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spermatocyte apoptosis, which involves both intrinsic and extrinsic pathways, explains the sterility of graomys griseoflavus x graomys centralis male hybrids.spermatogenic impairment and the apoptotic pathways involved in establishing sterility of male hybrids obtained from crossing graomys griseoflavus females with graomys centralis males were studied. testes from g. centralis, g. griseoflavus and hybrids were compared at different ages. terminal transferase-mediated dutp nick-end labelling assay (tunel), fas, bax and cytochrome c labelling were used for apoptosis evaluation, and calbindin d(28k) staining as an anti-apoptotic molecule. in 1-month-ol ...201020047733
ornithodoros quilinensis sp. nov. (acari, argasidae), a new tick species from the chacoan region in argentina.ornithodoros quilinensis sp. nov. (acari: argasidae) is described from larvae collected on the small rodents graomys centralis (cricetidae: sigmodontinae) in argentina. the diagnostic characters for this new species are a combination of small size (520-540 μm), a dorsal plate oval in shape with a length of approximately 200 μm, 14 pairs of dorsal setae, hypostome short and narrower at the base (length from ph(1) to apex 133 μm (120-141)) with dental formula 2/2 and apex blunt, and the capsule of ...201222875683
association of cellular and molecular alterations in leydig cells with apoptotic changes in germ cells from testes of graomys griseoflavus×graomys centralis male hybrids.spermatogenesis is disrupted in graomys griseoflavus×graomys centralis male hybrids. this study was aimed to determine whether morphological alterations in leydig cells from hybrids accompany the arrest of spermatogenesis and cell death of germ cells and whether apoptotic pathways are also involved in the response of these interstitial cells. we used three groups of 1-, 2- and 3-month-old male animals: (1) g. centralis, (2) g. griseoflavus and (3) hybrids obtained by crossing g. griseoflavus fem ...201424894511
two new species of ornithodoros (ixodida; argasidae) from the southern cone of south america.two new species of the genus ornithodoros were described from larvae collected in argentina and chile. ornithodoros xerophylus n. sp. was described from specimens collected on the small rodent graomys centralis in argentina. the diagnostic characters for this species are a combination of dorsal plate slightly oval with a length of approximately 250 µm, 16 pairs of dorsal setae, hypostome with apex rounded and dental formula 2/2 in most rows, 3/3 apically, and capsule of the haller's organ oval i ...201525702203
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