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description and molecular characterisation of a new nematode species parasitic in the lungs of strongylopus grayii (smith) (anura: pyxicephalidae) in south africa.rhabdias delangei n. sp. (nematoda: rhabdiasidae) is described from the lungs of the clicking stream frog strongylopus grayii (smith) in the western cape province of south africa. the new species is characterised by the nerve-ring being located just posterior to the mid-length of the oesophagus, a pre-equatorial vulva, as well as a thin-walled and apparently underdeveloped rectum. pairwise analyses based on its-28s and partial cox1 gene fragments showed significant differences between r. delange ...202032562125
new records of amphibiophilus spp. (nematoda: amphibiophilidae) parasitic in strongylopus grayii (smith) and amietia delalandii (duméril & bibron) (amphibia: anura: pyxicephalidae) in south africa, with a description of amphibiophilus bialatus n. sp.nematodes of the genus amphibiophilus skrjabin, 1916 are a small group of parasites restricted to pyxicephalid frogs in southern africa. in the present study, the new species a. bialatus parasitising the clicking stream frog strongylopus grayii (smith) as well as two forms parasitising the common river frog amietia delalandii (duméril & bibron) from two distant localities are described. amphibiophilus bialatus n. sp. clearly differs from the remaining species of the genus by having wide cervical ...202033145657
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