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identification of thermostable beta-xylosidase activities produced by aspergillus brasiliensis and aspergillus niger.twenty aspergillus strains were evaluated for production of extracellular cellulolytic and xylanolytic activities. aspergillus brasiliensis, a. niger and a. japonicus produced the highest xylanase activities with the a. brasiliensis and a. niger strains producing thermostable beta-xylosidases. the beta-xylosidase activities of the a. brasiliensis and a. niger strains had similar temperature and ph optima at 75 degrees c and ph 5 and retained 62% and 99%, respectively, of these activities over 1 ...200717415665
aspergillus brasiliensis sp. nov., a biseriate black aspergillus species with world-wide distribution.a novel species, aspergillus brasiliensis sp. nov., is described within aspergillus section nigri. this species can be distinguished from other black aspergilli based on intergenic transcribed region, beta-tubulin and calmodulin gene sequences, by amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis and by extrolite profiles. a. brasiliensis isolates produced naphtho-gamma-pyrones, tensidol a and b and pyrophen in common with aspergillus niger and aspergillus tubingensis, but also several unique comp ...200717684283
keratitis caused by the recently described new species aspergillus brasiliensis: two case reports.abstract:201020181240
antimicrobial activity of ozonated water.the purpose of this study was to analyze basic bactericidal and fungicidal activity of ozonated water according to en 1040 "chemical disinfectants and antiseptics--quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of basic bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics" and en 1275 "chemical disinfectants and antiseptics--quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of basic fungicidal or basic yeasticidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics" with additional clin ...201020802424
effectiveness of ophthalmic solution preservatives: a comparison of latanoprost with 0.02% benzalkonium chloride and travoprost with the sofzia preservative system.abstract:201121510881
total synthesis of racemic and (r) and (s)-4-methoxyalkanoic acids and their antifungal activity.the total synthesis of 4-methoxydecanoic acid and 4-methoxyundecanoic acid in racemic and stereoselective [(r) and (s)] forms has been accomplished. for stereoselective synthesis of the compounds (s) and (r)-binol complexes have been used to generate the required chiral centres. the antifungal activity of these compounds has been studied against different organisms and the results were found to be impressive. the activity of the compounds in racemic and in stereoselective forms was compared. (r) ...201121555164
growth and hydrolase profiles can be used as characteristics to distinguish aspergillus niger and other black aspergilli.wild type aspergillus niger isolates from different biotopes from all over the world were compared to each other and to the type strains of other black aspergillus species with respect to growth and extracellular enzyme profiles. the origin of the a. niger isolate did not result in differences in growth profile with respect to monomeric or polymeric carbon sources. differences were observed in the growth rate of the a. niger isolates, but these were observed on all carbon sources and not specifi ...201121892240
Heterologous expression and characterization of processing a-glucosidase I from Aspergillus brasiliensis ATCC 9642.A gene for processing a-glucosidase I from a filamentous fungus, Aspergillus brasiliensis (formerly called Aspergillus niger) ATCC 9642 was cloned and fused to a glutathione S-transferase tag. The active construct with the highest production level was a truncation mutant deleting the first 16 residues of the hydrophobic N-terminal domain. This fusion enzyme hydrolyzed pyridylaminated (PA-) oligosaccharides Glc(3)Man(9)GlcNAc(2)-PA and Glc(3)Man(4)-PA and the products were identified as Glc(2)Man ...201122020441
Aspergillus niger contains the cryptic phylogenetic species A. awamori.Aspergillus section Nigri is an important group of species for food and medical mycology, and biotechnology. The Aspergillus niger 'aggregate' represents its most complicated taxonomic subgroup containing eight morphologically indistinguishable taxa: A. niger, Aspergillus tubingensis, Aspergillus acidus, Aspergillus brasiliensis, Aspergillus costaricaensis, Aspergillus lacticoffeatus, Aspergillus piperis, and Aspergillus vadensis. Aspergillus awamori, first described by Nakazawa, has been compar ...201122036292
decontamination of room air and adjoining wall surfaces by nebulizing hydrogen 2010, the asp glosair(tm) 400 was introduced in germany for nebulizing hydrogen peroxide (h(2)o(2)). since there were no results of practical experience, the new method was to be checked under practical conditions for its effectiveness in decontaminating air in rooms, infested with mold after water damage and, at the same time, under experimentally controlled conditions, test surfaces, contaminated with aspergillus brasiliensis.201122242090
