quantitative analysis of herpesvirus sequences from normal tissue and fibropapillomas of marine turtles with real-time pcr.quantitative real-time pcr has been used to measure fibropapilloma-associated turtle herpesvirus (fpthv) pol dna loads in fibropapillomas, fibromas, and uninvolved tissues of green, loggerhead, and olive ridley turtles from hawaii, florida, costa rica, australia, mexico, and the west indies. the viral dna loads from tumors obtained from terminal animals were relatively homogeneous (range 2-20 copies/cell), whereas dna copy numbers from biopsied tumors and skin of otherwise healthy turtles displa ...200111504546
the ozobranchus leech is a candidate mechanical vector for the fibropapilloma-associated turtle herpesvirus found latently infecting skin tumors on hawaiian green turtles (chelonia mydas).fibropapillomatosis (fp) of marine turtles is a neoplastic disease of ecological concern. a fibropapilloma-associated turtle herpesvirus (fpthv) is consistently present, usually at loads exceeding one virus copy per tumor cell. dna from an array of parasites of green turtles (chelonia mydas) was examined with quantitative pcr (qpcr) to determine whether any carried viral loads are sufficient to implicate them as vectors for fpthv. marine leeches (ozobranchus spp.) were found to carry high viral ...200415033569
genomic variation of the fibropapilloma-associated marine turtle herpesvirus across seven geographic areas and three host species.fibropapillomatosis (fp) of marine turtles is an emerging neoplastic disease associated with infection by a novel turtle herpesvirus, fibropapilloma-associated turtle herpesvirus (fpthv). this report presents 23 kb of the genome of an fpthv infecting a hawaiian green turtle (chelonia mydas). by sequence homology, the open reading frames in this contig correspond to herpes simplex virus genes ul23 through ul36. the order, orientation, and homology of these putative genes indicate that fpthv is a ...200515613340
geographic variation in marine turtle fibropapillomatosis.we document three examples of fibropapillomatosis by histology, quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qpcr), and sequence analysis from three different geographic areas. tumors compatible in morphology with fibropapillomatosis were seen in green turtles from puerto rico and san diego (california) and in a hybrid loggerhead/ hawksbill turtle from florida bay (florida). tumors were confirmed as fibropapillomas on histology, although severity of disease varied between cases. polymerase chain reac ...200517312778
localization of fibropapilloma-associated turtle herpesvirus in green turtles (chelonia mydas) by in-situ hybridization.fibropapilloma-associated turtle herpesvirus (fpthv) is the presumed aetiological agent of sea turtle fibropapillomatosis (fp). intralesional dna and rna of the virus have been detected by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and reverse transcriptase-pcr (rt-pcr), respectively, but the exact location and distribution of the virus within the tumours have not been addressed. in this study, in-situ hybridization (ish) was used to investigate viral transcriptional activity and localization of fpthv. twe ...200818823635
in vitro biology of fibropapilloma-associated turtle herpesvirus and host cells in hawaiian green turtles (chelonia mydas).fibropapillomatosis (fp) of green turtles has a global distribution and causes debilitating tumours of the skin and internal organs in several species of marine turtles. fp is associated with a presently non-cultivable alphaherpesvirus chelonid fibropapilloma-associated herpesvirus (cfphv). our aims were to employ quantitative pcr targeted to pol dna of cfphv to determine (i) if dna sequesters by tumour size and/or cell type, (ii) whether subculturing of cells is a viable strategy for isolating ...200919386781
genetic barcoding of marine leeches (ozobranchus spp.) from florida sea turtles and their divergence in host specificity.ozobranchus margoi and ozobranchus branchiatus are the only two species of marine turtle leeches (ozobranchus spp.) known to inhabit the atlantic coast of the united states and the gulf of mexico. in early reports of fibropapillomatosis (fp) in green turtles (chelonia mydas), o. branchiatus was implicated as a vector in the transmission of fibropapilloma-associated turtle herpesvirus (fpthv). it is imperative that the leech species be identified to elucidate the role ozobranchus spp. may play in ...201121429133
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