pseudocollinia brintoni gen. nov., sp. nov. (apostomatida: colliniidae), a parasitoid ciliate infecting the euphausiid nyctiphanes simplex.a novel parasitoid ciliate, pseudocollinia brintoni gen. nov., sp. nov. was discovered infecting the subtropical sac-spawning euphausiid nyctiphanes simplex off both coasts of the baja california peninsula, mexico. we used microscopic, and genetic information to describe this species throughout most of its life cycle. pseudocollinia is distinguished from other colliniidae genera because it exclusively infects euphausiids, has a polymorphic life cycle, and has a small cone-shaped oral cavity whos ...201222585303
ciliate species diversity and host-parasitoid codiversification in pseudocollinia infecting krill, with description of pseudocollinia similis sp. nov.all parasitoid apostome ciliates infecting krill in the northeastern pacific are currently assigned to the genus pseudocollinia. each krill specimen is apparently infected by only 1 pseudocollinia species. we describe pseudocollinia similis sp. nov., discovered infecting the krill thysanoessa spinifera off oregon, usa. its protomite-tomite stage resembles that of p. beringensis, which infects t. inermis (type host species), t. longipes, and t. raschii females in the bering sea. these ciliates ha ...201425449320
community structure of zooplankton in the main entrance of bahía magdalena, méxico during 1996.the zooplankton community structure, including copepods, euphausiids, chaetognaths, and decapod larvae, was monitored during six circadian cycles using bongo net (500 microns mesh net) samples from bahía magdalena, on the southwest coast of baja california, méxico. samples were obtained during three oceanographic surveys (march, july, and december 1996) to describe the changes in the zooplankton community structure throughout the main mouth of bahía magdalena. the zooplankton community structure ...200111935905
parasite diversity of nyctiphanes simplex and nematoscelis difficilis (crustacea: euphausiacea) along the northwestern coast of mexico.the diversity of parasites found on nyctiphanes simplex and nematoscelis difficilis (order euphausiacea) was compared during 10 oceanographic cruises made off both coasts of the baja california peninsula, mexico. we tested the hypothesis that n. simplex has a more diverse parasitic assemblage than n. difficilis because it is a neritic species, has larger population abundance, and tends to form denser and more compact swarms than n. difficilis. these biological and behavioral features may enhance ...201020377014
larval trematodes paronatrema mantae and copiatestes sp. parasitize gulf of california krill (nyctiphanes simplex, nematoscelis difficilis).during 4 quantitative-systematic oceanographic cruises at 99 sampling stations in the gulf of california (january and july 2007, august 2012, and june 2013), we found 2 trematode species (non-encysted mesocercaria stage) parasitizing the hemocoel of 2 krill species at near-shore locations. copiatestes sp. parasitized nematoscelis difficilis in january 2007, and paronatrema mantae parasitized nyctiphanes simplex in july 2007. both trematode species had an intensity of 1 parasite per host. this is ...201526378405
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