efficacy of levamisole against the swine kidneyworm, stephanurus dentatus. 1977145817
effect of ultraviolet radiation on the infective stages of ascaris suum and stephanurus dentatus with a comparison of the relative susceptibilities of some parasitic nematodes to ultraviolet. 1978147934
swine kidney worm disease in cuba (stephanurus dentatus diesing, 1839).the results of a two-year study on swine stephanuriasis in cuba indicate the high economic importance of this parasitosis in view of its pattern of local distribution and pathological changes occurring during the endogeneous phase of its life cycle. under the present conditions of pig breeding in cuba, it appears to be most economic to base control measures on a strict observance of general zoohygienic rules and on several specific measures suggested in the paper. the administration of expensive ...1977149536
pig production in the solomon islands. iii. the influence of breed, diet and housing on reproduction and the solomon islands pigs grow slowly and sows have small litters. an experiment using 124 pigs in 16 litters from eight sows compared the effect of village breed, village diet and village husbandry which encouraged infection of pigs with stephanurus dentatus, with the effect of european breed, commercial rations and a system of management which ensured freedom from s. dentatus infection on the productivity of pigs. it was shown that the village diet was markedly inferior to the commercial rat ...1977595139
proteinase inhibitors from the excretory gland cells of stephanurus dentatus. purification and properties of three secretory proteinase inhibitors.three proteinase inhibitors designated as i, ii, and iii were isolated from the excretory gland cells of the swine kidney worm, stephanurus dentatus. the inhibitors, which were trichloroacetic acid-soluble, were purified by affinity chromatography and ion exchange chromatography. the homogeneity of each inhibitor was shown by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and electrofocusing. the molecular weights of the inhibitors estimated by sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis fell within a limite ...1978627562
pig production in the solomon islands. ii. diseases and parasites.a study of diseases and parasites of pigs in the solomon islands during 1967 to 1969 indicated that infectious diseases were of little consequence. four arthropod parrasite species were found: one tick, one louse and two tabanids. the tick (amblyomma cyprium cyprium) was extremely rare. fifteen species of helminth parasites were recorded and of these stephanurus dentatus was the most prevalent. all species were identified except a filariid, of which only the microfilariae were seen.1977910298
an abattoir survey of the prevalence of gastro-intestinal helminths and stephanurus dentatus in pigs in an abattoir survey in belize 137 pigs were examined for gastro-intestinal helminths and stephanurus dentatus. hyostrongylus rubidus, physocephalus sexalatus, globocephalus species and trichostrongylus colubriformis were recorded for the first time. ascarops strongylina, ascaris suum, macracanthorynchus hirudinaceus, strongyloides ransomi, trichuris suis, oesophagostomum species and s. dentatus were also found. oesophagostomum species (45%) and s. dentatus (42%) were the most prevalent. the pr ...19892529683
visceral helminth communities of an insular population of feral swine.nine species of helminths, all nematodes, were recovered from the viscera of 48 feral swine (sus scrofa) from cumberland island, georgia. both the overdispersed frequency distributions and the abundances of the four common species of helminths (stephanurus dentatus, metastrongylus apri, m. pudendotectus and gongylonema pulchrum) did not vary significantly across the main and interactive effects of host sex and/or seasons. whether or not the present low population densities of feral swine on cumb ...19883352080
a novel class of acetylcholinesterase, revealed by mutations, in the nematode caenorhabditis ace-2;ace-1 double mutants of the nematode c. elegans, where the major acetylcholinesterase (ache) classes a and b have been eliminated by mutation, the animals are viable and residual ache activity remains. this residual activity differs markedly from ache classes a and b; its km for acetylcholine is 1000-5000-fold lower, its resistance to eserine is 3000-260,000-fold higher, it is markedly more thermolabile, and it can be separated from classes a and b by ion exchange chromatography. it has ...19854020535
bacteriologic and histologic examination of stephanurus dentatus parasitizing swine ureters. 19734582970
