed 39.9% and 52.4 % inhibition of writhing, respect ...200919168425
a new species of bruchidius (coleoptera: chrysomelidae: bruchinae) from albizia in northern thailand and a review of bruchidius group 5.a new species, bruchidius paicus (insecta, coleoptera) reared from the seeds of a leguminous tree, albizia lebbeck (fabaceae: mimosoideae: ingeae), is described from northern thailand. inspection of genital and external morphological traits of b. paicus revealed that the new species belongs to bruchidius group 5 (sensu ). the definition of group 5 is reviewed based on both external and genital morphology. further comparison of the group to molecular clade i of bruchidius (sensu ) indicates the t ...200818459828
comparative evaluation of successive extracts of leaf and stem bark of albizzia lebbeck for mast cell stabilization activity.successive chloroform, methanol and water extracts of bark and leaves of albizzia lebbeck were tested for its in vitro mast cell stabilizing effect against compound 48/80. methanolic extract of leaf and methanolic and water extracts of bark have shown maximum activity comparable to that of disodium chromoglycate.200818342456
antioxidant activity of albizzia lebbeck (linn.) benth. in alloxan diabetic rats.there is an increasing demand for natural anti-diabetic drugs, as continuous oral administration of insulin can culminate in many side effects and toxicity. in our endeavour to formulate some cost-effective herbal medicines for diabetes, we undertook this study to evaluate the antioxidant potential of aqueous extract of albizzia lebbeck (all) in diabetic rats. the oxidative stress in alloxan-induced diabetic rats was determined by estimating the levels of thiobarbituric acid reactive substances ...200617193903
exo-oligosaccharides of rhizobium sp. strain ngr234 are required for symbiosis with various legumes.rhizobia are nitrogen-fixing bacteria that establish endosymbiotic associations with legumes. nodule formation depends on various bacterial carbohydrates, including lipopolysaccharides, k-antigens, and exopolysaccharides (eps). an acidic eps from rhizobium sp. strain ngr234 consists of glucosyl (glc), galactosyl (gal), glucuronosyl (glca), and 4,6-pyruvylated galactosyl (pvgal) residues with beta-1,3, beta-1,4, beta-1,6, alpha-1,3, and alpha-1,4 glycoside linkages. here we examined the role of n ...200616923883
antispermatogenic, antiandrogenic activities of albizia lebbeck (l.) benth bark extract in male albino rats.methanolic extract of albizia lebbeck bark when administered orally at the dose level of 100 mg/rat/day to male rats of proven fertility for 60 days did not cause any significant loss in their body weights but the weights of reproductive organs, i.e. testis, epididymides, seminal vesicle and ventral prostate were decreased in a significant manner when compared to controls. sperm motility as well as sperm density were reduced significantly which resulted in reduction of male fertility by 100%. ma ...200616492532
xanthan gum: an economical substitute for agar in plant tissue culture media.xanthan gum, a microbial desiccation-resistant polysaccharide prepared commercially by aerobic submerged fermentation from xanthomonas campestris, has been successfully used as a solidifying agent for plant tissue culture media. its suitability as a substitute to agar was demonstrated for in vitro seed germination, caulogenesis and rhizogenesis of albizzia lebbeck, androgenesis in anther cultures of datura innoxia, and somatic embryogenesis in callus cultures of calliandra tweedii. culture media ...200616331459
heavy metal concentrations in redeveloping soil of mine spoil under plantations of certain native woody species in dry tropical environment, concentration of heavy metals (cd, cr, cu, fe, pb, ni, mn and zn) was estimated in the redeveloping soil of mine spoil under 5-yr old plantations of four woody species namely: albizia lebbeck, albizia procera, tectona grandis and dendrocalamus strictus. the data recorded in the present study were compared with other unplanted coal mine spoil colliery, which was around to the study site and adjoining area of dry tropical forest. among all the heavy metals, the maximum concentration was foun ...200515900783
gene flow among established puerto rican populations of the exotic tree species, albizia lebbeck.we estimate gene flow and patterns of genetic diversity in albizia lebbeck, an invasive leguminous tree in the dry forest of southwestern puerto rico. genetic diversity estimates calculated for 10 populations of 24 trees each indicated that these populations may have been formed from multiple introductions. the presence of unique genotypes in the northernmost populations suggests that novel genotypes are still immigrating into the area. this combination of individuals from disparate locations le ...200515714221
