female morphology and systematic status of philometroides cyprini (nematoda: philometridae), a parasite of carp.gravid females of philometroides were found under the scales of stock carp cyprinus carpio l. imported from lithuania to the czech republic in the spring of 1997 and kept in a quarantine pond. these specimens and those obtained from pond-cultured carp in russia (moscow district) were used for detailed morphological studies, including scanning electron microscopy. the results confirm that the valid name of this parasite is philometroides cyprini (ishii, 1931), whereas philometra lusii vismanis, 1 ...200516385815
morphology of philometroides barbi (nematoda: philometridae), a rare tissue parasite of the mediterranean barbel barbus meridionalis (osteichthyes).a female specimen of the nematode philometroides barbi moravec, simková, hanzelová, spakulová et cakić, 2005, a little-known histozoic parasite of the mediterranean barbus meridionalis, was recorded from the fin of its fish host in bulgaria. scanning electron microscopical examination, used for the first time in this species, made it possible to determine the character of cephalic papillae (14 papillae arranged in 2 circles) and amphids and confirmed the presence of 4 large caudal lobes. these f ...200616724572
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