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chemical and spectroscopic characteristics of the wood of vitis vinifera cv. sangiovese affected by esca disease.chemical and spectroscopic analyses ((13)c cross-polarization-magic angle spinning nmr and attenuated total reflection fourier transform infrared spectroscopies) were carried out on the wood of vitis vinifera cv. sangiovese with brown-red discoloration and black streaks caused by esca disease. the analyses of the brown-red wood revealed the destruction of hemicelluloses and noncrystalline cellulose as well as modifications in the pectic and ligninic wood fractions. the pectic fraction consisted ...200919919033
characterization of three mnp genes of fomitiporia mediterranea and report of additional class ii peroxidases in the order hymenochaetales.we report the sequence-based characterization and expression patterns of three manganese peroxidase genes from the white rot fungus and grape vine pathogen fomitiporia mediterranea (agaricomycotina, hymenochaetales), termed fmmnp1, fmmnp2, and fmmnp3. the predicted open reading frames (orfs) are 1,516-, 1,351-, and 1,345-bp long and are interrupted by seven, four, and four introns, respectively. the deduced amino acid sequences encode manganese peroxidases (ec containing 371, 369, and ...201020675443
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