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parasites of some rodents in malaysia.a total of 2,337 rodents trapped from various parts of peninsular malaysia were dissected and studied for the distribution and prevalence of parasitic infections. four new rodent hosts for sarcocystis in malaysia are reported (bandicota indica, rattus sabanus rattus argentiventer and rattus norvegicus). sarcocystis was found in 17.2 percent of the rodents examined. rattus annandalei, rattus tiomanicus and rattus norvegicus are new hosts of syphacia muris in peninsular malsysia. rattus sabanus wa ...1979113889
ultrastructure of sarcocystis sp. from the malaysian house rat, rattus rattus diardii.the ultrastructure of sarcocystis sp. from the malaysian house rat, rattus rattus diardii, was studied with the electron microscope. the thin, uniformly-dense primary cyst wall had a row of vesicular invaginations which were also seen along the wall of the villi-like projections or cytophaneres. within the villi were spherical bodies and hollow, curled structures. the ground substance beneath the primary cyst wall extended into the cyst as thin septa or trabeculae separating the tightly-packed z ...1977410181
parasite fauna of the house rat rattus rattus diardii in kuala lumpur and nearby hundred and fifty one house rats, rattus rattus diardii from five different localities, jinjang, dato keramat, kuala lumpur, sungai besi and selayang baru, were examined for parasites. nineteen species of parasites were recovered. hymenolepis diminuta and nippostrongylus brasiliensis are the predominant species. the dominancy of the parasite species in the rats differed in each locality: hymenolepis diminuta in dato keramat and kuala lumpur; nippostrongylus brasiliensis in sungai besi; gongy ...1979483007
nematode parasites of rats in west java, indonesia.from the indonesian rats, namely rattus rattus diardii, r. exulans, r. tiomanicus, r. niviventer, r. lepturus, r. bartelsii, r. cremoriventer, r. sabanus and pithecheir melanurus, surveyed for nematode parasites, the following parasites were recovered: angiostrongylus cantonensis, capillaria hepatica, cyclodontostomum purvisi, hepatojarakus malayae, rictularia tani, mastophorus muris, physaloptera sp. and subulura andersoni. of these, c. purvisi, h. malayae, physaloptera, sp. and s. andersoni ha ...1978571622
angiostrongyliasis in indonesia: additional geographic and host occurrence records.geographical and host occurrence records for angiostrongylus cantonensis throughout the indonesian archipelago a;e reported. a. cantonensis was found in the following provinces: west sumatra, south sumatra, lampung, west java, central java, north sulawesi and east nusa tenggara. infections were diagnosed in the following rodents: rattus rattus diardii, rattus exulans, rattus tiomanicus jaloriensis, rattus lepturus, rattus norvegicus and bandicota indica setifera and in the giant african land sna ...1978751218
supernumerary chromosomes in the black rat (rattus rattus) and their distribution in three geographic variants.supernumerary chromosomes have been examined in 352 black rats, covering three geographic variants, by use of conventional and c-band staining techniques. metacentric supernumerary chromosomes, one to three in number, were found in malayan black rats (rattus rattus diardii), with 2n=42, in indian black rats (r. rattus rufescens), with 2n=38, and in ceylonese black rats (r. rattus kandianus), with 2n=40. the supernumeraries had similar morphology and stained heavily along their entire length by c ...1977862437
the bandicoot rat, a new host record for angiostrongylus cantonensis in indonesia.a survey for angiostrongylus cantonensis in possible definitive and intermediate hosts was conducted in ancol, jakarta. adult worms were found in 43% of bandicoot rats, bandicota indica setifera, in 14% of rattus rattus diardii and 36% of the achatina fulica were infected with larval forms of the parasite. the finding of the parasite in the bandicoot rat constitutes a new host record for indonesia.19761027106
angiostrongylus malaysiensis from tuaran, sabah, with reference to the distribution of the parasite in malaysia.a survey of angiostrongylus malaysiensis among wild rodent and molluscan hosts was made in the tuaran central agricultural research station and within the vicinity of tuaran, sabah. three of 19 rattus rattus diardii, one of 2 r. exulans and one r. argentiventer were found naturally infected with the parasite. in this survey 56 of 382 molluscs comprising of pila scutata, achatina fulica and two species of land slugs, laevicaulis alte and microparmarion malayanus, were found naturally infected wit ...19761030843
