sequence capture versus restriction site associated dna sequencing for shallow systematics.sequence capture and restriction site associated dna sequencing (rad-seq) are two genomic enrichment strategies for applying next-generation sequencing technologies to systematics studies. at shallow timescales, such as within species, rad-seq has been widely adopted among researchers, although there has been little discussion of the potential limitations and benefits of rad-seq and sequence capture. we discuss a series of issues that may impact the utility of sequence capture and rad-seq data f ...201627288477
genomic variation in a widespread neotropical bird (xenops minutus) reveals divergence, population expansion, and gene flow.the demographic and phylogeographic histories of species provide insight into the processes responsible for generating biological diversity, and genomic datasets are now permitting the estimation of species histories with unprecedented accuracy. we used a genomic single nucleotide polymorphism (snp) dataset generated using a rad-seq method to investigate the historical demography and phylogeography of a widespread lowland neotropical bird (xenops minutus). as expected, we found that prominent la ...201525450096
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