synthesis and comparative study on the antimicrobial activity of hybrid materials based on silver nanoparticles (agnps) stabilized by polyvinylpyrrolidone (pvp).hybrid materials based on polyvinylpyrrolidone (pvp) with silver nanoparticles (agnps) were synthesized applying two different strategies based on thermal or chemical reduction of silver ions to silver nanoparticles using pvp as a stabilizer. the formation of spherical silver nanoparticles with diameter ranging from 9 to 16 nm was confirmed by tem analysis. uv-vis and ftir spectroscopy were also applied to confirm the successful formation of agnps. the antibacterial activity of the synthesized a ...201122837793
effects of parabens and isothiazolinone on the microbiological quality of baby shampoo: the challenge in vitro microbial challenge test has been developed to predict the likelihood of consumer contamination of baby shampoo. four preservatives were tested in our study: the parbens medcide d, medcide pb, sepicide hb. and isothiazolinone methylisothiazolinone/chloromethylisothiazolinone [mi/mci]. these preservatives were tested separately and in combination. the challenge test involved inoculating the product with micrococcus luteus, staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, salmonella enterica, ...201223007105
the effect of a wound care solution containing polyhexanide and betaine on bacterial counts: results of an in vitro study .polyhexanide and betaine topical solution is used in the management of infected wounds as a cleaning agent. an in vitro study was conducted to examine the antimicrobial effects of a solution containing 0.1% of the antimicrobial agent polyhexanide and 0.1% of the surfactant betaine. three batches of each product were tested, and culture results of 13 microorganisms were evaluated after 7, 14, and 28 days using usp <51> methodology. growth reduction was identical at each day following exposure to ...201223037330
investigation of chemical compounds, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of teucrium arduini l. (lamiaceae).in this paper chemical composition of the essential oil (analysed by gc and gc-ms), the content of phenolic compounds (analysed by hplc), quantity of total phenols and total flavonoids (analysed by uv/vis spectrophotometer), antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of ethanolic extracts were investigated in endemic teucrium arduini l. in population of mt biokovo (croatia). the oil was characterized by a high concentration of sesquiterpene hydrocarbons (70.4%) of which β-caryophyllene (35.2%) and ...201323597042
validation of the microbiological testing of tissue preparations using the bactec™ blood culture system.since blood culture bottles are validated by the manufacturer for blood only, an additional validation for the use with fluids of tissue preparations is necessary.201223801426
a novel and enantioselective epoxide hydrolase from aspergillus brasiliensis cct 1435: purification and characterization.a novel epoxide hydrolase from aspergillus brasiliensis cct1435 (abeh) was cloned and overexpressed in escherichia coli cells with a 6xhis-tag and purified by nickel affinity chromatography. gel filtration analysis and circular dichroism measurements indicated that this novel abeh is a homodimer in aqueous solution and contains the typical secondary structure of an α/β hydrolase fold. the activity of abeh was initially assessed using the fluorogenic probe o-(3,4-epoxybutyl) umbelliferone and was ...201323973866
antimicrobial activity of zinc oxide particles on five micro-organisms of the challenge tests related to their physicochemical properties.zinc oxide is commonly used in pharmaceutical products to prevent or treat topical or systemic diseases owing to its antimicrobial properties, but it is scarcely used as preservative in topical formulations. the aim of this work was to investigate the antimicrobial activity of zinc oxide (zno) powders on the five microbial strains used for challenge tests in order to evaluate this inorganic compound as a preservative in topical formulation and assess relationships between the structural paramete ...201424211859
statistical based media optimization and production of naringinase using aspergillus brasiliensis 1344.statistics based optimization, plackett-burman design (pbd) and response surface methodology (rsm) were employed to screen and optimize the media components for the production of naringinase from aspergillus brasiliensis mtcc 1344, using solid state fermentation. cassava waste (cw) was used as both the solid support and carbon source for the growth of a. brasiliensis. based on the positive influence of the pareto chart obtained from pbd on naringinase activity, three media components--maltose, p ...201424380816
low-temperature, low-pressure gas plasma application on aspergillus brasiliensis, escherichia coli and pistachios.the aim of this study was to investigate the effect of plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (pecvd) treatment on selected bacteria and spores and to contribute to the understanding of the synergistic effect of uv-directed plasma.201424443877
