diversity and distribution of begomoviruses infecting tomato in india.leaf curl begomoviruses cause serious yield losses to indian tomato crops. total dnas were extracted from leaves of 69 tomato plants and 34 weeds or neighbouring crops collected from all the major tomato producing areas of india. eighty-one of the 103 samples were positive by pcrs using begomovirus genus-specific primers. coat protein (cp) genes from 29 samples were pcr amplified, cloned and sequenced. phylogenetic analyses of the cp sequences revealed five different tomato leaf curl begomovirus ...200515703846
nucleotide sequencing, whitefly transmission, and screening tomato for resistance against two newly described begomoviruses in bangladesh.abstract the molecular diversity of tomato leaf curl viruses (tolcvs), from the two main tomato growing areas of jessore and joydebpur, bangladesh, was investigated. the viral dna was amplified from tomato plants exhibiting mild and severe symptoms by polymerase chain reaction, and the complete genomes of the tolcvs were sequenced. an isolate of the bipartite tomato leaf curl new delhi virus-severe (tolcndv-svr) was associated with the severe symptom phenotype from jessore (tolcndv-svr[jes]). a ...200518943559
characterization of a new begomovirus and betasatellite associated with chilli leaf curl disease in india.chilli leaf curl disease (chilcd) is a serious problem and a major limitation to chilli (capsicum spp.) cultivation in india. leaves of a chilli plant showing leaf curl symptoms were collected from the gonda district in uttar pradesh, india, in april, 2013. full-length genomes of a begomovirus and an associated betasatellite were amplified, cloned and sequenced. the size of the begomovirus genome and the betasatellite were 2760 bp and 1374 bp, respectively. the nucleotide sequence of the begomov ...201727738844
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