malvastrum yellow vein yunnan virus is amonopartite begomovirus.nine samples of diseased malvastrum coromandelianum plants collected from the fields in yunnan province of china were found to be infected with malvastrum yellow vein yunnan virus (myvynv), when tested by pcr using specific primers. the results of pcr and southern blot analysis showed that only 4 samples out of 9 were associated with the satellite dnab molecules. their sequence analysis indicated that dnab molecules share 97.8%-99.4% of nucleotide sequence identities with dnab associated with my ...201020201610
molecular characterization of a distinct begomovirus species and its associated satellite dna isolated from malvastrum coromandelianum in china.a virus isolate y160 was obtained from malvastrum coromandelianum showing yellow vein symptoms in baoshan, yunnan province of china. the complete nucleotide sequence of dna-a was determined, it contains 2747 nucleotides and has typical genomic organization of a begomovirus. comparisons show that the total dna-a of y160 has the highest sequence identity (82.2%) with that of malvastrum yellow vein virus-[y47] (aj457824), while less than 77.6% identities are found when compared with the other begom ...200515965607
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