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[helminths of birds and mammals from israel. vi. the taxonomy and ecology of trichostrongylid nematodes (author's transl)].thirteen species of trichostronglyloid nematodes have so far been recorded from wild birds and mammals in israel and surrounding territories. three species were found in birds: amidostomum fulicae (rudolphi, 1819) in fulica atra l., 1758, a. acutum (lundahl, 1848) in anas crecca l., 1758 and amidostomum sp. in ceryle rudis l., 1758. ten species, 3 of which are new, were found in small mammals: trichostrongylus colubriformis (giles, 1892) in hystrix indica kerr, 1792; tenorastrongylus josephi n. ...1975776059
mercury levels in selected tissues of three kingfisher species; ceryle rudis, alcedo atthis, and halcyon smyrnensi, from shadegan marshes of iran.this study presents concentrations of mercury in tissues (feather, kidney, liver, and muscle) of three kingfisher species from shadegan marshes located in the khuzestan province in the lowlands of southwestern iran at the head of the persian gulf. the order of mercury concentrations in tissues of all the kingfishers such as pied kingfisher (ceryle rudis), common kingfisher (alcedo atthis) and white-breasted kingfisher (halcyon smyrnensis) was as follows: feather > kidney > liver > muscle. no sig ...200919031116
two mitochondrial genomes in alcedinidae (ceryle rudis/halcyon pileata) and the phylogenetic placement of coraciiformes.coraciiformes comprises 209 species belonging to ten families with significant divergence on external morphologies and life styles. the phylogenetic placement of coraciiformes was still in debate. here, we determined the complete mitochondrial genomes (mitogenomes) of crested kingfisher (ceryle rudis) and black-capped kingfisher (halcyon pileata). the mitogenomes were 17,355 bp (c. rudis) and 17,612 bp (h. pileata) in length, and both of them contained 37 genes (two rrna genes, 22 trna genes and ...201728791584
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