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hepatic hemosiderosis and klebsiella bacteremia in a green aracari (pteroglossus viridis).a green aracari (pteroglossus viridis) was presented for necropsy after being found dead; no previous clinical signs had been noted. microscopic examination revealed multifocal necrosis of the liver, spleen, and lung compatible with an acute bacteremia. klebsiella pneumoniae was isolated from the liver, kidney, and intestine. histopathological and toxicological findings also reflected a concurrent hepatopathy due to excess iron accumulation. hepatic hemosiderosis has been reported in mynahs, bir ...19947832728
avian polyomavirus infection and disease in a green aracaris (pteroglossus viridis).avian polyomavirus (apv) is one of the most significant pathogens of domestically raised psittacine birds (parrots). one or more apvs are suspected to infect nonpsittacine cage birds, but the relationship of these viruses to the apv infecting parrots remains unclear. in this report, for the first time, we fully document an apv infection in a nonpsittacine cage bird, a green aracaris (pteroglossus viridis). grossly, this bird evidenced generalized hemorrhage. histologically, there was severe hepa ...199910494430
sexual dimorphism in ramphastos toco and ramphastos dicolorus (piciformes, aves).phenotypic sexual dimorphism seems to be rare in the ramphastidae family, except in pteroglossus viridis and in the genus selenidera. many breeders of wild birds believe that specimens of ramphastos toco can be sexed using bill characteristics. in this study, various discriminant phenotypic variables were analyzed in birds which were sexed cytogenetically. fifty-one specimens of r. toco and 20 r. dicolorus were studied. the statistically significant parameters which served to distinguish the sex ...200315162699
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