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comparative dna profiling, phytochemical investigation, and biological evaluation of two ficus species growing in egypt.a comparison between two ficus species, cultivated in egypt, was carried out in this study. their dna analysis revealed that they are not closely related.201324174824
intersexual sibling interactions and male benevolence in a fig wasp.we studied interactions between males and females of the australian pollinating fig wasp, pleistodontes imperialis (chalcidoidea, agaonidae), in ficus platypoda (moraceae). as for many other fig wasps, all mating occurs within the confines of a syconium before females depart. we show that initially there is scramble competition between males for access to virgin females. during this time males excavated a small hole into a female's gall to mate through. these holes were just large enough for ins ...200011082240
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