two new species of neoentobdella (monogenea: capsalidae: entobdellinae) from the skin of australian stingrays (dasyatidae).two new species of entobdelline (capsalid) monogeneans are described from the skin of australian dasyatid stingrays, namely neoentobdella cribbi sp. n., a small parasite from the estuarine stingray, dasyatis fluviorum ogilby (elasmobranchii: dasyatidae) and neoentobdella baggioi sp. n., a relatively large parasite from the porcupine ray, urogymnus asperrimus (bloch et schneider) (elasmobranchii: dasyatidae). a striking feature of both of these new parasite species is a pad, possibly located with ...200919391329
organization of the spinal cord in four species of elasmobranch fish: cytoarchitecture and distribution of serotonin and selected analysis of nissl stained sections of the spinal cord taken from four species of elasmobranch showed that seven distinct cytoarchitectonic laminae are present. these laminae are compared with laminae described previously in the spinal cord of other vertebrates. the distribution of immunoreactivity to serotonin, substance p, somatostatin, calcitonin gene-related peptide, neuropeptide y, and bombesin was determined in the brown stringray (dasyatis fluviorum), the eagle ray (aetobatis narinari), ...19902370320
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