Rapid evolution of the mitochondrial genome in Chalcidoid wasps (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) driven by parasitic lifestyles.Among the Chalcidoids, hymenopteran parasitic wasps that have diversified lifestyles, a partial mitochondrial genome has been reported only from Nasonia. This genome had many unusual features, especially a dramatic reorganization and a high rate of evolution. Comparisons based on more mitochondrial genomic data from the same superfamily were required to reveal weather these unusual features are peculiar to Nasonia or not. In the present study, we sequenced the nearly complete mitochondrial genom ...201122073180
expression and evolutionary divergence of the non-conventional olfactory receptor in four species of fig wasp associated with one species of fig.the interactions of fig wasps and their host figs provide a model for investigating co-evolution. fig wasps have specialized morphological characters and lifestyles thought to be adaptations to living in the fig's syconium. although these aspects of natural history are well documented, the genetic mechanism(s) underlying these changes remain(s) unknown. fig wasp olfaction is the key to host-specificity. the or83b gene class, an unusual member of olfactory receptor family, plays a critical role i ...200919232102
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