a new ultrasonic high-throughput instrument for rapid dna release from microorganisms.rapid detection methods for microbiological contamination are requested by many industries that respond to public health concerns. the control laboratories are replacing traditional culturing methods with faster assays based on nucleic acid amplification technologies, such as real-time pcr. however, an optimal nucleic acid sample preparation method is critical for the sensitivity and specificity of such tools. a high-throughput automated external ultrasonic device was developed for rapid lysing ...201424548895
production of fungal chitosan from date wastes and its application as a biopreservative for minced meat.raw and processed meat contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms is a continuing worldwide problem facing health and industry overseers. fungal chitosan was extracted, purified and characterized from aspergillus brasiliensis (niger) atcc 16404 grown in date syrup (dips) and applied as a potential meat biopreservative. the main features of produced chitosan were a deacetylation degree of 81.3%, a molecular weight of 31,000da, 96% solubility in 1% acetic acid solution and a harmonized ir-spectru ...201424942991
in vitro studies on phytochemical evaluation and antimicrobial activity of borassus flabellifer linn against some human detect preliminary phytochemicals and antimicrobial activity of seed coat of borassus flabellifer (b. flabellifer) against some human pathogens.201425312117
an ammonium sulfate sensitive chitinase from streptomyces sp. cs501.a chitinase from streptomyces sp. cs501 was isolated from the korean soil sample, purified by single-step chromatography, and biochemically characterized. the extracellular chitinase (ch501) was purified to 4.60 fold with yield of 28.74 % using sepharose cl-6b column. the molecular mass of ch501 was approximately 43 kda as estimated by sds-page and zymography. the enzyme (ch501) was found to be stable over a broad ph range (5.0-10.0) and temperature (up to 50 °c), and have an optimum temperature ...201425359199
evaluation of a new protocol for sterility controls of corneal culture medium.careful testing for microbial contamination is essential for corneal transplants. sterility tests are performed on the antibiotics containing culture medium leaving the problem that antibiotics might compromise the test results. in this study a protocol for the application of the automated bact/alert system for sterility testing of corneal cell culture medium was examined. corneal culture medium in combination with an antibiotics degrading enzyme were injected in resin containing test bottles of ...201525370703
fungal transformation of androsta-1,4-diene-3,17-dione by aspergillus brasiliensis.the biotransformation of steroids by fungal biocatalysts has been recognized for many years. there are numerous fungi of the genus aspergillus which have been shown to transform different steroid substances. the possibility of using filamentous fungi aspergillus brasiliensis cells in the biotransformation of androsta-1,4-diene-3,17-dione, was evaluated.201425398302
functional characterization of nat/ncs2 proteins of aspergillus brasiliensis reveals a genuine xanthine-uric acid transporter and an intrinsically misfolded polypeptide.the nucleobase-ascorbate transporter (nat) family includes members in nearly all domains of life. functionally characterized nat transporters from bacteria, fungi, plants and mammals are ion-coupled symporters specific for the uptake of purines, pyrimidines and related analogues. the characterized mammalian nats are specific for the uptake of l-ascorbic acid. in this work we identify in silico a group of fungal putative transporters, named uapd-like proteins, which represent a novel nat subfamil ...201525639910
validation of sterility testing of cord blood: challenges and results.sterility testing for cord blood (cb) products is mandatory to prevent transplantation-transmitted microbial infections. here, the automated bact/alert (biomérieux) culture system was validated to detect microbial contamination in cb units processed at the canadian national public cord blood bank.201525757514
l-lactic acid production by aspergillus brasiliensis overexpressing the heterologous ldha gene from rhizopus oryzae.lactic acid is the building block of poly-lactic acid (pla), a biopolymer that could be set to replace petroleum-based plastics. to make lactic acid production cost-effective, the production process should be carried out at low ph, in low-nutrient media, and with a low-cost carbon source. yeasts have been engineered to produce high levels of lactic acid at low ph from glucose but not from carbohydrate polymers (e.g. cellulose, hemicellulose, starch). aspergilli are versatile microbial cell facto ...201525935554