the secretory nature of the excretory gland cells of stephanurus dentatus. ii. presence of hydrolytic enzymes. 19734722483
[stephanurus dentatus diesing, 1839 in a wart-hog, phacochoerus aethiopicus pallas, in eastern central african republic]. 19715172369
survival of juvenile and adult stephanurus dentatus in vitro. 19695391307
stephanurus dentatus in an ox in the northern territory. 19705465994
the influence of nctc 109, serum, and swine kidney cell cultures on the morphogenesis of stephanurus dentatus to fourth stage, in vitro. 19665927218
prenatal infection with the swine kidney worm (stephanurus dentatus) and associated lesions. 19666008248
separation of swine kidney worm (stephanurus dentatus) antigens by zone and by barrier electrophoresis. 19676066755
fenbendazole as a therapy for naturally acquired stephanurus dentatus and gastrointestinal nematodes in feral feral swine, naturally infected with kidney worms (stephanurus dentatus) and gastrointestinal nematodes, were divided into two groups of 10 pigs each. one group was treated with fenbendazole (panacur, hoechst ag, frankfurt am. main) mixed in feed at the rate of 3 mg kg-1 body weight for 3 days. the second group received feed only and was designated as non-treated controls. the animals in both groups were necropsied 3 weeks post-treatment and examined for the presence of live and dead adult ...19816211818
anthelmintic treatment of prepatent stephanuriasis with flubendazole, levamisole and disophenol and the effects on liver-specific serum enzymes.haematological parameters and liver specific serum enzymes were examined in pigs during the first 12 weeks of liver migration of larvae following experimental infection with 1000 infective stephanurus dentatus larvae. no significant changes in total red blood cell counts, packed cell volume, or haemoglobin content were observed. total white blood cell counts and circulating eosinophils rose rapidly from days 5 and 19 after infection, respectively. treatment with a mixture of levamisole (lev) at ...19816454945
efficacy of fenbendazole against the swine kidney worm stephanurus dentatus.fenbendazole in ground feed was fed on 3 successive days at the rate of 3 mg/kg of body weight to 15 sows naturally infected with kidney worm (stephanurus dentatus). fifteen similar sows were used as nontreated controls. a total of 49 kidney worms were recovered from daily urine samples collected from 10 of the 15 treated sows within 5 days after the 3rd dose of treatment. one control sow passed 10 kidney worms on the 2nd and 3rd days. urine samples from treated sows became negative for kidney w ...19816459746
ribonucleotide levels in six nematodes, a cestode and a trematode.the levels of ribonucleotides in the nematodes haemonchus contortus, ostertagia circumcincta, trichostrongylus colubriformis, nippostrongylus brasiliensis, ascaris suum and stephanurus dentatus, the cestode moniezia expansa and the trematode fasciola hepatica were measured by high pressure liquid chromatography. the adenylate charge, atp and total adenine nucleotide levels were in general agreement with those determined enzymatically and with published data. udp and guanine nucleotide levels wer ...19836877282
flubendazole: dose range and efficacy studies against common internal parasites of swine.the anthelmintic spectrum of activity and efficacy of flubendazole, using pigs naturally infected with helminth parasites, were determined in 4 experiments, using 157 pigs. flubendazole (1.5 mg/kg of body weight) mixed in feed or top-dressed on feed for 5 consecutive days was highly effective as an anthelmintic. this dosage level indicated 100% efficacy against mature ascaris suum, oesophagostomum dentatum, trichuris suis, and metastrongylus apri. there was 88% efficacy against strongyloides ran ...19836881670
evaluation of three immunodiagnostic procedures for porcine indirect fluorescent antibody test (ifat), an indirect radioimmune antibody test (irat), and an enzyme-linked immunosorbent antibody assay (elisa) were compared for their efficacies in detecting antibody to strongyloides ransomi in pigs. the greatest sensitivity was exhibited by the elisa, using a soluble, whole larval extract. the 2 indirect antibody assays, ifat and irat, using intact 3rd-stage larvae (l3) were comparable in sensitivities. the use of live l3 in the ifat and irat presented t ...19827041716
