lactobacillus plantarum bacteriophage lp65: a new member of the spo1-like genus of the family myoviridae.the virulent lactobacillus plantarum myophage lp65 was isolated from industrial meat fermentation. tail contraction led to reorganization of the tail sheath and the baseplate; a tail tube was extruded. in ultrathin section the phage adsorbed via its baseplate to the exterior of the cell, while the tail tube tunneled through the thick bacterial cell wall. convoluted membrane structures were induced in the infected cell. progeny phage was detected 100 min postinfection, and lysis occurred after ex ...200415489418
the terminally redundant, nonpermuted genome of listeria bacteriophage a511: a model for the spo1-like myoviruses of gram-positive bacteria.only little information on a particular class of myoviruses, the spo1-like bacteriophages infecting low-g+c-content, gram-positive host bacteria (firmicutes), is available. we present the genome analysis and molecular characterization of the large, virulent, broad-host-range listeria phage a511. a511 contains a unit (informational) genome of 134,494 bp, encompassing 190 putative open reading frames (orfs) and 16 trna genes, organized in a modular fashion common among the caudovirales. electron m ...200818567664
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