selection of enhanced antimicrobial activity posing lactic acid bacteria characterised by (gtg)5-pcr fingerprinting.the aim of the study was a detail evaluation of genetic diversity among the lactic acid bacteria (lab) strains having an advantage of a starter culture in order to select genotypically diverse strains with enhanced antimicrobial effect on some harmfull and pathogenic microorganisms. antimicrobial activity of lab was performed by the agar well diffusion method and was examined against the reference strains and foodborne isolates of bacillus cereus, listeria monocytogenes, escherichia coli, staphy ...201426139877
biochemical characterization of three phase partitioned naringinase from aspergillus brasiliensis mtcc 1344.naringinase is a complex enzyme composed of α-l-rhamnosidase and β-d-glucosidase, which has a vast potential application in the field of industrial biotechnology. the novel aspect in the present study is employing a three-phase partitioning (tpp) technique for the purification of naringinase by solid-state fermentation using aspergillus brasiliensis mtcc 1344. at optimum conditions of 28±2 °c and 30% (w/v) ammonium sulfate along with a 1:1 ratio of t-butanol to crude extract, the purification is ...201526143121
validation of shortened 2-day sterility testing of mesenchymal stem cell-based therapeutic preparation on an automated culture system.cell therapy products represent a new trend of treatment in the field of immunotherapy and regenerative medicine. their biological nature and multistep preparation procedure require the application of complex release criteria and quality control. microbial contamination of cell therapy products is a potential source of morbidity in recipients. the automated blood culture systems are widely used for the detection of microorganisms in cell therapy products. however the standard 2-week cultivation ...201626143146
microwave-assisted preparation and antimicrobial activity of o-alkylamino benzofurancarboxylates.a series of derivatives of 2 and 3-benzofurancarboxylates were synthesized under microwave-assisted conditions. their in-vitro antimicrobial properties were assessed. inhibition by the compounds of the growth of antibiotic-susceptible standards and clinically isolated strains of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeasts, and a human fungal pathogen was moderate to significant. methyl 5-bromo-7-[2-(n,n-diethylamino)ethoxy]-6-methoxy-2-benzofurancarboxylate hydrochloride was identified as t ...201726166876
biotransformation of progesterone by whole cells of filamentous fungi aspergillus brasiliensis.microbial steroid biotransformations have found a wide-reaching application for the production of more precious and functionalized compounds due to their high regio-and stereo selectivity. in this study, the possibility of using filamentous fungi aspergillus brasiliensiscells in the biotransformation of progesterone, a c-21 steroid hormone was studied for the first time. the fungal strain was inoculated into the transformation medium supplemented with progesterone as a substrate. biotransformati ...201526330881
accurate enumeration of aspergillus brasiliensis in hair color and mascara by time-lapse shadow image analysis.the growth of black mold (aspergillus brasiliensis) in black-colored samples such as hair color and mascara was measured with an automatic count system based on time-lapse shadow image analysis (tsia). a. brasiliensis suspended in a lecithin and polysorbate (lp) solution of each sample (hair color or mascara) was spread on a potato dextrose agar medium plate containing lp. the background image darkness of the agar plate could be adjusted to attain accurate colony counts. 95 colonies in hair colo ...201526726920
diversity of mycotoxin-producing black aspergilli in canadian vineyards.several aspergillus species produce ochratoxin a (ota) and/or fumonisins on wine and table grapes. the relevant species and their mycotoxins have been investigated in a number of wine-producing regions around the world; however, similar data have not been reported for canadian vineyards. a multiyear survey of black aspergilli in niagara, on, vineyards was conducted to determine the diversity of species present and to assess the risk of ota and fumonisin contamination of wine grapes from this reg ...201626837797
the application of noninvasive headspace analysis to media fill inspection.the results of a proof-of-principle study demonstrating a new analytical technique for detecting microbial growth directly in pharmaceutical containers are described. this analytical technique, laser-based headspace analysis, uses tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy to nondestructively determine gas concentrations in the headspace of a media-filled pharmaceutical container. for detecting microbial growth, the levels of headspace oxygen and carbon dioxide are measured. once aerobic microo ...201626865678
bactericidal and fungicidal activity in the gas phase of sodium dichloroisocyanurate (nadcc).sodium dichloroisocyanurate (nadcc) is usually employed as a disinfectant for the treatment of water, environmental surfaces and medical equipment principally for its effectiveness as a microbicide agent. in this study, we explore the possibility of a new use for nadcc by investigating the microbicidal activity of chlorine, which derives from the hydrolysis of nadcc mediated by air humidity, and by testing its effect on the neutralization of microbes present in domestic waste. nadcc was inserted ...201627086304
