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complete genome sequence analysis of an iridovirus isolated from the orange-spotted grouper, epinephelus grouper iridovirus (osgiv) was the causative agent of serious systemic diseases with high mortality in the cultured orange-spotted grouper, epinephelus coioides. here we report the complete genome sequence of osgiv. the osgiv genome consists of 112,636 bp with a g+c content of 54%. 121 putative open reading frames (orf) were identified with coding capacities for polypeptides varying from 40 to 1168 amino acids. the majority of osgiv shared homologies to other iridovirus genes. phy ...200515964605
comparative genomic analysis of the family iridoviridae: re-annotating and defining the core set of iridovirus genes.members of the family iridoviridae can cause severe diseases resulting in significant economic and environmental losses. very little is known about how iridoviruses cause disease in their host. in the present study, we describe the re-analysis of the iridoviridae family of complex dna viruses using a variety of comparative genomic tools to yield a greater consensus among the annotated sequences of its members.200717239238
molecular epidemiology and phylogenetic analysis of a marine fish infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus-like (isknv-like) virus.infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus-like (isknv-like) virus causes a serious systemic disease with high morbidity and mortality of freshwater and marine fishes. based on the isknv putative major capsid protein (mcp), the vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf), the mrna capping enzyme (capping), and the tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated protein (tnfr) genes, primers were designed and used in pcr to determine the host range of isknv-like viruses. from the sampling of >1600 marin ...200717131065
complete genome sequence of a megalocytivirus (family iridoviridae) associated with turbot mortality in china.turbot reddish body iridovirus (trbiv) causes serious systemic diseases with high mortality in the cultured turbot, scophthalmus maximus. we here sequenced and analyzed the complete genome of trbiv, which was identified in shandong province, china.201020630106
identification of the vp92r gene from infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus.megalocytiviruses, which belong to the family iridoviridae, are among the most harmful viruses to cultured fishes. infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus (isknv) is the type species of the megalocytivirus genus. the genome of isknv was sequenced and annotated by he et al. (virology 291:126-139, 2001) in 2001 and re-annotated by eaton et al. (virol. j. 4:11, 2007) in 2007. the orf092r of isknv was identified in the annotations of he et al. but was not reported by eaton et al. in this study, ...201020577793
a new marine megalocytivirus from spotted knifejaw, oplegnathus punctatus, and its pathogenicity to freshwater mandarinfish, siniperca chuatsi.megalocytivirus is a newly defined piscine iridovirus and has been shown to be an important causative agent of viral diseases in fish. here, a new megalocytivirus strain, designated skiv-zj07, was isolated from spotted knifejaw (oplegnathus punctatus) using a mandarinfish fry cell line (mff-1). phylogenetic analysis of the major capsid protein and atpase genes showed that skiv-zj07 was most similar to the orange-spotted grouper iridovirus (osgiv) from china and a u1 strain red sea bream iridovir ...201019895861
complete genome sequence and transcription profiles of the rock bream iridovirus rbiv-c1.the family iridoviridae consists of 5 genera of double-stranded dna viruses, including the genus megalocytivirus, which contains species that are important fish pathogens. in a previous study, we isolated the first rock bream iridovirus from china (rbiv-c1) and identified it as a member of the genus megalocytivirus. in this report, we determined the complete genomic sequence of rbiv-c1 and examined its in vivo expression profiles. the genome of rbiv-c1 is 112333 bp in length, with a gc content o ...201323759558
complete genome sequence of a giant sea perch iridovirus in kaohsiung, taiwan.we report here the complete genome sequence of a megalocytivirus strain, gsiv-k1, isolated from a farmed giant sea perch (lates calcarifer) in kaohsiung, taiwan. gsiv-k1 causes mortality in farmed marine fish, including giant sea perch and groupers. the genome sequence is nearly identical to the genome of the orange-spotted grouper iridovirus.201627125488
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