identification and characterization of a novel gene encoding an rgd-containing protein in large yellow croaker iridovirus.many virus-encoded rgd-containing proteins have been reported to play important roles in virus attachment and entry. here we report the identification and functional characterization of a gene encoding an rgd-containing protein (037l) from large yellow croaker iridovirus (lyciv), a causative agent of epizootics among large yellow croaker, pseudosciaena crocea. the 037l gene is 1347 bp long and encodes a protein of 449 amino acids containing a biologically active rgd tri-peptide predicted with su ...200616916530
novel bacterial surface display systems based on outer membrane anchoring elements from the marine bacterium vibrio anguillarum.surface display of heterologous peptides and proteins such as receptors, antigens, and enzymes on live bacterial cells is of considerable value for various biotechnological and industrial applications. in this study, a series of novel cell surface display systems were examined by using vibrio anguillarum outer membrane protein and outer membrane lipoprotein as anchoring motifs. these display systems consist of (i) the signal sequence and first 11 n-terminal amino acids of v. anguillarum outer me ...200818487403
complete genome sequence of a megalocytivirus (family iridoviridae) associated with turbot mortality in china.turbot reddish body iridovirus (trbiv) causes serious systemic diseases with high mortality in the cultured turbot, scophthalmus maximus. we here sequenced and analyzed the complete genome of trbiv, which was identified in shandong province, china.201020630106
rapid diagnosis of largemouth bass ranavirus in fish samples using the loop-mediated isothermal amplification method.largemouth bass ranavirus (lmbv) has been recognized as the causative pathogen responsible for infectious skin ulcerative syndrome in cultured largemouth bass in china. a fast and simple lmbv detection method is urgently needed. here, a loop-mediated isothermal amplification (lamp) assay was established for the detection of this virus using primers targeting the major capsid protein gene of lmbv. the amplification conditions were optimized; the assay was specific for the diagnosis of lmbv, as th ...202032268179
identification of the vp92r gene from infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus.megalocytiviruses, which belong to the family iridoviridae, are among the most harmful viruses to cultured fishes. infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus (isknv) is the type species of the megalocytivirus genus. the genome of isknv was sequenced and annotated by he et al. (virology 291:126-139, 2001) in 2001 and re-annotated by eaton et al. (virol. j. 4:11, 2007) in 2007. the orf092r of isknv was identified in the annotations of he et al. but was not reported by eaton et al. in this study, ...201020577793
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