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first report of mycetoma caused by arthrographis kalrae: successful treatment with itraconazole.we report the first case of eumycetoma of the hand caused by arthrographis kalrae. cure was obtained with a 4-month course of itraconazole.19979270537
intense photophobia caused by arthrographis kalrae in a contact lens-wearing report a case of arthrographis kalrae keratitis and to note that its clinical manifestation resembles acanthamoeba corneal infection.19979124253
invasive fungal sinusitis and meningitis due to arthrographis kalrae in a patient with aids.we report the first described case of arthrographis kalrae pansinusitis and meningitis in a patient with aids. the patient was initially diagnosed with arthrographis kalrae pansinusitis by endoscopic biopsy and culture. the patient was treated with itraconazole for approximately 5 months and then died secondary to pneumocytis carinii pneumonia. postmortem examination revealed invasive fungal sinusitis that involved the sphenoid sinus and that extended through the cribiform plate into the inferio ...200111158158
first case of arthrographis kalrae ethmoid sinusitis and ophthalmitis in the people's republic of china.we present here the first case in the people's republic of china of human disease caused by the fungus arthrographis kalrae. the male patient had fungal panophthalmitis and invasive sinusitis involving the maxillary and ethmoid sinuses. he was an apparently healthy man before receiving trauma to his left eye. he complained of pain and loss of visual acuity in the injured eye, which displayed redness and edema and eventually discharged pus. his symptoms became more severe after he was treated wit ...200415472353
arthrographis keratitis mimicking acanthamoeba describe a case of keratomycosis caused by arthrographis kalrae, mimicking acanthamoeba keratitis.200415084869
fatal-stroke syndrome revealing fungal cerebral vasculitis due to arthrographis kalrae in an immunocompetent patient.we report an uncommon clinical presentation of a unique case of fatal invasive fungal cerebral vasculitis due to arthrographis kalrae in a nonimmunocompromised host. the identity of the fungus was determined by morphological characteristics and by analysis of internal transcribed spacer 1 sequences and was confirmed by postmortem examination of the brain tissues. establishing rapidly the link between the clinical syndromes and the fungal infection of the central nervous system is essential to im ...200818650350
[arthrographis kalrae--an uncommon causative agent of onychomycosis].at a routine examination, multiple colonies of hyphomycetes of uncommon morphology were isolated from two patients with clinically suspected mycosis of the big toes (and confirmed microscopically by the presence of fragmented/thin hyphae). based on the detailed study of the morphological and physiological characteristics of the cultures, the isolates were identified as arthrographis kalrae. to our knowledge, this is the first isolation of the thermally dimorphic keratinolytic fungus to be report ...200818578410
arthrographis kalrae, a rare causal agent of onychomycosis, and its occurrence in natural and commercially available soils.we report a rare case of onychomycosis due to arthrographis kalrae, and describe an attempt to elucidate the source of the infection by fungal isolation and pcr-based methods for detection of a. kalrae. the patient was a 63-year-old japanese man, whose fingernails, excluding the right index finger, were markedly dystrophic. microscopic examination of his fingernails disclosed hyaline hyphae and arthroconidia. the causal agent was identified as a. kalrae based on morphological characteristics and ...201020141374
endocarditis caused by arthrographis kalrae.arthrographis kalrae is an uncommon etiology in clinical fungal infections. we describe a patient with native aortic valve endocarditis and aortic pseudoaneurysm caused by this agent who required multiple cardiac procedures.201020609735
severe arthrographis kalrae keratomycosis in an immunocompetent describe a severe case of keratomycosis caused by arthrographis kalrae requiring repeated keratoplasty.201121045668
A rare pulmonary infection caused by Arthrographis kalrae.Arthrographis kalrae is a rare isolate in clinical specimens. Only ten cases of infection with this species have been described so far. To our knowledge, we report the first case of a pulmonary infection caused by A. kalrae in a patient with a past history of stage IIA Hodgkin's lymphoma and demonstrate this organism can act as an opportunistic human pathogen.201122160311
