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[eruption and shedding of the teeth in the beaver, castor fiber albicus (author's transl)].46 skulls of castor fiber albicus aged from 0 to 2 years were studied morphologically and radiographically with regard to eruption and shedding of the teeth. according to the characteristics of the dentition the age of immature beavers until to 1 1/2 years can be determined with an error of about 4 weeks. later the development of the roots and the apposition of cementum are to consider additionally.1977610485
high and novel genetic diversity of francisella tularensis in germany and indication of environmental germany tularemia is a re-emerging zoonotic disease. therefore, we investigated wild animals and environmental water samples for the presence and phylogenetic diversity of francisella tularensis in the poorly studied berlin/brandenburg region. the phylogenomic analysis of three isolates from wild animals revealed three new subclades within the phylogenetic tree of f. tularensis [b.71 from a raccoon dog (nyctereutes procyonoides); b.74 from a red fox (vulpes vulpes), and b.75 from a eurasian b ...201627356883
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