ozonation as an effective way to stabilize new kinds of fermentation media used in biotechnological production of liquid fuel additives.intermediates from processing sugar beets are considered an attractive feedstock for ethanol fermentation due to their high fermentable sugar content. in particular, medium prepared from raw sugar beet juice seems to be suitable for use in fermentation processes, but it is microbiologically unstable and requires sterilization.201627453725
performance equivalence and validation of the soleris automated system for quantitative microbial content testing using pure suspension cultures.using united states pharmacopeia-national formulary (usp-nf) general method <1223> guidance, the soleris(®) automated system and reagents (nonfermenting total viable count for bacteria and direct yeast and mold for yeast and mold) were validated, using a performance equivalence approach, as an alternative to plate counting for total microbial content analysis using five representative microbes: staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtilis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, candida albicans, and aspergillus br ...201627497374
evaluation of the recovery rate of different swabs for microbial environmental plates, dipslides, and swabs are used for the microbiological monitoring of surfaces in controlled environments such as pharmaceutical clean rooms. in the present study, three different swab types using two different methods (direct streaking on agar versus elution followed by membrane filtration) were evaluated. in a first study, representative surfaces in pharmaceutical clean rooms were artificially inoculated using three different environmental strains (in vitro study). in a second st ...201727516491
secretomic insight into glucose metabolism of aspergillus brasiliensis in solid-state fermentation.the genus aspergillus is ubiquitous in nature and includes various species extensively exploited industrially due to their ability to produce and secrete a variety of enzymes and metabolites. most processes are performed in submerged fermentation (smf); however, solid-state fermentation (ssf) offers several advantages, including lower catabolite repression and substrate inhibition and higher productivity and stability of the enzymes produced. this study aimed to explain the improved metabolic be ...201627548361
microbial chitosan as a biopreservative for fish sausages.processed fish products are worthy sources to supply man with his main nutritional needs, but they are extremely susceptible to quality loss during storage. microbial (fungal) chitosan is a bioactive polymer that has numerous applications in health promoting fields. fungal chitosan was extracted from the grown mycelia of aspergillus brasiliensis (niger) to investigate its potential role as antimicrobial, preservative and quality improvement agent, in processed fish sausages from nile tilapia (or ...201627565293
microbial decontamination of onion powder using microwave-powered cold plasma treatments.the effects of microwave-integrated cold plasma (cp) treatments against spores of bacillus cereus and aspergillus brasiliensis and escherichia coli o157:h7 on onion powder were investigated. the growth of b. cereus, a. brasiliensis, and e. coli o157:h7 in the treated onion powder was assessed during storage at 4 and 25 °c, along with the physicochemical and sensory properties of the powder. onion powder inoculated with b. cereus was treated with cp using helium as a plasma-forming gas, with simu ...201727889137
evaluation of diuron tolerance and biotransformation by fungi from a sugar cane plantation sandy-loam soil.microorganisms capable of degrading herbicides are essential to minimize the amount of chemical compounds that may leach into other environments. this work aimed to study the potential of sandy-loam soil fungi to tolerate the herbicide herburon (50% diuron) and to degrade the active ingredient diuron. verticillium sp. f04, trichoderma virens f28, and cunninghamella elegans b06 showed the highest growth in the presence of the herbicide. the evaluation of biotransformation showed that aspergillus ...201627960295
cationic net charge and counter ion type as antimicrobial activity determinant factors of short get a better insight into the antimicrobial potency of short cationic lipopeptides, 35 new entities were synthesized using solid phase peptide strategy. all newly obtained lipopeptides were designed to be positively charged from +1 to +4. this was achieved by introducing basic amino acid - lysine - into the lipopeptide structure and had a hydrophobic fatty acid chain attached. lipopeptides were subjected to microbiological tests using reference strains of gram-negative bacteria: escherichia c ...201728203232
