study on the life cycle of a sexually transmitted nematode parasite of a terrestrial snail.a technique for the artificial infection of the snail helix aspersa by its parasite the nematode nemhelix bakeri is described. the snail is relaxed by injection of an anesthetic, and 1 gravid female worm is introduced into the genitalia through the genital pore. half of the injected snails were successfully infected. following the course of infection over time indicated a 1:1 sex ratio, that the maximum number of progeny produced by injected female worms was 7, and that the development time of f ...19947799151
parasitic infections in mixed system-based heliciculture farms: dynamics and key epidemiological factors.heliciculture is an excellent alternative to obtain edible snails but its viability is seriously threatened by pathogens. a parasitological survey was conducted in 3 mixed system-based heliciculture farms in galicia (nw spain), with the species tetrahymena rostrata, tetrahymena limacis, tetratrichomonas limacis, cryptobia helicogenae, brachylaima aspersae (metacercariae and sporocysts), alloionema appendiculatum, nemhelix bakeri, and riccardoella limacum being commonly found infecting helix aspe ...201323279777
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