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molecular characterization of a distinct potyvirus from whitegrass in china.apotyvirus isolated from perennial whitegrass ( pennisetum centrasiaticum tzvel.) in north china was characterized at the molecular level. the 3' terminal nucleotide (nt) sequence of 1669 nt of the viral rna genome has been determined, which covered the coding region of the c-terminal part of the large nuclear inclusion protein (nib, rna polymerase), capsid protein (cp) gene and the 3' nontranslated region (ntr). the cp gene consisted of 909 nt (including the stop codon) encoding 302 amino acid ...200312756626
the genomic sequence and biological properties of pennisetum mosaic virus, a novel monocot-infecting potyvirus.the complete nucleotide sequences of two isolates of pennisetum mosaic virus (penmv) were determined. the viral genome comprised 9,611 nucleotides (nt) excluding the 3'-terminal poly(a) sequence, with the capacity of encoding a single polyprotein of 3,065 amino acids. the large open reading frame is flanked by a 172-nt 5'-untranslated region (utr) and a 244-nt 3'-utr. sequence comparisons and phylogenetic analyses of the complete genome and polyproteins suggest that penmv is closely related to o ...200818365128
possible involvement of maize rop1 in the defence responses of plants to viral infection.the expression of host genes can be altered during the process of viral infection. to investigate the viral infection-induced up-regulated gene expression changes of maize at different time intervals post-inoculation with sugarcane mosaic virus (scmv), a suppression subtractive hybridization cdna library was constructed. a total of 454 cdna clones were identified to be viral infection-induced up-regulated genes. the influence of rop1 on the infection of maize by scmv was investigated. the result ...201222332840
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