leucocytozoon sabrazesi-first record from the malayan jungle fowl, gallus gallus spadiceus. 19744215148
pelecitus galli n. sp. from the malayan jungle fowl gallus gallus spadiceus. 19744430828
"irrelevant" ground pecking in agonistic situations in burmese red junglefowl (gallus gallus spadiceus). 19724676334
[genetic diversity of red jungle fowl in china (gallus gallus spadiceus) and red jungle fowl (gallus gallus gallus) in thailand].genetic diversity of red jungle fowl in china (gallus gallus spadiceus) and red jungle fowl in thailand (gallus gallus gallus) was evaluated with 29 microstaellite loci, the genetic variability within subspecies and genetic differentiation between subspecies were estimated. the results showed that the 168 alleles were amplified with the number of alleles per locus from 2 to 13. the average expected heterozygosity and polymorphism information content (pic) of all loci were 0.5780 and 0.53, respec ...200717548329
genetic differentiation and phylogeny relationships of functional apovldl-ii gene in red jungle fowl and domestic chicken populations.a total of 243 individuals from red jungle fowl (gallus gallus spadiceus), rugao, anka, wenchang and silikes chicken populations were used for polymorphism analysis in functional apovldl-ii gene by restriction fragment length polymorphism and single strand conformation polymorphism markers. the results show that anka population has highest gene diversity and shannon information index, while red jungle fowl shows highest effective number of allele. in addition, the higher coefficient of genetic d ...200719070113
familiarity interferes with filial imprinting.the present study was performed to investigate whether and how pre-exposure to an object affects subsequent filial imprinting to that object. in experiment 1 junglefowl chicks (gallus gallus spadiceus) were first exposed to either a red object alone (control group), or a red and a yellow object simultaneously (experimental group; phase 1). subsequently, all chicks were exposed to the yellow object in the presence of a black and blue one (phase 2). at the end of phase 1, most experimental chicks ...199624897630
[mitochondrial dna polymorphism in different populations of spangled orloff chickens].for the first time, the genetic diversity of the spangled orloff chickens was studied by analyzing the polymorphism of the hypervariable region in the d-loop of mitochondrial dna (mtdna). samples for the analysis were collected at the farms ofthe all-russia poultry research and technological institute (vnitip), the all-russia institute of farm animal genetics and breeding (vniigrzh), and the moscow zoo. the d-loop partial sequences (between nucleotide positions 57 and 523) were determined accord ...201526606802
histomorphology of the stomach, proventriculus and ventriculus of the red jungle fowl.the cranial chamber (proventriculus) and caudal chamber (ventriculus) of the stomach of the red jungle fowl (gallus gallus spadiceus) were examined by means of light microscopy. both chambers presented folds of the tunica mucosa lined by a simple prismatic epithelium that was positive for neutral mucin. simple tubular glands occupied the lamina propria of both chambers; in the ventriculus of older birds, they showed a coiled base. these ventricular glands were lined by simple cuboidal cells repr ...201121443757
analysis of genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships among red jungle fowls and chinese domestic fowls.genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships among 568 individuals of two red jungle fowl subspecies (gallus gallus spadiceus in china and gallus gallus gallus in thailand) and 14 chinese domestic chicken breeds were evaluated with 29 microstaellite loci, the genetic variability within population and genetic differentiation among population were estimated, and then genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships were analyzed among red jungle fowls and chinese domestic fowls. a total of 286 ...200818488177
biodiversity of 52 chicken populations assessed by microsatellite typing of dna a project on the biodiversity of chickens funded by the european commission (ec), eight laboratories collaborated to assess the genetic variation within and between 52 populations from a wide range of chicken types. twenty-two di-nucleotide microsatellite markers were used to genotype dna pools of 50 birds from each population. the polymorphism measures for the average, the least polymorphic population (inbred c line) and the most polymorphic population (gallus gallus spadiceus) were, respect ...200312939204
the effects of age and previous experience on social rank in female red junglefowl, gallus gallus rank can influence lifetime reproductive success and therefore fitness. we examined the effects of morphology, age, previous social experience and aggressiveness on social rank in all-female flocks of red junglefowl. none of the morphological characters measured (mass, tarsus length, comb height or comb length) appeared to play a role in determining rank. older females were not more likely to be dominant, while previous social experience and aggression levels were both important in domina ...200010973726
monophyletic origin and unique dispersal patterns of domestic fowls.with the aim of elucidating in greater detail the genealogical origin of the present domestic fowls of the world, we have determined mtdna sequences of the d-loop regions for a total of 21 birds, of which 12 samples belong to red junglefowl (gallus gallus) comprising three subspecies (six gallus gallus gallus, three gallus gallus spadiceus, and three gallus gallus bankiva) and nine represent diverse domestic breeds (gallus gallus domesticus). we also sequenced four green junglefowl (gallus variu ...19968692897
ontogeny of chick responses to maternal food calls in the burmese red junglefowl (gallus gallus spadiceus).burmese red junglefowl (gallus gallus spadiceus) chicks were reinforced at 5 days old with a mealworm at the end of a runaway in the presence of a maternal food call. two food calls were used, one made to a highly preferred food item (a mealworm) and one made to a less preferred food item (chick crumbs). chicks initially approached the food call made to the mealworm faster regardless of reinforcement contingencies, but by the 3rd day of training chicks responded faster to the call that was reinf ...19921555403
an investigation into blocking of filial imprinting in the chick during exposure to a compound stimulus.the occurrence of "blocking" was investigated in jungle fowl chicks (gallus gallus spadiceus b.) in an imprinting situation. in experiment 1, chicks were simultaneously exposed to two stationary coloured cylinders, either two red cylinders (group rr), a yellow and a red cylinder (yr), or two yellow cylinders (yy). after six days of exposure, the cylinders were removed from the cages and replaced by a yellow and a blue cylinder (i.e. yb) for each chick. this second phase of the experiment lasted ...19902236637
genetic characterization of red junglefowl (gallus gallus), thai indigenous chicken (gallus domesticus), and two commercial lines using selective functional genes compared to microsatellite markers.genetic characterization among red junglefowl (gs, gallus gallus spadiceus), thai indigenous chicken (tic, gallus domesticus) and commercial lines has been widely used for studies of genealogical origin, genetic diversity, and effects of selection. we compared the efficiency of genetic characterization of chicken populations that had been under different intensities of selection using selective functional gene versus microsatellite marker analyses. we genotyped 151 chickens from five populations ...201222869543
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