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sexual transmission of a nematode parasite of wood mice (apodemus sylvaticus)?sexual transmission occurs commonly in microparasites such as viruses and bacteria, but this is an unusual transmission route for macroparasites. here we present evidence which suggests that a nematode parasite of wood mice (apodemus sylvaticus) may be sexually transmitted and we have classified the nematode using molecular data. wood mice were collected annually in the course of work on their reproductive physiology. larval nematodes were found in the epididymides of 19.6% of males. it seems li ...200415180324
fatal angiostrongylus dujardini infection in callitrichid monkeys and suricates in an italian zoological garden.this paper reports four fatal cases of metastrongylid nematode angiostrongylus dujardini infection observed in a saguinus oedipus and a callimico goeldii monkey and in two suricates (suricata suricatta). all animals were kept in captivity in a zoo of central italy. the two monkeys died with no premonitory signs, while the two-month-old suricates showed malaise, anorexia and tachypnea for a few days prior to death. cardiomegaly and/or granulomatous pneumonia were the major anatomo-pathological fi ...201627094227
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