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preliminary identification and coat protein gene phylogenetic relationships of begomoviruses associated with native flora and cultivated plants from the yucatan peninsula of mexico.a number of native and cultivated eudicots in the yucatan peninsula of mexico (ypm) exhibit symptoms associated with virus infection. symptomatic leaves were collected and assessed for begomoviral detection using polymerase chain reaction (pcr), and universal primers that amplify a fragment of the coat protein gene (core cp). begomovirus were detected in nine native and seven cultivated species, representing seven eudicot families. dna extracts from the 16 hosts were used for pcr amplification a ...200717682933
molecular characterization and phylogenetic relationships of desmodium leaf distortion virus (deldv): a new begomovirus infecting desmodium glabrum in yucatan, mexico.the complete dna-a component sequence of desmodium leaf distortion virus (deldv, begomovirus) isolated in yucatan was determined to be 2569 nucleotides (nt) in length, and it was most closely related to cotton leaf crumple virus-california (clcrv-[cal]), at 76%. the complete dna-b component sequence was 2514 nt in length, and shared its highest nucleotide identity (60%) with potato yellow mosaic trinidad virus (pymtv). phylogenetic analyses group the deldv dna-a component in the slcv clade, wher ...200919757008
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