effect of saponins of albizia lebbeck (l.) benth bark on the reproductive system of male albino rats.oral administration of saponins isolated from albizia lebbeck bark at the dose level of 50 mg/kg/b.w. per day for 60 days to male rats brought about a significant decrease in the weights of testes, epididymides, seminal vesicle and ventral prostate. the production of round spermatid was reduced by 73.04% in albizia lebbeck treated rats. the population of preleptotene spermatocytes and spermatogonia were reduced by 65.07% and 47.48% and secondary spermatocytes by 73.41%, respectively. cross secti ...200515588647
anti-inflammatory activities of aller-7, a novel polyherbal formulation for allergic rhinitis.allergic rhinitis is an immunological disorder and an inflammatory response of nasal mucosal membranes. allergic rhinitis, a state of hypersensitivity, occurs when the body overreacts to a substance such as pollens or dust. a novel, safe polyherbal formulation (aller-7/nr-a2) has been developed for the treatment of allergic rhinitis using a unique combination of extracts from seven medicinal plants including phyllanthus emblica, terminalia chebula, terminalia bellerica, albizia lebbeck, piper ni ...200415573692
nutritive value and qualitative assessment of secondary compounds in seeds of eight tropical browse, shrub and pulse legumes.seeds of four tropical multipurpose trees (albizia saman, albizia lebbeck, albizia rhizonse, leucaena leucocephala), two shrubs (tephrosia candida, tephrosia bracteolata) and two pulse legume (lablab purpureus, canavalia ensiformis) were chemically analysed for dry matter (dm), ash, crude protein (cp), neutral detergent fibre (ndf) and ether extract (ee). qualitative evaluation of secondary metabolites (saponins, phenols, steroids, and alkaloids) was elucidated. the dm, ash, cp, ndf and ee range ...200415560266
antioxidant properties of aller-7, a novel polyherbal formulation for allergic rhinitis.allergic rhinitis, a frequently occurring immunological disorder affecting men, women and children worldwide, is a state of hypersensitivity that occurs when the body overreacts to a substance such as pollen, mold, mites or dust. allergic rhinitis exerts inflammatory response and irritation of the nasal mucosal membranes leading to sneezing; stuffy/runny nose; nasal congestion; and itchy, watery and swollen eyes. a novel, safe polyherbal formulation (aller-7/nr-a2) has been developed for the tre ...200415366786
antifertility effects of methanolic pod extract of albizzia lebbeck (l.) benth in male evaluate the antifertility activity of the methanolic pod extract of albizzia lebbeck (l.) benth in male albino rats.200415154091
mast cell stabilization, lipoxygenase inhibition, hyaluronidase inhibition, antihistaminic and antispasmodic activities of aller-7, a novel botanical formulation for allergic rhinitis.allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, rose fever or summer catarrh, is a major challenge to health professionals. a large number of the world's population, including approximately 40 million americans, suffers from allergic rhinitis. a novel, botanical formulation (aller-7) has been developed for the treatment of allergic rhinitis using a combination of extracts from seven medicinal plants, including phyllanthus emblica, terminalia chebula, t. bellerica, albizia lebbeck, piper nigrum, zing ...200314708456
albiziahexoside: a potential source of bioactive saponin from the leaves of albizzia lebbeck.albiziahexoside (1), a new hexaglycosylated saponin, was isolated from leaves of albizzia lebbeck. saponin 1, which is an analog of cytotoxic albiziatrioside a (2), did not show cytotoxicity. however, 1 is a potential source of 2 and related bioactive saponins for medicinal use because leaves, which can be regenerated after collection, contain 1 in substantial quantity.200314526911
antidiarrhoeal activity of seed extract of albizzia lebbeck benth.the antidiarrhoeal activity of the seed extract of albizzia lebbeck (benth.) was investigated employing conventional rodent models of diarrhoea, i.e. castor oil-induced diarrhoea, upper gastrointestinal transit (u.g.t.) and fluid secretion. it was found that the aqueous methanol extract of albizzia lebbeck seeds (2.5-5 mg/kg i.p.) possessed antidiarrhoeal activity which strengthens the earlier use of the seeds in the treatment of diarrhoea and dysentery. the antidiarrhoeal dose of the extract wa ...200212237809
nootropic activity of albizzia lebbeck in mice.the effect of saponin containing n-butanolic fraction (bf) extracted from dried leaves of albizzia lebbeck on learning and memory was studied in albino mice using passive shock avoidance paradigm and the elevated plus maze. significant improvement was observed in the retention ability of the normal and amnesic mice as compared to their respective controls. we have also studied the effects of bf on the behavior influenced by serotonin (5-ht), noradrenaline and dopamine. the brain levels of seroto ...200212127229
first report of albizia lebbeck dieback caused by scytalidium dimidiatum in oman.over 200 albizia lebbeck trees at sultan qaboos university campus wilted and died. the symptoms were dieback of large branches due to infection by scytalidium dimidiatum. the fungus has also infected ficus benghalensis, f. carica, f. retusa, thespesia populnea, delonix regia and peltophorum petrocarpum. this is the first report of the fungus in oman and on a. lebbeck, t. populnea, d. regia and p. petrocarpum. the strain of this fungus has not been found to cause human disease in oman.200212041870
