complete genome sequence of a giant sea perch iridovirus in kaohsiung, taiwan.we report here the complete genome sequence of a megalocytivirus strain, gsiv-k1, isolated from a farmed giant sea perch (lates calcarifer) in kaohsiung, taiwan. gsiv-k1 causes mortality in farmed marine fish, including giant sea perch and groupers. the genome sequence is nearly identical to the genome of the orange-spotted grouper iridovirus.201627125488
anti-apoptotic genes bcl-2 and bcl-xl overexpression can block iridovirus serine/threonine kinase-induced bax/mitochondria-mediated cell death in gf-1 cells.although serine/threonine (st) kinase is known to induce host cell death in gf-1 cells, it remains unclear how st kinase induces mitochondrial function loss. in the present study, we addressed the issue of mitochondrial function loss by determining whether the bcl-2 family members bcl-2 and bcl-xl can prevent st kinase-induced cell death activity via interacting with the pro-apoptotic gene bax. grouper fin cells (gf-1) carrying egfp-bal-xl and egfp-bcl-2 fused genes were selected, established in ...201728025159
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