variation of c-bands in the chromosomes of several subspecies of rattus rattus.all subspecies of black rats (rattus rattus) used in the present study are characterized by having large and clear c-bands at the centromeric region. the appearance of the bands, however, is different in the subspecies. chromosome pair no. 1 in asian type black rats (2n=42), which are characterized by an acrocentric and subtelocentric polymorphism, showed c-band polymorphism. in phillipine rats (r. rattus mindanensis) the pair was subtelocentric with c-bands, but in malayan black rats (r. rattus ...19751149576
supernumerary (b-) chromosomes in the malayan house rat, rattus rattus diardii (rodentia, muridae). 19725025665
centric fusion in the malayan house rat, rattus rattus diardii (rodentia, muridae). 19715581126
the occurrence of salmonellae in house shrews and rats in ipoh, shrews (suncus murinus) and rats (rattus rattus diardii), trapped during a survey period from july 1978 to december 1979 and thereafter on a random basis, from residences within and outside the veterinary research institute, ipoh, malaysia campus, were bacteriologically examined for the presence of salmonellae. of the 55 shrews and 8 rats examined, 39 (71%) shrews and 2 (25%) rats were found positive. there were 46 salmonella isolates which included 5 dual infections. these were serotyped ...19846523172
plague in central java, indonesia.plague in man occurred from 1968 to 1970 in mountain villages of the boyolali regency in central java. infected fleas, infected rats, and seropositive rats were collected in villages with human plague cases. subsequent isolations of yersinia pestis and seropositive rodents, detected during investigations of rodent plague undertaken by the government of indonesia and the who, attested to the persistence of plague in the region from 1972 to 1974.since 1968, the incidence of both rodent and human p ...19806968252
studies on animal schistosomes in peninsular malaysia: record of naturally infected animals and additional hosts of schistosoma spindale.surveillance studies on cercarial dermatitis were carried out in paddy growing areas in peninsular malaysia. it was observed that dermatitis in paddy planters occurred in paddy fields which were cultivated using animals such as bafflos or fields where domestic animals were allowed to graze during the off planting season as these animals harbored the parasite. the causative agent of cercarial dermatitis was schistosoma spindale. a total of 215 small mammals trapped from alor setar and 126 trapped ...19979444010
characterization of a novel rat cytomegalovirus (rcmv) infecting placenta-uterus of rattus rattus diardii.a new rat cytomegalovirus (rcmv) isolated from the placenta/uterus of a house rat (rattus rattus diardii) was found to productively infect rat embryo fibroblast (ref) cells. the virus produced typical herpesvirus-like cytopathic effects characterized by a lytic infection. the well-known herpesvirus morphology was confirmed by electron microscopy. its slow growth in cell culture indicated that the virus is belonging to subfamily betaherpesvirinae. electron microscopy techniques and immunohistoche ...200314648291
ectoparasite fauna of rodents and shrews from four habitats in kuala lumpur and the states of selangor and negeri sembilan, malaysia and its public health significance.a total of 204 rodents comprising 14 host species from four different habitats were examined. nine rodent species were trapped from the forest and another five species were trapped from the coastal, rice field and urban habitats. rattus rattus diardii (67%) was the predominant rodent species examined. fifty six (47.3%) rodents and shrews were found to be infested with at least one of the 20 species of ectoparasite recovered. mites belonging to the family trombiculidae were the predominant ectopa ...200920237444
prevalence of intestinal and blood parasites among wild rats in kuala lumpur, malaysia.a survey was undertaken to investigate the prevalence of intestinal and blood parasites among wild rats in urban area of kuala lumpur, malaysia. a total of 137 stool and blood samples were collected from wild rats from sentul and chow kit areas. five species of rats were captured and supplied by kuala lumpur city hall. the most common was rattus rattus diardii (malayan black rat), 67%, followed by rattus norvegicus (norway rat), 10%, rattus argentiventer (rice-field rat), 10%, rattus tiomanicus ...201223202599
