spizaetus hawk-eagles as predators of arboreal colobines.the predation pressure put on primates by diurnal birds of prey differs greatly between continents. africa and south america have specialist raptors (e.g. crowned hawk-eagle stephanoaetus coronatus and harpy eagle harpia harpyja) whereas in asia the only such specialist's (philippine eagle pithecophaga jefferyi) distribution is largely allopatric with primates. the almost universal absence of polyspecific groups in asia (common in africa and south america) may indicate reduced predation pressure ...201121340695
integrative taxonomy of the changeable hawk-eagle nisaetus cirrhatus complex (accipitriformes: accipitridae) in india.the changeable hawk-eagle nisaetus cirrhatus complex is represented by two taxa in mainland india: n. c. cirrhatus in the northern plains and peninsula and n. c. limnaeetus in the himalayan foothills. traditionally these taxa have been regarded as subspecies of one species, but recently they have been proposed to be different species. here, we use an integrative taxonomic approach based on considerations of plumage, biometrics, genetics and vocalizations. several plumage characters are significa ...202033056440
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