sus scrofa domestica endoparasitic resistance in the amazonas.the domestic pig (sus scrofa domestica l.) has been wild breeding in the varzea amazonian estuary area. without dietary supplement or medical prevention, the pigs survive, bringing economic benefits to local peasants. endoparasitic diseases generate economic losses because of neonatal death and clinical disease. we assessed the nematoda (o. nematoda) and coccidia (o. eucoccidia) parasitic level and tolerance in 75 pigs (0-18 months) from 35 families using the following methods: (i) larvae cultur ...19968784532
observations on the lethal action of polyborate on swine kidney worm (stephanurus dentatus) larvae in soil. 195313092393
the chromosomes of stephanurus dentatus (nematoda: strongyloidea). 195713476314
observations on the life cycle and pathogenicity of the swine kidney worm (stephanurus dentatus). 196013797551
precipitins in sera of swine infected with stephanurus dentatus. 196314050240
eradication of the swine kidney worm, stephanurus dentatus, from experimental pastures by herd management. 196414266860
visceral helminths of wild boars (sus scrofa leucomystax) in japan, with special reference to a new species of the genus morgascaridia inglis, 1958 (nematoda: schneidernematidae).twenty-nine japanese wild boars (sus scrofa leucomystax), collected during the hunting seasons of 2005 and 2006 in the western part of the mainland of japan (honshu), were examined for their visceral helminths. eighteen helminth parasites were prevalent in them, including 17 nematoda species (metastrongylus elongatus, metastrongylus salmi, metastrongylus asymmetricus, metastrongylus pudendotechus, stephanurus dentatus, gnathostoma doloresi, physocephalus sexulata, ascarops strongylina, capillari ...200818328113
losses to internal parasites in swine production.experimental infections of pigs with strongyloides ransomi, stephanurus dentatus, ascaris suum, oesophagostomum spp. or trichuris suis at increasing levels generally decrease daily gain and increase feed to gain ratio linearly. at lower, subclinical levels of infection, the feed to gain ratio typically is increased 3% to 6% by an infection. based on low-level experimental infections with a. suum, the economic loss to producers in the u.s. from increased feed to gain ratio is estimated at $155 mi ...19882969380
effect of pyrantel tartrate and carbadox on acquisition of the swine kidneyworm (stephanurus dentatus) and other parasites by pigs on contaminated lots.a combination of pyrantel tartrate (106 mg/kg of body weight) and carbadox (55 mg/kg of body weight) in ground feed was fed to 20 weaned pigs (av wt, 14.4 kg) for 42 days. another group of 20 pigs included nontreated controls. the pigs were farrowed and suckled in a slat-floored farrowing house and had minimal exposure to the small intestinal threadworm (stronglyoides ransomi) until they were placed on severely contaminated dirt lots at the start of the experiment. five pigs from each of the two ...1979160763
immunization for kidney worm disease (stephanuriasis) of swine i. somatic antigens.nine somatic antigens derived from the excretory gland cells of adult stephanurus dentatus were evaluated as vaccines for stephanuriasis of swine. antigens were mixed v/v with freund's complete adjuvant and administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously. efficacy was evaluated by counting and comparing lesions and worms in the lymph nodes, livers, and kidney regions of principals and controls necropsied after oral challenge with infective s. dentatus larvae or after exposure to pastures natural ...1976131186
biochemical and histochemical studies on non-specific phosphomonoesterases of swine kidney worm stephanurus dentatus (diesing, 1839).biochemical and histochemical studies have been made on non-specific acid and alkaline phosphomonoesterases of s. dentatus. the two forms of acid phosphomonoesterases have been found active at ph 4.0 and 6.0. the ph optima for the two forms of aklaline phosphomonoesterases lie at 8.0 and 10.0. studies on the distribution of acid and alkaline phosphomonoesterases in various tissues have revealed an abundance of acid phosphomonoesterase in various parts of the alimentary canal and various organs o ...19765830
experimental infection of collared peccary ( dicotyles tajacu angulatus ) with swine kidney worm ( stephanurus dentatus ).two captive-born juvenile collared peccaries ( dicotyles tajacu angulatus ) were given 3000 infective larvae of stephanurus dentatus per os. one peccary harbored viable s. dentatus sub-adults in the liver 50 days post-infection. the other peccary had no larvae but did have diffuse fibrotic hepatic lesions and bile duct hyperplasia 213 days post-infection; however, the lesions may have been partially due to a concurrent ascaris suum infection. a domestic pig ( sus scrofa domesticus ) infected as ...197724228971