biodiversity and macroparasitic distribution of the wild rat population of carey island, klang.a study to determine the diversity and distribution of ectoparasites and endoparasites infesting wild rat population of carey island was carried out from june to december 2010. a total of 81 rats were captured from various locations on carey island. four rat species were identified namely, rattus tiomanicus (45.7%), rattus rattus diardii (25.9%), rattus argentiventer (16%) and rattus norvegicus (12.3%). low diversity of ecto and endoparasites were observed infecting the rodent population with 8 ...201323959485
epidemiology of blood parasitic infections in the urban rat population in peninsular malaysia.a total of 719 wild rats were captured from four localities representing the west (kuala lumpur), east (kuantan), north (georgetown) and south (malacca) to determine the diversity of blood protozoan from the urban wild rat population in peninsular malaysia. five rat species were recovered with rattus rattus diardii being the most dominant species, followed by rattus norvegicus, rattus exulans, rattus annandalei and rattus argentiventer. two blood protozoan species were found infecting the rodent ...201425134892
comparison between quantitative buffy coat (qbc) and giemsa-stained thin film (gtf) technique for blood protozoan infections in wild rats.the quantitative buffy coat (qbc) technique and conventional giemsa thin blood smear was compared to determine the sensitivity and specificity of the technique in detecting blood parasitic infection of the rodent populations from four urban cities in peninsular malaysia. a total of 432 blood samples from four rat species (rattus norvegicus, rattus rattus diardii, rattus exulans and rattus argentiventer) were screened using both techniques and successfully detected two blood protozoan species (tr ...201425382468
prevalence of calodium hepaticum and cysticercus fasciolaris in urban rats and their histopathological reaction in the livers.humans can get infected with several zoonotic diseases from being in close contact with rats. this study was aimed at determining the prevalence and histopathological changes caused by calodium hepaticum and cysticercus fasciolaris in infected livers of wild caught urban rats. of the 98 urban rats (rattus rattus diardii and rattus norvegicus) autopsied, 64.3% were infected; 44.9% were infected with caladium hepatica, 39.3% were infected with cysticercus fasciolaris, and 20.4% were infected with ...201426464920
seroprevalence of toxoplasma gondii in rodents from various locations in peninsular malaysia.numerous studies have reported the prevalence of toxoplasmosis among malaysians and various domestic animals; but there is paucity of information on its prevalence among rodents which could potentially contribute to the transmission of toxoplasma gondii in both domestic and sylvatic fauna. five hundred twenty-six rodents were captured from six locations in malaysia and identified to species. serum samples were collected from these rodents and tested for t.gondii antibodies using an immunofluores ...201526521512
identification and comparison of rcmv all 03 open reading frame (orf) among several different strains of cytomegalovirus worldwide.rat cytomegalovirus all-03 (malaysian strain) which was isolated from a placenta and uterus of a house rat, rattus rattus diardii has the ability to cross the placenta and infecting the fetus. to further elucidate the pathogenesis of the malaysian strain of rat cytomegalovirus all-03 (rcmv all-03), detailed analysis on the viral genome sequence is crucial.201728642159
draft genome of the emerging pathogen, kocuria marina, isolated from a wild urban rat.kocuria marina has recently emerged as a cause for catheter-related bloodstream infections in patients with underlying health complications. one k. marina strain was recently isolated from the lung tissues of a wild urban rat (rattus rattus diardii) caught during rodent surveillance. here, we present the draft genome of the first k. marina animal isolate, k. marina tre150902.201729211248
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