nootropic and anxiolytic activity of saponins of albizzia lebbeck leaves.the effect of saponin containing, n-butanolic fraction (bf), extracted from dried leaves of albizzia lebbeck, was studied on cognitive behavior and anxiety in albino mice. the elevated plus maze was used for assessment of both nootropic and anxiolytic activity. the nootropic activity was evaluated by recording the effect of bf (0, 10, 25, and 50 mg/kg) on the transfer latency, whereas anxiolytic activity was assessed by studying its effect on the duration of occupancy in the closed arm. results ...200111509202
effect of textile industrial effluent on tree plantation and soil chemistry.a field study was conducted at arid forest research institute to study the effect of textile industrial effluent on the growth of forest trees and associated soil properties. the effluent has high ph, electrical conductivity (ec), sodium adsorption ratio (sar) and residual sodium carbonate (rsc) whereas the bivalent cations were in traces. eight months old seedlings of acacia nilotica, acacia tortilis, albizia lebbeck, azadirachta indica, parkinsonia aculeata and prosopis juliflora were planted ...200111480353
anticonvulsive activity of albizzia lebbeck, hibiscus rosa sinesis and butea monosperma in experimental animals.the ethanolic extracts of leaves of albizzia lebbeck and flowers of hibiscus rosa sinesis and the petroleum ether extract of flowers of butea monosperma exhibited anticonvulsant activity. the bioassay guided fractionation indicated that the anticonvulsant activity lies in the methanolic fraction of chloroform soluble part of ethanolic extract of the leaves of a. lebbeck, acetone soluble part of ethanolic extract of h. rosa sinesis flowers and acetone soluble part of petroleum ether extract of b. ...200010904147
leaf flavonoids of albizia lebbeck.two new tri-o-glycoside flavonols: kaempferol and quercetin 3-o-alpha-rhamnopyranosyl(1-->6)-beta-glucopyranosyl(1-->6)-beta- galactopyranosides, were identified from the leaves of albizia lebbeck. structures were established by conventional methods of analysis and confirmed by esi-ms, 1h and 13c-nmr spectral analysis.19989664705
anticonvulsant activity of albizzia lebbeck leaves. 19968698413
saponins from albizia lebbeck.three main saponins named albiziasaponins a, b, and c were isolated from the barks of albizia lebbeck. their structures were established through spectral analyses as acacic acid lactone 3-o-beta-d-xylopyranosyl-(1-->2)-alpha-l-arabinopyranosyl-(1-->6)- beta-d-glucopyranoside, 3-o-beta-d-glucopyranosyl-(1-->2)-o-[alpha-l-arabinopyranosyl-(1-- >6)]- beta-d-glucopyranoside and 3-o-beta-d-xylopyranosyl-(1-->2)-alpha-l-arabinopyranosyl-(1-->6)- o- [beta-d-glucopyranosyl-(1-->2)]-beta-d-glucopyranosid ...19957766399
phylogenetic relationships and host range of rhizobium spp. that nodulate phaseolus vulgaris l.we determined the nucleotide sequences of 16s rrna gene segments from five rhizobium strains that have been isolated from tropical legume species. all share the capacity to nodulate phaseolus vulgaris l., the common bean. phylogenetic analysis confirmed that these strains are of two different chromosomal lineages. we defined the host ranges of two strains of rhizobium etli and three strains of r. tropici, comparing them with those of the two most divergently related new strains. twenty-two of th ...19957618891
[nutritional evaluation of the seeds of "ipil-ipil" (leucaena leucocephala), "casco de vaca" (bauhinia monandra) and scented carob (albizia lebbeck)].chemical composition, antinutritional factors and biological protein quality of raw and autoclaved (120 degrees c for 10 min) ipil-ipil (leucaena leucocephala), casco de vaca (bauhinia monandra) ard algarrobo de olor (albizia lebbeck) seeds were determined. the trypsin inhibitor activity was 29, 120, and 150 tiu/mg of sample respectively. autoclaving eliminated 59, 33 and 100% of the activity. bauhinia monandra seed depicted a high hemagglutinating activity which was eliminated by autoclaving. n ...19883154303
further studies on the mechanism of the anti-anaphylactic action of albizzia lebbeck, an indian indigenous drug. 1979544954
studies on the mechanism of action of albizzia lebbeck, an indian indigenous drug used in the treatment of atopic allergy.studies were conducted on the decoction of the bark of albizzia lebbeck which has been in use by ayurvedic physicians for bronchial asthma and eczema. the effect of a. lebbeck was studied on the degranulation rate of sensitized peritoneal mast cells of albino rats when challenged with antigen (horse serum). triple vaccine was used as adjuvant. disodium cromoglycate (dcg) and prednisolone were used for comparison. drugs were given during the first or second week of sensitization and the mast cell ...1979544953
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