studies on the prevalence of the swine kidney worm stephanurus dentatus in rohilkhand division of uttar pradesh (india). 19957645196
clinical pathology of experimental stephanuriasis in pigs.haematology and serum aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase activities were studied during the migration phase of stephanurus dentatus in the livers of experimentally infected pigs. there was no evidence of anaemia but total leucocyte counts were raised and peripheral eosinophilia began 2 to 3 weeks after infection. peak eosinophilia occurred 6 to 7 weeks after infection and levels were still elevated at 20 weeks. lymphocyte and neutrophil numbers remained constant. reinfection ...19836226277
purification and properties of a ribonuclease from the excretory gland cells of stephanurus dentatus.ribonuclease (rnase) was isolated and purified from the excretory gland cells of stephanurus dentatus by (nh4)2so4 fractionation, column chromatography on phosphocellulose and affinity chromatography using 5' -utp-agarose. the purified enzyme hydrolyzed yeast rna, cyclic nucleotides, and polynucleotides. hydrolysis products of rna and synthetic substrates were analyzed by column chromatography and/or thin-layer chromatography and the results indicated that s. dentatus rnase should be classified ...19826210845
a comparative study of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa), double immunodiffusion and immunoelectrophoresis in experimental prepatent stephanurus dentatus infections of pigs. 19836219965
studies on glutamic-oxalacetic (got) and glutamic-pyruvic (gpt) transaminases of swine kidney worm stephanurus dentatus (diesing, 1839). i. assay and general properties.biochemical studies on the two transaminases got and gpt of swine kidney worm stephanurus dentatus have been made. got has been found much more active than gpt. enzyme activities are based on the formation of oxaloacetate (got) or pyruvate (gpt) from aspartic acid and alanine respectively with oxoglutarate. a linear relationship is observed between the enzyme concentration and activity. got shows a maximum activity at ph 8.0 and michaelis constant 9 x 10(-3) m for male and 2.9 x 10(-3) m for fem ...197724309
efficacy of ivermectin against the swine kidney worm, stephanurus dentatus.ivermectin in solution was given subcutaneously (in the neck) at the rate of 0.5 mg/kg of body weight to 5 sows naturally infected with kidney worm (stephanurus dentatus). six similar sows were used as nontreated controls. a total of 114 kidney worms were recovered from daily urine samples of 4 of the 5 treated sows (the 5th sow's samples were negative) during the first 4 days after treatment. ten kidney worms were recovered from daily urine samples of 1 control sow on the 2nd and 3rd days of th ...19816457543
survey for selected pathogens in wild pigs (sus scrofa) from guam, marianna islands, usa.pigs (sus scrofa) were introduced to guam in the 1600's and are now present in high densities throughout the island. wild pigs are reservoirs for pathogens of concern to domestic animals and humans. exposure to porcine parvovirus, transmissible gastroenteritis, and leptospira interrogans has been documented in domestic swine but data from wild pigs are lacking. the close proximity of humans, domestic animals, and wild pigs, combined with the liberal hunting of wild pigs, results in frequent oppo ...201728622856
production specific antigens from trichinella spiralis using a continuous elution method and isoelectric focusing.immunodominant antigens of 45-53 kda (one band per fraction) were obtained from excretory/secretory (e/s) and somatic products of infective-larvae of trichinella spiralis using a continuous-elution method. they were further resolved by isoelectric focusing into different isoforms (45 kda: pi4.47, 5.09, 5.47 and 5.86; 47 kda: pi4.72 and 4.97; 53 kda: pi4.86, 5.11, 5.44 and 5.78). in immunoblotting, the isoforms of pi 5.09, 5.86, 4.97, 5.44 and 5.78 did not cross-react with antisera against trichu ...19979656358
doramectin efficacy against the kidney worm, stephanurus dentatus in sows.sixteen sows passing stephanurus dentatus eggs in their urine were bought on the local market and placed in individual pens with solid concrete floors in an open-sided bam. water was supplied by nipple waterers and sows were fed individually 1.8 kg feed daily. first, urine samples were taken at dawn on days -8 and -7 and weights were taken on day 0. sows were assigned to one of two groups on the basis of average urine egg counts and weights. group t1 sows were each injected im in the neck with s ...19968988560
