life cycle studies of myxobolus parviformis sp. n. (myxozoa: myxobolidae) from bream.we experimentally followed the life cycle of myxobolus parviformis sp. n., a myxozoan parasite from the gills of common bream abramis brama l. establishing the development of both stages (myxospore and actinospore) in 2 consecutive, full transmission trials, we were able to separate plasmodia of a common genotype from sympatric myxobolus spp. occurring in naturally infected gill lamellae. therefore, isolated gill plasmodia representing individual myxosporean 'clones' were used for subsequent inf ...200516261939
myxozoan transmission via actinospores: new insights into mechanisms and adaptations for host invasion.various mechanisms that enable and improve transmission success of myxozoan actinospore stages towards fish hosts are described, based upon a combination of experimental data and functional analysis of morphological characters. for this purpose, laboratory-reared actinospores of myxobolus cerebralis, myxobolus parviformis, henneguya nuesslini and myxobolus pseudodispar were employed to exemplarily investigate aspects of host attachment and invasion. the process of polar filament discharge of m. ...200717662162
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