screening of filamentous fungi to produce xylanase and xylooligosaccharides in submerged and solid-state cultivations on rice husk, soybean hull, and spent malt as substrates.we investigated the enzymatic complex produced by selected fungi strains isolated from the environment using the agro-industrial residues rice husk, soybean hull, and spent malt as substrates. microbial growth was carried out in solid-state cultivation (ssc) and in submerged cultivations (sc) and the enzymatic activities of xylanase, cellulase, β-xylosidase, and β-glucosidase were determined. all substrates were effective in inducing enzymatic activities, with one strain of aspergillus brasilien ...201728238176
antifungal peptidic compound from the deep-sea bacterium aneurinibacillus sp. yr247.aneurinibacillus: sp. yr247 was newly isolated from the deep-sea sediment inside the calyptogena community at a depth of 1171 m in sagami bay. the strain exhibited antifungal activity against the filamentous fungus aspergillus brasiliensis nbrc9455. a crude extract prepared from the yr247 cells by ethanol extraction exhibited broad antimicrobial activities. the antifungal compound is stable at 4-70 °c and ph 2.0-12.0. after treatment with proteinase k, the antifungal activity was not detected, i ...201728299556
efficiency of four currently used decontamination conditionings in romania against aspergillus and candida strains.efficacy of four commercial biocidal products (noted a to d), using manufacturers' recommendations, and a contact time of 30minutes, were evaluated in the purpose of standard sr en1657: 2006 adapted.201728499642
fungal biocatalyst activated by an electric field: improved mass transfer and non-specificity for hydrocarbon degradation in an airlift bioreactor.the combination of biological and electrochemical techniques enhances the bioremediation efficiency of treating oil-contaminated water. in this study a non-growing fungal whole cell biocatalyst (bc; aspergillus brasiliensis attached to perlite) pretreated with an electric field (ef), was used to degrade a hydrocarbon blend (hexadecane-phenanthrene-pyrene; 100:1:1w/w) in an airlift bioreactor (alb). during hydrocarbon degradation, all mass transfer resistances (internal and external) and sorption ...201728505509
alterations in aspergillus brasiliensis (niger) atcc 9642 membranes associated to metabolism modifications during application of low-intensity electric current.the effects of electric current on membranes associated with metabolism modifications in aspergillus brasiliensis (niger) atcc 9642 were studied. a 450-ml electrochemical cell with titanium ruthenium-oxide coated electrodes and packed with 15g of perlite, as inert support, was inoculated with a. brasiliensis spores and incubated in a solid inert-substrate culture (12 d; 30°c). then, 4.5days after starting the culture, a current of 0.42macm-2 was applied for 24h. the application of low-intensity ...201728651156
antibacterial activity of fusion from biosynthesized acidocin/silver nanoparticles and its application for eggshell decontamination.bacteriocins from lactic acid bacteria (lab) are useful to control the persistent development of pathogenic microorganisms in food and medicine fields. the bacteriocin acidocin was extracted from lactobacillus acidophilus m1 that was isolated from fermented milk, purified using ammonium sulphate fractionation, and gel filtration column chromatography using sephadex matrix and applied as a potential antibacterial agent. the molecular weight of the purified acidocin was estimated using sds-page to ...201728736866
comparative analysis of the composition and active property evaluation of certain essential oils to assess their potential applications in active food packaging.the antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant activity of four commercial essential oils (eos) (thyme, clove, rosemary, and tea tree) from romanian production were studied in order to assess them as bioactive compounds for active food packaging applications. the chemical composition of the oils was determined with the folin-ciocâlteu method and gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry and flame ionization detectors, and it was found that they respect the afnor/iso standard limits. the ...201728772407
virulence factors detection in aspergillus isolates from clinical and environmental samples.pathogenesis of aspergillosis is dependent on various factors of the host (immune status) and virulence factors of the pathogen which could play a significant role in the pathogenesis of invasive aspergillosis.201728892890
biotechnological potential of agro-industrial waste in the synthesis of pectin lyase from aspergillus brasiliensis.this study aims at investigating pectin lyase bioproduction in submerged fermentation with synthetic medium and agro-industrial residues, using the filamentous fungus aspergillus brasiliensis. the maximum pectin lyase activity in a synthetic medium (42 g/l pectin, 40 g/l yeast extract, and 0.02 g/l iron sulfate) was 31 u/ml, and 46 u/ml in the agro-industrial medium (160 g/l orange peel, 150 g/l corn steep liquor, and 300 g/l parboiled rice water), obtained over 60 and 124 h of bioproduction, 18 ...201728956454
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