the antimalarial activity of spathodea campanulata stem bark extract on plasmodium berghei berghei in mice. 19883043485
an ethnopharmacological survey and in vitro confirmation of ethnopharmacological use of medicinal plants used for wound healing in bosomtwi-atwima-kwanwoma area, ghana.wounds represent a major health burden and drain on healthcare resources in the world including ghana and africa. the majority of the people of ghana and africa still patronize traditional medicine for their health needs including various forms of wounds. the aim of this study is the identification of medicinal plants, type of wounds, dosage forms and collection methods used traditionally in treating wounds in the bosomtwi-atwima-kwanwoma district, ghana. in vitro screening of selected extracts ...200919635544
antimicrobial activity of extracts and topical products of the stem bark of spathodea campanulata for wound healing.the antibacterial activity of the aqueous, ethanol, methanol and petroleum ether soxhlet extracts of sundried stem bark of spathodea campanulata p. beauv. (bignoniaceae) was investigated by testing the extracts against b. subtilis, e. coli, p. aeruginosa and s. aureus. the minimum inhibitory concentration (mic) of the methanol extract was determined against the four bacteria strains and c. albicans using the broth dilution method. four topical products were prepared by incorporating the methanol ...200920209009
anticonvulsant activity of ethanol leaf extract of spathodea campanulata p. beauv (bignoniaceae).the anticonvulsant properties of ethanol leaf extract of spathodea campanulata, a plant used in traditional medicine to treat convulsion and epilepsy, were studied in mice using pentylenetetrazole-, picrotoxin-, and electroshock-induced models in mice. other central nervous system effects and anticonvulsant-related activities such as the effects on position sense, righting reflex, rota-rod performance, phenobarbital sleep time, and amphetamine-induced stereotypy were also investigated. the acute ...201020553140
in vitro antimicrobial and anti-proliferative activities of plant extracts from spathodea campanulata, ficus bubu, and carica papaya.african medicinal plants represent a prominent source of new active substances. in this context, three plants were selected for biological investigations based on their traditional uses.201626799575
histological study of post-pollination events in spathodea campanulata beauv. (bignoniaceae), a species with late-acting self-incompatibility.the reproductive biology of spathodea campanulata was investigated by means of hand-pollination experiments, observations of pollen tube growth using fluorescence microscopy, and serial sections of ovules in selfed and crossed pistils. only cross-pollinated flowers developed fruits, and all selfed flowers abscised within 3-4 d. however, self pollen tubes grew successfully to the ovary, penetrating and fertilizing the majority of ovules by 48 h, indicating that s. campanulata is a species with la ...200312730069
in vitro evaluation of effects of two ghanaian plants relevant to wound healing.commelina diffusa and spathodea campanulata are used as wound-healing agents in ashanti traditional medicine in ghana. the methanol extracts of commelina diffusa herb and spathodea campanulata bark showed some level of antimicrobial activity with c. diffusa exhibiting selective antifungal activity against trichophyton species. the extracts reduced the peroxidation of bovine brain extract with an ic(50) value of 1.39 mg/ml and 0.24 mg/ml, respectively. in addition the extracts also exhibited sign ...200616909445
[healing activity of methanolic extract of the barks of spathodea campanulata beauv (bignoniaceae) in rat experimental burn model].spathodea campanulata beauv. (bignoniaceae) is widely distributed through africa and found in particular in cameroon and senegal. it is used in traditional herbal medicine for the treatment of ulcers, filaria, gonorrhea, diarrhea and fever. s. campanulata was also known in cameroon traditional medicine to have a healing activity in burn wounds. the aim of the present study was to assess the burn healing effectiveness of the methanolic extract of the barks of s. campanulata ointment (mebsco) in c ...200516295762
hypoglycemic, anticomplement and anti-hiv activities of spathodea campanulata stem bark.spathodea campanulata stem bark decoction (scd) has shown hypoglycemic activity in mice. it was separated by column chromatography into different fractions, which were evaluated for their hypoglycemic, anticomplement and anti-hiv activities. the most polar fraction exerted by far the most prominent effect in different biological models.199910228611
in vitro tests and ethnopharmacological investigations: wound healing as an vitro tests are now widely employed in ethnopharmacological research because of ethical reasons and their usefulness in bioactive-guided fractionation and determination of active compounds. for many disease conditions, a variety of in vitro tests can now be employed as the biochemical mechanisms underlying disease and healing processes are understood. approaches to the in vitro investigations of wound healing processes are exemplified by studies on extracts of buddleja species and three ghana ...200516040217
medicinal plants used in treatment and management of cancer in kakamega county, kenya.traditional medicine plays a critical role in treatment of chronic debilitating and life threatening conditions and diseases. cancer is one such condition whose therapeutic intervention is commonly through inexpensive traditional herbal remedies. increasingly industrialised societies are developing drugs and chemotherapeutics from these traditional herbal plants. plant biogeography determines the abundance and availability of medicinal plants which in turn determine their use by local communitie ...201424362078
[molluscicide activity of some natural products on biomphalaria glabrata].the molluscicide activity of aqueous (macerated and boiled), hexanic and ethylic extracts of aristolochia brasiliensis, caesalpinia peltophoroides, caesalpinia pulcherrima, delonix regia, spathodea campanulata and tibouchina scrobiculata was evaluated in the laboratory. the solutions obtained from those extracts were tested on adults and egg masses of biomphalaria glabrata reared in the laboratory at 1, 10, 20, 100 and 1000 ppm concentrations. the most active of the extracts studied was d. regia ...20113796282
wound healing potential of methanol extract of spathodea campanulata stem bark formulated into a topical preparation.this study evaluated the wound healing potential of spathodea campanulata stem bark in sprague dawley rats using the excision wound model. the methanol extract contained glycosides, flavonoids and tannins, and was relatively stable when stored at the room temperature for six (6) months. solvent-free, semi-solid extract of s. campanulata was incorporated into an aqueous cream and applied (10 % w/w and 20 % w/w) on excision wounds of thirty two (32) rats. cicatrin(®) cream was used as a standard w ...201122468000
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