activity of doramectin against nematode and arthropod parasites of swine.the efficacy of doramectin, a novel avermectin, was assessed against both naturally-acquired and experimentally-induced infections of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, kidneyworms, lice and mites in studies conducted across north america and europe. twenty-two studies evaluated efficacy against fourth larval and adult stages of the following nematode species: hyostrongylus rubidus, ascaris suum, strongyloides ransomi, oesophagostomum dentatum, oesophagostomum quadrispinulatum, trichuris su ...19968988559
efficacy of injectable ivermectin against natural infections of stephanurus dentatus in swine.ivermectin (300 micrograms/kg of body weight) was given to swine subcutaneously in the neck to test its efficacy against the kidney worm, stephanurus dentatus. two separate field trials were conducted using 146 swine (40 males and 106 females). urine was obtained before and after treatment and was examined for presence of s dentatus eggs. stephanurus dentatus eggs were quantitated in positive samples. all treated swine positive for s dentatus eggs in the pretreatment urine samples (n = 54) were ...19862943200
nematode parasite infections of domestic pigs in a sub-tropical and high-rainfall area of india.fourteen hundred and ninety-six domestic pigs, sus scrofa domestica l., from a sub-tropical and high-rainfall area of india were examined over a period of 18 months to ascertain their nematode parasite spectrum. the eleven species recovered, arranged in descending order of prevalence, are as follows: ascaris suum, oesophagostomum dentatum, bourgelatia diducta, stephanurus dentatus, globocephalus connorfilii, physocephalus sexalutus, ascarops dentata, a. strongylina, pseudocruzia orientalis, seta ...19892787072
the rôle of the earthworm, eisenia foetida, in the transmission of stephanurus dentatus. 195514368429
analysis of serum and whole blood values in relation to helminth and ectoparasite infections of feral pigs in the summers of 1996 and 1997, 60 wild pigs (sus scrofa) were necropsied from three sites in south texas (usa) to test the hypothesis that serum and whole blood parameters vary significantly (p < or = 0.05) with the prevalence and intensity of parasites infecting wild pigs. we found ten parasite species: five nematodes (metastrongylus salmi, metastrongylus pudentotectus, stephanurus dentatus, oesophagostomum dentatum, and physocephalus sexalatus); four ixodid ticks (amblyomma cajennense, ambly ...200212038138
cholinesterase in the parasitic nematode, stephanurus dentatus. characterization and sex dependence of a secretory antigenic secretory protein with cholinesterase activity was isolated from the excretory gland cells of stephanurus dentatus and was purified by gel filtration and ion exchange chromatography. the antigenicity of the cholinesterase was demonstrated by an esterase-active immunoprecipitate formed with s. dentatus antiserum and by the ability of the antiserum to protect the enzyme from heat inactivation. the enzyme was found to be secreted by the adult nematodes during in vitro cultivation. the ...19816790550
influence of an experimental infection of swine kidneyworm (stephanurus dentatus) on performance of pigs.forty pigs (average 25.2 kg live weight) were individually housed and fed to study the effect of a single infection of stephanurus dentatus (either 0, 72, 457 or 842 s. dentatus larvae/kg body weight) on performance of growing-finishing pigs. final weight and average daily gain were depressed (p less than .05) by increasing levels of kidneyworm infections. average daily gain of pigs not infected was 69% greater (p less than .05) than that of pigs given 842 s. dentatus larvae/kg body weight. feed ...19836221009
studies on the effect of fenbendazole and mebendazole on some enzymes of swine kidney worm stephanurus dentatus.the effect of fenbendazole and mebendazole on the activity of some enzymes of the homogenates of swine kidney worm stephanurus dentatus was investigated. fenbendazole at 10(-5) m inhibited malate oxidation by 49% and 51% and oxaloacetate reduction by 33% and 40% whereas, mebendazole at 10(-5) m diminished malate oxidation by 25% and 35% and oxaloacetate reduction by 12% and 14% in male and female s. dentatus, respectively. lactate dehydrogenase activity was inhibited by 45% and 50% in male and f ...19968856948
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