refractory arthrographis kalrae native knee joint infection.rare reports of infection with arthrographis kalrae have often demonstrated a protracted clinical course. we describe refractory infection of the native knee with arthrographis kalrae after a penetrating injury and yttrium synovectomy, finally controlled with two stage joint revision and combination antifungal therapy. the paucity of worldwide data about such uncommon invasive fungal infections contributes to the diagnostic and therapeutic challenges of these cases.201224371754
a severe case of arthrographis kalrae keratomycosis.a 52-year-old man with diabetes developed a unilateral central corneal ulcer after accidental foreign body inoculation. he complained of pain and loss of visual acuity in the injured eye, which displayed redness and edema and eventually discharged pus. a corneal scraping from the left eye orbit revealed fungal elements, and cultures of the material grew a fungus. the isolate was identified as arthrographis kalrae based on gross and microscopic morphologies. the patient received amphotericin b in ...201324377053
in vitro antifungal susceptibility of clinical isolates of arthrographis kalrae, a poorly known opportunistic fungus.the in vitro antifungal activity of amphotericin b (amb), itraconazole, voriconazole, posaconazole, terbinafine (trb), caspofungin, anidulafungin and micafungin were evaluated by a broth microdilution technique against 22 isolates of arthrographis kalrae of clinical origin. trb showed the highest activity, followed by the azoles, particularly posaconazole. amb exerted low activity whereas the echinocandins showed almost no antifungal activity.201424147779
arthrographis kalrae soluble antigens present hemolytic and cytotoxic activities.arthrographis kalrae is a dimorphic, cosmopolitan and neurotropic fungus that has been described as a rare human pathogen. this study investigated the hemolytic and cytotoxic activities of a. kalrae cell-free antigens (cfas). total cfas and their sephadex chromatography fractions were tested on mouse erythrocytes for hemolysis and on the p3u1 cell line for cytotoxicity. hemolytic and cytotoxic activities were detected in distinct molecular mass (mm) fractions. additionally, antibodies against is ...201425449999
case report: eumycetoma and mycotic arthritis of the knee caused by arthrographis kalrae.a 33-year-old male presents following a penetrating injury to his right knee. clinically he demonstrated pain, an effusion and fevers. at diagnostic arthroscopy, no microbiological growth was cultured. delayed growth yielded the fungus arthrographis kalrae. he was treated with a three-stage total knee arthroplasty. the first stage consisted of soft tissue debridement. the second stage involved femoral and tibial osteotomies and insertion of antifungal-impregnated cement spacers. definitive total ...201526719609
arthrographis kalrae arthritis: a new case date, only 11 cases of infection by arthrographis kalrae have been described. according to the literature, we report a second case of arthritis caused by this mycete after a penetrating wound successfully treated with voriconazole before arthroscopic knee washout for six weeks.201526110303
first case of arthrographis kalrae fungemia in a patient with cystic fibrosis.arthrographis kalrae is a hyalin fungus. it is a saprophyte of the environment, mainly found in soil and compost. in recent years, cases of opportunistic infections attributed to this pathogen have been described. our patient was a 19-year-old woman with cystic fibrosis. she presented a bacterial and fungal pulmonary colonization with aspergillus fumigatus and arthrographis. kalrae. after her lung transplantation, she developed an a. kalrae fungemia, treated with caspofungin 50 mg/day associated ...201627995052
immunomodulation over the course of experimental arthrographis kalrae infection in mice.arthrographis kalrae is occasionally described as an opportunistic human pathogen. this study investigated the immune response to a. kalrae during murine experimental infection (7, 14, 28 and 56 days post infection). the fungal load was higher in the early phase and mice presented with neurological syndrome over the course of the infection. there was a gradual increase in the level of anti-a. kalrae igg and increased levels of dth at 14 days. there was decreased ifn-γ (14-56 days) and an increas ...201627638123
[onychocola canadensis sigler in onychomycosis : a new dermatophyte-like mould in germany].moulds or non-dermatophyte moulds (ndm) are being increasingly isolated as causative agent of onychomycoses. known causes of a ndm-om are scopulariopsis brevicaulis, fusarium, aspergillus, acremonium, neoscytalidium dimidiatum, arthrographis kalrae, and chaetomium. in this article, 5 patients with suspected nail infection due to onychocola canadensis are reported for the first time in germany. systemic antifungal agents are not considered to be effective in ndm onychomycosis. in individual cases ...201626758910
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